Our supporters

Greyhounds suit many home situations and adjust to all sorts of home set-ups.

Here are a few of our high profile supporters espousing the virtues of adopted greyhounds:

Amanda with Peter

 Amanda Drew (Whittingham Adopter and Actor with extensive roles in theatre, television and film).  
 She will be a familiar face for Eastenders' fans and recently   appeared in A Very British Scandal (BBC)


"These magnificent animals deserve a loving home and make perfect pets.

I was lucky enough to come across   Whittingham Kennels in 2007 when I   adopted my first greyhound, an incredible   dog called Ron. In 2016 after Ron had   passed I adopted Lobby or Peter as I   came to call him. Both dogs were   incredibly sweet natured, gentle souls   who made wonderful companions after   their racing careers had ended. 

 Ron was known as the Chelsea Therapist by all who knew him as he had such a calming influence on any dog or human in his presence.

Peter was an absolute softie who adored cuddles and was very fond of his toys and his special spot in the garden where he would love to snooze away the day".

Ken and his greyhound, Lettie

Kenneth Jay (actor) Best known for Big Nothing, Wonder Woman 1984, Woman in Gold and recently in Doctor Who: "Once you have adopted a greyhound, you'll be hooked for life!  So think carefully before adopting a greyhound!!  Slender, beautiful, loving, noble, playful, mischievous, gentle and persuasive. An exquisite combination of spirited and serene.  They can prance like deer, run like cheetahs, stalk like lions - squirrels beware!  I speak from the experience of having had three greyhounds as pets over the past 20 years.  And they've all been a joy.  Like any dog, they can be challenging and the ride may not always be smooth.  But the rewards are sheer bliss". 

Ken's greyhound, Amber 

Ken's greyhound, Jacko