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Adopting a greyhound; life at Whittingham Kennels; stories of our rehomed/adopted greyhounds; information for greyhound lovers!   

If you are considering adopting a greyhound, please view our current "greyhounds looking for homes".

Donations towards our work for rehoming rescued and retired greyhounds are always very much appreciated!  Please go to our Whittingham Kennels' gofundme page, or email us for bank details.  

Frankie needs a new home

Frankie has sadly been returned after going home on Sunday. All the relevant checks and processes were undertaken so no negative comments please. Frankie behaved perfectly from day one. He has been clean, settled, mastered the stairs, great with other breeds and really friendly. The couple just decided that it wasn't right for them. But the good news is that we know he will be the perfect candidate for any home. So to adopt Frankie, please email
(He has a very slight nervous side so we won't home him with very young children; otherwise he is perfect)!

A story to share

Many of you will remember the events of August 2021 and the evacuation of Afghanistan. At the time, we shared the plight of the Nowzad Charity, run by the incredible Pen Farthing. It was the least we could do to try to bring some support and I know many of our supporters sent them a donation. Their staff and animals were in the most desperate of circumstances at the time and having followed the charity from the outset, I (Louise) knew what an incredible team it is, led by the most inspirational of human beings. They have done (and continue to do) such amazing work for the people and animals in Afghanistan (and now Ukraine too). From preventing rabies in both people and animals, to education, rescue and care for working animals/street animals. Humans and animals benefit from their work and the charity was set up as a response to both human and animal need.

Pen Farthing has just published his book about the events of that time and it is the most unbelievable and sensational read. I implore everyone to go and buy the book, to read it and buy it for everyone you know! Again, I know many of our supporters donated at the time so I'm sure you would want to know about this now. The story is truly breathtaking in its sequence of events. The courage, dedication and resilience of those involved, particularly Pen, his team and all the staff is off the scale. The injustice of the lies and spin of what then befell him/the Nowzad charity from some politicians and press is enough to make your blood boil on their behalf too.
I was honoured and privileged to go to the book launch last night in London and hear the story and see the photos from Pen Farthing and meet little Ewok, the dog who headed the campaign at the time.
They went through so much, so the least I could do is share this post with our supporters and urge you to go and get the book: Operation Ark by Pen Farthing. It is available on the Nowzad website and amazon.
We don't normally share the work of other charities on our page as we just focus on letting you know about what is happening at Whittingham. But this story needs to be heard.

Glen would love to find a home!

Well, sadly Glen's rallying cry didn't help to win the Euros last night, but he could win a place in your heart! He's hoping his loving home will be on the cards very soon. He's a big, handsome chap who just needs someone to give him a chance. It is his 'goal' in life (groan)!
On a serious note, he has been improving around other breeds and is fine with whippets. But he would need work around small dogs. He really wants to get out of Kennels and find a loving home.
To adopt Glen or any other Whittingham hound, email
(Then we can all sing, "Glen is coming home, he's coming home..." which would be an even better result than the football)!

Glen for England!

Tag finds a special home; Andy is returned

A huge thank you to Denise and family for adopting Tag today. He went with two other dogs to experienced adopters and is a very lucky boy.  Here he is with his whippet friend. 

It was one out, but one in today as Andy was sadly returned. But he's a lovely boy so we are hopeful he won't be back with us too long.

But today is Tag's special day so again, a huge thanks to his lovely adopters. 
(Some fabulous TikTok videos were filmed today too! Keep an eye on our TikTok page for these great videos and thanks again to Elissa and Louis for all their hard work). 

Thank you to the Spiller family

Thank you so much to the sender of the food. So so appreciated.

Bursting at the seams but Scooby and Jack find wonderful homes

We are still bursting at the seams with dogs with Andy due to be returned on Saturday too. But yesterday was a happier day so we would like to focus on that today. Our first lucky dog to be homed was Scooby who went home to people whose family have adopted from Whittingham before. He lives with their beautiful whippet. Scooby had been handed around a lot before coming to Whittingham so to see him settled in a home with his new friend is so heart warming. His weight fluctuated whilst with us so he needs to gain a bit, but we know he will soon fill out now he is in a home again. What a lucky dog with a lovely family.

It was a tough act to follow but we are delighted to say that Jack, our longest stay, went home in the afternoon! Jack had been in a home before but needed a special home that could understand his issues. He was the most perfect dog in the Kennels and was obviously waiting for one of our volunteers who had walked Jack a lot in the past! Marie and family are so kind for giving him the chance. They are experienced sighthound adopters and were given Jack's whole history. He jumped into the car without a second look and clearly knew it was his time for a home.
We now hold our breath until they settle but a huge thanks to both sets of special adopters.
We still have so many beautiful dogs waiting for homes. To adopt a greyhound or one of our special lurchers, email or visit our website to see all the available residents waiting for homes:

Our 2025 Whittingham Calendar - thanks to Judy

Our 2025 calendar has gone off to print and should be ready in August and in time for our walk in September. This is all thanks to the amazingly talented, creative and patient, Judy. She is also extremely generous as she covers all the printing costs so the whole price of the calendar can come to Whittingham for the dogs in our care. We will let you know when they are available. A sample copy can be seen at the Kennels from Thursday.

All the photos are taken from our newsletters, featuring adopted Whittingham dogs at home. Judy works so hard choosing and designing it.

Thanks so much again to Judy.

Three girls fall on their paws; but please keep sharing and adopting

Three girls have fallen on their paws this week: Bluebell, Pepper (now Gracie) and Colleen. All are exceptionally lucky and Pepper is also living with a parrot. And Colleen went with Fred who was adopted 9yrs ago. We can't believe where time goes and are so lucky that such lovely people always stay in touch.
Thank you to their very special adopters.

(Fred) and Colleen

We are also grateful to everyone who responded to our appeal as we overflow with dogs. We have had interest in Alex and some others so we hope we will be able to get some more into loving homes soon and ease the situation at the Kennels.
Pepper (now Gracie) and parrot
Thank you to all who sent donations and support for us taking in the needy lurchers too. All three are beautiful dogs and we will keep them safe until we find them (and the greyhounds) loving homes.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Please note

Please note. We have taken IN three lurchers who are now safe with us. There seems to be a bizarre misunderstanding.
The truth is that we have taken these IN to make sure they are safe and we will find loving homes for them. Until then, all dogs stay with us.
We never EVER put a dog to sleep.
To adopt a greyhound or one of these three lurchers, email

Thank you, Dee and Aggregate Industries

A MASSIVE thank you to Dee and family who brought up so many wonderful donations from her workplace, Aggregate Industries. They are always so wonderfully supportive and so generous. We are simply blown away (and washed away today!!!) by their kindness and phenomenal support.
Thank you so much.
We were also delighted to see Pepper and Colleen home with lovely adopters who have adopted from us before. We will share photos soon!
To adopt one of the many, many greyhounds who are waiting for a loving home, please email

Election Day...

The humans are going out to vote. The dogs just want loving homes, lots of love, lovely walks, plenty of sleep and nice dinners. Anyone who can offer them that gets their vote!

To adopt a greyhound email

Thank you for the donations; from Dusty who has sadly been returned

Dusty, who was sadly returned yesterday, would like to say thank you to Emma, Julie, Michelle and all other senders of goodies. It really enriches their lives. Thank you so much.

Second appeal for Alex...

Second Appeal for Alex

We are appealing again for a home for Alex who is 7yrs old and a really gentle giant. He is great around other greyhounds and other breeds and walked with our volunteer, Linda, around the town last Friday without any issue. After a 5hr round trip to his new home today, the potential adopter thought he was too big. Therefore, he is looking for a home again. We would respectfully ask you to read the information thoroughly before you decide to offer him a home. (All the necessary emails/checks were also carried out). We will drive him anywhere within reason but we do ask for serious offers only please.
Alex is a dear soul and a really big greyhound. He could be mistaken for a miniature pony!! But he walks nicely on the lead and his two brothers are thriving in their homes, having been previously homed from Whittingham. He is 7yrs old which is a trickier age. He just really needs a chance. He is a gentle and affectionate boy.
We are overflowing with dogs at the moment and have two dogs who may need to be returned due to a change in circumstances for their adopters. We literally have nowhere to put them. We are taking a dog this week who needs a space and will then be shutting our doors to new dogs from trainers until we can home some of the current residents. The dogs we have homed remain our priority and we will have to put them somewhere. I apologise to all the trainers waiting. Our hands are tied and we are doing our best working every hour of the day. We know the waiting time for dogs on the list is many months now. It is a similar picture with all rehoming centres (for all sorts of animals). We are all doing our best to take as many as we can but everyone is at breaking point.
To rehome Alex or any Whittingham greyhound, please email

In memory of Rory...

A huge thank you to Sarah and her sister, Emma for thinking of Whittingham in their memorial for their special and beloved greyhound, Rory. It was such a touching tribute to their special boy and so kind that they remembered the Kennels too. Their friends and friends of Rory have been so generous in donating and sending food/treats etc in his honour.

It just shows how greyhounds touch so many lives and their love can spread to so many. What a wonderful legacy Rory leaves in promoting greyhounds too.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Colleen looking for a home

Beautiful Colleen is still looking for a loving home. She's so affectionate and just wants to cuddle you all the time. She's 2yrs old so still a real baby. She went home for a few days and was clean and well behaved. She was unsettled on her own (but this is to be expected during the first week at home with a younger greyhound) so would benefit from another dog as a companion or someone who can just help her settle in.  She is such a loving girl and whoever adopts her will be very lucky.
To adopt Colleen or another Whittingham hound, email 
Home checks apply (unless we know you already)!

Some of our dogs looking for homes!  (Please see the page 'Greyhounds looking for homes' on this website)

Tess - looking for a home
Some of our current residents looking for homes. Colleen and Lokie are the youngest at 2yrs old. And the rest are between 3yrs and 6yrs.

To adopt a greyhound and help change their world (and help us accommodate more who need a space), email 

They are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and come with four weeks free insurance, collar, lead, muzzle, coat, advice booklet and a lifetime of back up with our support.

Thanks for the bedding!

A huge thank you to the donor of all this bedding. Wow!!
And a huge thank you to our amazing volunteer, Linda for putting it all away in the shed etc. We are always grateful for any bedding (unless it contains feathers).
Today has been a total nightmare with all sorts of issues on a variety of things happening behind the scenes ranging from sorting dogs out, veterinary visits and all the charity administration. Hurling ourselves into this bedding feels quite appealing!
On the plus side, a huge thank you to Jacqui who is adopting Fifi for all her kindness. Fifi is very lucky.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Appeal for Alex and adopters  

Appeal for Alex

Alex is a dear soul and a really big greyhound. He could be mistaken for a miniature pony!! But he walks nicely on the lead and his two brothers are thriving in their homes, having been previously homed from Whittingham. He is 7yrs old which is a trickier age. He just really needs a chance. He is a gentle and affectionate boy.

We are overflowing with dogs at the moment and have two dogs who may need to be returned due to a change in circumstances for their adopters. We literally have nowhere to put them. We are taking a dog this week who needs a space and will then be shutting our doors to new dogs from trainers until we can home some of the current residents. The dogs we have homed remain our priority and we will have to put them somewhere. I apologise to all the trainers waiting. Our hands are tied and we are doing our best working every hour of the day. We know the waiting time for dogs on the list is many months now. It is a similar picture with all rehoming centres (for all sorts of animals). We are all doing our best to take as many as we can but everyone is at breaking point.

To rehome Alex or any Whittingham greyhound, please email

Glen and Fifi join the Euros 

Move over Harry Kane and Gareth Southgate; our Whittingham residents are getting into the football spirit and have the speed and talent to match. Glen (in blue) and Fifi (in red) have been in training in opposing teams!  We are not sure they got the kit instruction though!  🤣🤣 (You can see the full match on our TikTok page)!

Glen is really hoping for an England win, but even more than that he wants to get nearer his *goal of finding a home. He is such a lovely boy and just needs a chance. 

Fifi, by contrast, is now torn in her allegiance as she was very lucky to be reserved by a long-term friend of the Kennels and will be moving to France (once we can all sort out the nightmare logistics of getting her there). We will have to be really on the ball to get everything right!!

But seriously, she's a really lucky girl and as she's our longest stay girl, we are so delighted.  
England may be through to the last sixteen but sadly we have endless numbers of greyhounds waiting for a home. We are now completely full and have had very few enquiries for a month (and we need to take in a few urgent cases too so have to make room somehow). 

If you were thinking about adopting a greyhound, now is your time!
Let's not just bring football home, but greyhounds too!
Email to adopt a greyhound

Message to our volunteers re the hot weather

Please note: due to the hot weather, the dogs will not be walked this week. Thank you to all our volunteers for their understanding. The dogs will go out in the paddocks briefly throughout the day. And will continue to go out early morning and evening, as always.

Visitors are welcome but you will not be able to take the dogs out.

We will keep this under assessment as the week progresses but this is the case until at least Friday.

But the dogs still need homes and we are FULL to bursting point with another return in the pipeline. So please help by adopting a greyhound and getting them into a cool home. 😎 

Hot Weather Warning

Now that we finally have some better weather, it is now too hot!!

Please remember it is best not to walk your dog at all on hot days (unless you can stick to very early or very late when it is cool). ((Please check pavements with the back of your hand if you do go out in the evening to make sure it isn't too hot for their paws)).

Make sure plenty of water is available for your dogs at all times and never leave them in a car.

TikTok features Whittingham's Got Talent

Our fantastic volunteers, Elissa and Louis, are creating brilliant videos each week for our TikTok page. If you haven't checked it out, you are missing a treat.  Elissa is so talented and creative (and keeps on top of all the trends) to make sure Whittingham's message gets out there. And she is ably assisted by Louis who often stars in the videos to help promote Whittingham and rehoming the greyhounds.

The Whittingham's Got Talent film features so many great acts!  Here is a clip of the Whittingham choir in action. And for anyone worried about Clive in his magic act. He reappeared spontaneously in his kennel. What a clever boy!

Follow us on TikTok: Whittingham_Kennels
And email to adopt a greyhound

Scooby - looking for a home

Scooby is our latest arrival. He's had a lot of upheaval in his life as he has been handed around to multiple trainers before ending up in a home where we learned he then needed a space in a rehoming kennel. Once we knew who he was, we were able to trace his history. He really deserves a loving home now so we hope his next move will be his last whenever he is adopted. He's used to the home environment, is happy and waggy and great with children. He just needs a chance. He will be further assessed as we get to know him.

To adopt a greyhound, email 

Snoods and a fly past

Thanks so much to Chris for making these snoods. So very kind of her.

Our own royal (new boy, Charlie) had his very own fly past today too (well, that's what he said)!

Charlie and Pepper arrive to look for homes

Introducing our two newbies, Pepper (Blue girl) and Charlie (Black dog). So if you had ever thought about adopting a Custard and a Pepper (of course you have), Whittingham is the place for you!

Here are some photos that were not easy to obtain as the two new dogs are very affectionate and kept photobombing the other!  We will assess them further as we get to know them, but they are confident and happy souls.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you to Udon's adopters

Thanks so much to Fran and Leon with Udon for sending such lovely gifts to Roxy and her friends. So very kind. And to Yusin and family with Shadow for their very generous Tesco order.

Xanadu finds a home

At Whittingham, we always warn that there could be a settling phase with any new greyhound.  Usually greyhounds adapt very quickly to home life and some will walk in as if they've always been there.  But some just need a little time to understand how to behave in a home but it doesn't take long and we are always on hand with advice.

Frankie (was Xanadu) has been a total star!  His adopter said, "Frankie is doing amazingly well! I really was expecting some sort of adjustment period but he’s faultless. Not a single accident and acting like this has been home all his life".
Well done, Frankie... and thanks to his adopters!

There are so many other dogs looking for homes, so please get in touch if you'd like to adopt a greyhound. Email:

Udon (was Monty) and Roxy celebrate their birthday

Happy Birthday to adopted Whittingham dog, Udon (was Monty) and his sister, our bowl collector, Roxy who is still looking for a home. They were 7yrs old today.
Udon has really fallen on his paws and we hope Roxy will be lucky soon too.
When you adopt a greyhound, you can find out so much information about their lives and ancestry. It makes them different from other breeds as you can trace so much about their history. There are facebook groups or the site which can lead you to information about their past and relations.

To adopt Roxy or another Whittingham hound, email

Tina settles in at home

Rosie and Tina
We had a lovely update last night that Tina has settled in very well after being reunited with her mum, Rosie; and introduced to the other resident greyhounds in the home.

Keith said, "After only a week she has settled in very well and is most likely one of the most affectionate of the girls. She has so far been clean with no accidents,
loves her food and likes to be near (us)".  She also enjoys playing with Rose in the garden.
Thanks so much to Keith and son, Duncan for giving her a special home.
Baby, Tina and Rose

Homing enquiries are almost non-existent so we celebrate each home whilst also hoping the other Whittingham residents will fall on their paws soon too. We have over 100 dogs waiting for a space with us so the pressure of homing is intense at the moment. But we can only do what we can do. Therefore, please keep spreading the word about how many greyhounds need loving homes. And if you can adopt a greyhound, please email
Xanadu... and Paddy the lurcher

Paddy and rabbit
Xanadu (now Frankie) went home today with his suitcase packed and with the promise, as always, of our ongoing guidance. However, he seemed to take everything in his stride and spent the whole time wagging his tail as soon as he arrived at his new home! Both he and his sister, Julietta, have gone to live with small children. We will keep everything crossed until they settle, but both have very caring adopters.
Last week, we also took in a little lurcher who needed a space when he had served his time in the pound. We have such a long waiting list for greyhounds but sometimes we can make space for needy cases when possible. Thanks to Elissa and her mum and Louis for letting us small dog, cat and inadvertently rabbit test him yesterday. He was a total star and is hopefully reserved pending confirmation as a result.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Thanks Matthew and Kathrine and all donors

Thank you so much, Matthew and Kathrine. And to Sally for the biscuits yesterday. We are so grateful for your kindness.

Holly moves in with Summer and a cat (and special adopters)

Holly is doing so well after only a few days at home and getting used to the cat. Huge thanks to her adopters, Sam and Tom for taking the care needed at the start with sensible introductions.

The right dog can live with cats and other animals with the usual sensible initial precautions.
A huge thanks to Jane who lets us cat test. It really helps to narrow it down to the right dog in the right home.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Dogs at home

Hank at home
Homing enquiries are really slow and this is compounded by the fact that our waiting list for dogs needing homes is growing daily.  But we have had some very lucky dogs go home
recently.   As a result, we want to celebrate those wonderful homes we have found and thank their lovely adopters. 
The photos show what great dogs greyhounds are and how quickly they slot into home life. There are more photos on facebook/Instagram of some recently homed dogs: Dolly (living with another Whittingham hound), Misty, Hank, Holly (living with another Whittingham hound and a cat), and Tina. Tina's mum, Rosie, went home a while ago and when her adopters learned Tina was waiting for a home too, they brought Rosie to see her.  The reunion was lovely and we will do a proper post on her once we know for sure that Tina has definitely slotted in successfully with the other resident dogs.  Julietta is also on a home visit and we will await their final verdict too.
Misty at home

Thank you to everyone who gives our dogs a chance. Despite the critical situation with dogs (and all animals) at the moment, we won't compromise on homes. Everyone has a home check (unless you have adopted from us before and this has already been carried out).

To adopt a greyhound, email

Foxy, Custard, Holly and thank you to Michelle

New girl, Custard (black) ((no, I didn't name her!!!)) and new boy, Foxy (white and black spots) are here and are looking for homes. They are both confident and friendly and will be further assessed as we get to know them.

We also saw Holly off to her lovely adopters today so we wish her well. And a huge thank you, also, to Michelle for sending food donations via Pets at Home. Thank you so much.
To adopt a greyhound, email


Our youngest resident, Colleen is the representative to add Whittingham's voice to the commemorations for D-day. Only 80yrs ago, thousands of young people died defending freedom on the beaches of Normandy. Whilst we are lucky enough to live in peace, we remember that wars are still raging around the world and humans and animals are dying and suffering terribly as a result, both in battle and as civilians.
Animals were also involved directly on D-Day. Bing was a dog, specifically a German Shepherd, parachuted into Normandy with the Allies on June 6th 1944. He sniffed out land mines and post-war, was awarded the Dickin Medal, the highest honour the UK gives animals in war. Pigeons were also used as messengers.
We will remember their heroism and sacrifice, human and animal.

Volunteers Week...

It's Volunteers Week this week so this is a huge shout out and thanks to our committed team of established Whittingham volunteers.  

We have great groups of people during the week and on Saturdays/Sundays. 

There are also volunteers behind the scenes who help at events and beyond, carry out homechecks, act as our trustees, raise money and profile etc etc etc.  Len's adopter, Martin, has been doing the talks in his spare time; Keith raises money through photography and Erssie's knitting patterns are always raising funds.  Natalie is attending GreyFest, Phil and helpers put all our new beds together in their spare time, Judy designs and produces our calendar, Jim paddocks every Sunday evening, Diane sits with the dogs and Elissa oversees

our TikTok page, ably creating content assisted by Louis.  People collect bedding and food for us, notably Louise and Simon, Graham with Polly, Claire at Mimram Vets, Wendy with Honey and so many others on an ad hoc basis.  We also have Tilly in foster with volunteers Jules, Suj and family.

Our staff also do much of their duties beyond the Kennels and behind the scenes as volunteers.  

Some of the volunteers are pictured here and both those pictured and non-pictured (along with all our adopters and supporters) all keep Whittingham running!  Thank you to them all.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you, Ann 

A huge thank you to Ann with Sally who adopted Dolly today.  The two dogs were very gentle together and Dolly has already found her bed. What a lucky girl to find such a special home.
To adopt a greyhound, email

ChumChum and family win first prize

ChumChum (was Vince) is another great ambassador for adopted greyhounds. His lovely adopters really persevered with him at the start as he took a little longer than some to settle. But look at him now!
His adopter, Anu, said: "ChumChum is winning hearts wherever he goes". He recently won 1st prize in Best Rescue Dog at Chenies Manor House. Anu continues, "We are so proud of his achievements. He spread a good word about greyhounds and how gentle and lovely they are! The judge said greyhounds don't get enough press and the more they are out in public events like this, the more people know about them and their gentle temperament. Thank you for all you do and making us a part of it".
The thanks are all on us to the whole family for their kindness and dedication. And well done to ChumChum for being a great ambassador. We love the historical Tudor judges/presenters too!
When you adopt from us, you become a part of the Whittingham family and promoting greyhounds wherever you go quickly becomes part of your day!
Alex is with us currently looking for a home and happens to be ChumChum's brother. You never know, you could adopt a potential show winner too!!
To adopt a greyhound, email

Martin and Len visit Hunsford Cubs

Martin and greyhound, Len fulfilled another engagement on 23rd May when they gave a talk to Hunsford Cubs. They had a huge audience with 33 cubs attending their session.
Martin explains the history of greyhounds as well as the personal history of Len (the race shown is one that Len, No. 6, led from the start and
galloped home cheered on by the youngsters' shouts of 'Go Len'); he also explains his last race involved an injury that finished Len's racing life and led to him coming to Whittingham to find a home.
Len has been a phenomenal advocate for greyhounds at all the talks and we can't thank his adopter, Martin, enough for taking the time to give us so much support and taking his Whittingham collection tin with him when he delivers other 'non-greyhound' talks too. Len's calm demeanour with all his audience, young and older, has shown what great dogs greyhounds are with people of all ages. The photos show how relaxed the young people are with him too.
Apart from the support for us, there are thousands of greyhounds needing homes around the country so the photographs are a huge way of showing why everyone should adopt a greyhound!
So! adopt a greyhound, email

Hank and Misty find homes

Hank, (who came in on Thursday and managed to secure himself a home on Friday), is adjusting to home life. He has a few settling issues to overcome at this early stage, but is learning the ropes about how to behave at home.
Here he is with his small friend!

In other news, Misty went home to a special family yesterday. And I (Louise) was reunited with two of my former teachers from 20yrs ago as they are the parents of Misty's new adopter. It was such a pleasure to see them. We now hold our breath until she settles!

There are so many dogs who suit so many different home set-ups. adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you Mimram Vets, Claire and Finn

Thank you so much to Claire with Finn who collects so much from her workplace donations at Mimram Vets. Food and bedding is always so appreciated, as is all their support.
And a huge thank you to Sadie for her kind donation. She is so generous.
Thanks for all your support. 

To adopt a greyhound, email

Hank finds a home; Rhino and Evie need a home

In good news, we had some lovely visitors today who have reserved Hank. A very quick homing for him, but he was the right dog with their small dog.

In sad news, we are going to have to start looking for a new home for Rhino and Evie after a change of circumstances for their adopter.  It is particularly gutting about Rhino as he was one of our long stays and gets stressed in Kennels. They are ok where they are for now but will need to be rehomed by September.   They are house trained, great with people but may need some work around other breeds. They are ok to be left for a few hours but Rhino will be best suited to a home where he isn't alone too long. They do not need to be homed together but would ideally go with another dog.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Hank - looking for a home

Introducing new boy, Hank. He has joined us today to begin his search for a loving home. He is good around other breeds and a docile soul. He is ready to go but we will be assessing him further over the next few days as he settles in. 
To adopt a greyhound, email

Champ and Happy fall on their paws

Happy and Champ, the two brothers who really fell on their paws on Saturday and were lucky enough to stay together, have been doing very well at home. They have met other dogs without incident and have been very excited by their new home.  Here they are resting together!  Thanks so much to Cliff and Claire for giving them such a special home and keeping them together.

To help a greyhound into a loving home, email

Roxy the helper

Roxy is a lovely girl who is really helpful (or thinks she is) around the Kennels. Her brother, Monty (now Udon) found a wonderful home and we are really hoping her chance for a loving home will come soon too. She is blue in colour, 6yrs old, good on the lead but needs a few more introductions to other breeds. Could you offer Roxy the special home she deserves?
To adopt Roxy or any other Whittingham hound, email

The Greys Brothers Tour!

Greyhound, Len and his adopter, Martin are coming towards the end of their tour. There are still some photos to come, but Martin has written the following summary of their year's work which was both an effort in raising awareness and raising funds. They have smashed their target amount, raised smiles and spread greyhound love wherever they went with, as Martin says, a huge range of ages enjoying their visits. We can't thank Martin (not our staff member - but Len's adopter, Martin!) enough for his incredible dedication to our cause and for all his efforts in securing bookings (as well as creating the talks themselves, of course). Again, if anyone else wants to continue this legacy, please do email

Here is Martin's write-up:
Len scampers across the finish line!
I am sure that many of you have had quite enough of receiving regular Facebook updates about Len’s exploits as he travelled the globe - well Herts and a bit of Essex and Beds - in his efforts to raise funds for Whittingham. If so, you may now be relieved to hear that his year of fund-raising has formally come to a close.
Pleasingly, announcements that Len’s talks were ending brought a welcome flurry of late bookings in May, leading to his final surge down the finishing straight and a successful conclusion.
The recent, generous bookings by Cubs, Beavers and Adult groups, plus cash in his collecting box, mean that Len’s final donations total is over £1500. This is far in excess of our wildest dreams when we set off on this trip together into unknown territory on 26 May 2023.
His journey comprised:
• Over 20 visits made
• 600 plus people met
• Audiences aged from 4 to 96
• £1562.55 raised in donations
I am immensely proud of Len, who embarked on our tour just two months into adoption. Often feisty with non-greyhounds, he is a model of good behaviour with all two-legged creatures, young and old. A couple of late nights saw him keel over and fall asleep, but he accepted all manner of petting, talking-tos and mayhem throughout, without a care in the world.
I hope we have enlightened and entertained all whom we met; showing that ex-racing greyhounds ( especially big, black fellows! ) are docile, loving, undemanding, and fully deserve adoption as family pets. Our personal bond has been forged and strengthened through our joint efforts to repay Whittingham in a small way for all their hard work on behalf of the greyhound community.
Of course, there have been a few disappointments along the way and to present a balanced picture I feel that I should mention them:
• Obtaining bookings and then donations from local schools was difficult and largely unproductive
• We regularly requested help but gained few leads or bookings via the Whittingham Community; ‘Loves’ and ‘Likes’ have been very welcome but don’t generate any funds, unfortunately
• Perhaps, most sadly, nobody seems prepared to take on the talks mantle from us now that we have retired, despite my offer of full support in the future. Apparently, there will be no lasting legacy.
In summary, then, I believe that the ‘Len Sessions’ have made a worthwhile contribution both to supporting Whittingham and the wider Greyhound world, post-racing. Both Len, and I, have had a great time, as have our audiences, young and old. He now deserves a second retirement, basking in the belief that there can be a grand life after racing for all greyhounds; just give them the opportunity and they will repay you many times over and show the public what they may be missing!
Our sincere thanks to all those who wished us well and helped us along the way!
Martin and Len (‘The Greys Brothers!’)

Long-termer, Max at home

Many people have been asking how our long termer, Max, has been settling at home. So here he is with his friend, Mia. He's loving playing with tennis balls and investigating all the new adventures of home life. He still has a few things to learn but is generally settling very well. A massive thanks again to his adopters for giving him the chance.

In other news, we were delighted to see brothers, Happy and Champ go home to their special home today. We wish them well and look forward to updates!

Now let's find homes for all the other residents too!
To adopt a greyhound, email

Len and Martin visit Puckeridge Cubs

Greyhound, Len and his adopter, Martin, have been to two more Beaver groups this week with a large audience at each. They went down a storm as usual with Len being a total hit! Photos will follow from those sessions. Meanwhile, here they are at their Puckeridge Cubs visit on 14 May, accompanied by Martin's wife, Sian. (Some faces have been obscured for privacy reasons). (More photos on our social media pages)
They are fantastic ambassadors for greyhounds and the photos from all their sessions show what amazing dogs they are and how they love people of all ages.
We literally can't thank them enough for all their time and dedication. Whittingham Heroes!!
To adopt a greyhound and join the Whittingham family, email

Thank you anonymous donor

Thank you to the Donor of the food that arrived today. There was no label to thank you but we do really appreciate it.

Thank you, Graham and

Thank you so much to Graham with Polly (pictured) who drove all the way from near Henlow today with donations, treats, food and bedding. He is always so supportive. 👏 👏 👏

And separately, a huge thank you to and all who nominated us to receive their gifts. We were very touched to have been chosen.

Thanks so much for all your support.

Thank you

Thanks so much to Maria and family with Tali. Not only sending gifts to the Kennels but being so generous with a donation too. Thank you so much.

Recently homed hounds

Max, Aurora (was Snowy), Lila (was Rosie) and Evie are all recently homed and settling in. It is lovely to see them make the transition from Kennels to home life and thrive in loving homes. Thank you to all their adopters.

Aurora (was Snowy) with Magic

We have so many dogs waiting with us at Whittingham Kennels (and waiting to get into Whittingham). They all deserve loving homes.

Lila (was Rosie)

So to offer a greyhound a home, email

Raffle prize winners

We have a few unclaimed raffle prizes. We will keep them at the Kennels until your next visit. Thank you again everyone!
Unclaimed raffle winners:
332 - Ian S
19 - Roger S (Luna)
167 - Carole Rogers
140 - Barney
213 - Lesley K
123 - Paul H
51 - Rita
89 - Sue Turner Ross
414 - Jane
(The rest were claimed on the day or have been contacted)

Alex and the team say 'thank you'

Alex and all the Whittingham team would like to say a massive 'thank you' to everyone who supported us yesterday. The total raised from the day was an amazingly whopping £1281.36

Well done everyone! 👏 👏 👏

Sunday 29th May 2024 Event...

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who attended our event today. It is always so lovely to see our dogs visit us again and see they are doing well. There were some sibling reunions amongst the dogs: resident, Tina (who is reserved) was reintroduced to her sister, Barcode (was Pam); and resident, Alex was reintroduced to his brother, ChumChum!
We were delighted with the turnout and the kindness of all our supporters is always very touching. The weather was very nice (a little too hot, but we can't win!!) and our neighbours were very kind with their willingness to provide extra parking.
Tim, Val and I arrived early to clean and feed all the dogs. And Linda, Martin and Stephen came early to set up too. Linda worked like an absolute trouper setting up (and packing away) and overseeing a stall so a special thank you to her. Our regular volunteer, Doreen, started walking the dogs early and then set about working in the kitchen on food and drinks with Tim. Both flew around with orders all day!
An absolutely HUGE thank you to the amazing, Theresa, who was ably assisted by Pete. Her generosity and commitment to our events is truly breathtaking and we can't thank her enough for being so supportive. She donates all the food so that the Kennels receives all the money and her food is always delicious and goes down wonderfully. She works so VERY hard and is absolutely amazing!

Natalie was brilliant with making sure as many raffle tickets were sold as possible. She is now our official 'raffle seller' and always does a superb job. She will be at Greyfest in August promoting greyhounds (and Whittingham) and we know she will totally smash it! She's such an asset to the team at events and we are so grateful that she steps in to fulfil this role. Mark is also a total star and jumped behind a stall with Doug and started selling items. Linda, Val and Stephen were also behind a stall for the whole time; whilst Martin and I were in the Kennels getting dogs out for visitors.
Thank you to everyone who bought merchandise (which went down well). Arctophiles (google it) loved the teddy bears (!) and the T-Shirts and stickers were a real hit too. Thank you to everyone who brought up food, bedding and treats too; and to Roger with Luna who brought in home-made fig jam which was quickly snapped up as soon as it went on the table!
We have a lot of unclaimed raffle prizes as many people had gone home when the raffle was drawn, but we will put this up tomorrow and keep the prizes at the Kennels until you are passing/visiting. Some winners were pulled out of the bucket several times so we did distribute the prizes fairly too!
It was also lovely to see Tilly who is being fostered by Jules and Suj (with their other greyhound, Russo). They are being wonderful with Tilly and so kind too.
Thanks to everyone who helped us put everything away afterwards too, whilst Jim did the evening paddocking. The day was rounded off after Amanda drove all the way from Glastonbury with adopted Whittingham greyhound, Magic (was Donnie) to adopt Snowy. They used to live in Kent but have subsequently moved. We will look forward to updates and hope she settles well at home. There was interest in some other dogs but no other firm reserves; but we hope the presence of so many greyhounds getting along well shows what great dogs greyhounds are in any context.

(More photos on our facebook page).
Thank you again to everyone for coming and to all those who helped in such a tremendous way.
We look forward to seeing you at the next event or if you would like to adopt a greyhound at any point beforehand! Just email for more information.

Setting up for our event...

We are busy setting up for our event (Sunday 19th), at 11am and look forward to seeing everyone. We started at the crack of dawn to get all the dogs cleaned and fed and they are looking forward to seeing everyone too!
11am-2pm at the Kennels.

Max finds a home

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our event tomorrow. 11am until 2pm at the Kennels.

And in some really exciting news, one of our longest stay dogs, Max, went home today. Max had to go to the right home that understood what he needed. He went to lovely people that we knew (who had recently lost their beloved male greyhound) and who have another of our female greyhounds. We will look forward to hearing updates. We are so grateful to them that he has been given the chance. Here he is in the paddocks last week!

To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you to Luna's adopters

Thank you so much to Luna's adopters who popped up today with food. We are so grateful.

We are looking forward to seeing them and everyone at our event on Sunday between 11am and 2pm. Our neighbours at number 5 and opposite number 4 have kindly given extra parking. And you are welcome to park in front of the gates of the cemetery (which is sadly too wet to use itself). The farmer will also open the little slip road between the turn and Kennel 1 if he can. There is also the little car park opposite hillside kennels.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
Thanks so much for all your support.

Alex and Misty join us to find homes

Alex and Misty joined us today to begin their search for their homes. Misty is a dear little girl (black with white flecks); and Alex is a handsome boy who is 7yrs old. He has been waiting in racing kennels for a long time but it is now finally his turn. He also turns out to be the brother of Vince (now known as ChumChum) who we homed a while ago. He looks very much like his brother too! Let's make him as lucky as his brother.


Both are already neutered and we will assess them further as we get to know them.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Rosie finds a home; so many dogs waiting

Rosie fell on her paws today in a new home with lovely adopters. She has a few things to master and was a little overwhelmed at first but she relaxed when she found her giant caterpillar and box of toys. Thank you to her adopters and we look forward to hearing how she settles.

There are SO many dogs who are desperate for a loving home. We have so many gentle souls who are waiting patiently. To offer a greyhound a home, email

Appeal for homes in a national crisis

Like many other rescue/rehoming centres nationwide, we have a full kennel and a huge waiting list of dogs who need to come to us. We have so many beautiful dogs waiting for their special homes. All different characters and personalities. We have had very few enquiries over the past month and whilst we have a couple going home (which is wonderful and many thanks to their adopters), we are very worried about not being able to home the other residents or move through our huge waiting list.
So please keep spreading the word about greyhounds needing homes. They all need love!
To adopt a greyhound, email
((And a friendly note to trainers, we haven't forgotten you and will get to your dog as soon as possible. Ringing to find out when a space is available is a pointless exercise as we don't have a crystal ball. We will be in touch when we have space and as you get to the top of the list. Thank you for your patience)).

Thank you, Diane; Thank you, Keith

Thanks so much to Diane (with Teddy, Flora etc) for her donations. Bedding and treats for the dogs. And items for our event on Sunday. She's an amazing adopter and so incredibly kind.
And a huge thanks to our other amazing adopter, Keith (with multiple greyhound girls) for raising money for us through his photography at Harlow. We are so grateful.
👏 👏 👏

Homes needed; Evie is lucky

Homing enquiries are almost non-existent, but Evie is one lucky dog who fell on her paws today with the loveliest of families. She is a very lucky girl and was so good with all the neighbouring dogs on the introductory walk around the block. A total star! Thanks so much to her lovely adopters.

If you haven't got a greyhound, you really should adopt one so please email to make all our current residents as lucky as Evie.

Whittingham Merchandise

We will have our Whittingham merchandise for sale next week at our event. Udon (was Monty) has befriended our new teddy bear. (Don't worry, the scale of the teddy in this picture is more accurately seen by the hand, rather than the greyhound)!!!! 🤣🤣
All the other teddies will need good homes too!!
And the greyhounds hope they will be chosen as well so to adopt a greyhound, email

Open Day

One week to go before our Open Day next Sunday 19th. There will be stalls, delicious food thanks to our truly dedicated and generous adopter, Theresa. And the chance to meet our current residents and other Whittingham supporters and former residents. We will also have some new Whittingham merchandise for sale! So don't miss out and we look forward to seeing you at the Kennels next Sunday!

Tina is looking for a loving home

This is Tina who joined us today to start her search for a loving home. She is a dear little soul and very similar in temperament to her sister, Pam (now Barcode) and her mum, Rosie; both also homed by Whittingham. We hope she will also fall on her paws in a loving home before too long. She will be further assessed as we get to know her, including her reaction around other breeds. But if she's like her family, she should be ok with the usual initial careful precautions.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Monnie finds a home

We were delighted to see Monnie (now Mimi) into her home yesterday. A huge thanks to her adopters. She is settling well so far. What a lucky girl.
To make all the dogs as lucky as Mimi and adopt a greyhound, please email

Champ and Happy in the bungalow

Champ and Happy have been moved to a spare room in our bungalow so they have more space (before they go home at the end of the month). They've been very good in there (not all the dogs will settle in the bungalow) and they've been enjoying their ear treats today. (Yuk, but the dogs love them)!!! Thank you to everyone who sends gifts and donations for the dogs. We are so grateful.
What they would all really love a loving home. We have so many really lovely dogs waiting who would suit a range of different homes.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Adopting again... and Bluebell who needs a loving home

We were really touched by the sentiments of Amanda, recent adopter of Finbar (was Finn), when she said, "how is it possible to love a hound so much in such a short time? And when grieving another beloved hound". We echo that feeling. There are so many dogs needing loving homes and the greatest legacy to a beloved previous dog is to offer another needy soul a loving home (when you feel the time is right). They will never 'replace' the lost dog but will be a new special dog with their own uniqueness, whilst also embodying the characteristics universal to all greyhounds: loving, loyal and lazy!
Bluebell is one dog looking for a home and is really hoping someone will come along to give her a second chance after she has had to be returned through no fault of her own due to illness in the family. She is house trained, gentle, good with small breeds (with the usual careful introductions) and used to the home environment. She can be a little stronger than some on the lead but this would soon ease.
To offer another lucky dog a home or offer a greyhound a home as first time adopters, please email

Len on tour

Len and his adopter, Martin, visited a local women's club yesterday in their final month of their tour! Martin reports that, "the group loved Len and he wandered round in his normal docile manner". He behaved impeccably as always (with the exception of nicking a digestive biscuit from a lady's handbag!!!) and will be visiting a Cub group next week.
We can't thank Martin and greyhound, Len enough for their incredible kindness and commitment to these talks. The photos from all their talks show how great greyhounds are with people of all ages and why everyone should adopt a greyhound! This, in itself, has highlighted how they make great additions to any home. They are great ambassadors and fundraisers for greyhounds and for Whittingham Kennels. Thank you so much Martin and Len.
👏 👏 👏
(Ps. This is not the same Martin as our staff member).
To adopt a greyhound, email

Happy and Champ fall on their paws

Although homing is still slow, we were thrilled today to see the brothers, Champ and Happy reserved. They are going to lovely adopters who have been adopting from Whittingham for over 24yrs. They are exceptionally lucky and we are so delighted they will be able to stay together and go to such a special home. They will be going home at the end of the month.

And another huge thanks to all our walkers today. All the dogs went out and the weather stayed kind to us all day. Thanks to everyone who came today and keep an eye on TikTok as there are some fantastic videos in the pipeline.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Clive helps around the Kennels?

A lovely bright day to hang washing over the fences. Until Clive decided to get it in for us. Brilliant.

Thank you, Broadway Pet Stores and John

Thank you to Nigel and Sue at Broadway Petstores for collecting food etc for us. It's really appreciated and all helps keep costs down. Thank you to John for bringing it to us.

Barcode at the Polls

It's good to see our former resident greyhounds exercising their democratic right. This is Barcode (was Pam) going to the polls. We assume she voted for extra bonios and good weather for walks, but she is keeping her vote confidential. Barcode is the puppy of Rosie (homed a little while ago) and her sister will be coming in to look for a home when we have space.
(We also think Barcode is an inspired name change for a brindle lady)!!
So, if you were hesitating about adopting, stop press!!! Your greyhound will bring an extra vote and may take your favourite politician over the winning line! After all, they are used to trying to achieve first past the post. ( *yes, I am joking before the trolls decide to correct me*!!)
To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you, Ann

Colleen and Clive are here to say a huge, HUGE thank you to Ann, friend of our volunteer, Linda, who has just been extremely generous in sending a donation. We are so grateful and can't thank her enough.

(Colleen and Clive are both looking for homes. So to adopt a greyhound, please email

Huge thanks again to Ann for her exceptional generosity.

Thank you

Thank you so much to Julie and Fiona (with Savy) and Rebecca (soon adopting Monnie) for their kind donations. We are so grateful for your generosity and your kindness in thinking of us.

Our adoption process and pack

Our adoption kit....
Many people ask about our adoption process. When you get in touch about adopting, we will ask you some questions about the sort of home you can offer. This helps us to guide you towards certain dogs who we feel will match your circumstances. All our dogs are different and will suit different home set-ups.

We invite you to visit the Kennels to meet the dogs. If you want to reserve someone, we will then come along and do a home visit (unless you have adopted from us before and this has already been carried out).
When you adopt, we give you the kit we believe is correct for a greyhound: collar/lead, house collar, information booklet, muzzle and, where possible, a coat. The dogs are all neutered, vaccinated (paperwork supplied) and come with four weeks free insurance. There are three forms to sign: change of ownership of microchip, the form for the free insurance and our adoption form (which states that if things do not work out, you must return the greyhound to us and never pass him/her on). We also give you a toy as a gift from us!

We aim to make the process as straightforward as possible, whilst also ensuring that the dog is finding a good home and adopters know what to expect.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Some former residents!

We love receiving photos of our former residents doing well. The photos show why everyone should adopt a greyhound! (More photos on our facebook and instagram pages)


You can teach them to drive (well, sort of)!!

Sid (was Smasher)

((Apologies to any Spurs fans but Sid (was Smasher) was on the winning side yesterday))! 🤣
To adopt a greyhound, email

Snowy says well done Louis!

Snowy and everyone at Whittingham want to say thank you and well done to Louis who ran 10k in the rain this morning. What a total hero and a truly dedicated supporter. We can't thank him enough.

Follow his whole run on TikTok:

Well done again. Absolutely amazing. 👏 👏 👏

Lokie's luck for Louis

Lokie is very relaxed on his pillow and wants to wish our fab volunteer, Louis, luck for his 10k run. Louis often features in our TikTok videos so don't forget to follow us on TikTok too (whittingham_kennels) where Elissa is producing some brilliant videos. They are really putting themselves out with their commitment to Whittingham with the filming and the run so we can't thank them enough.

Lokie and the other kennel residents are pleased to relax and watch other people do their share of running now! They are really making the most of retirement!

Lokie is still also hoping for his special home to come along too. He's a lovely boy and really wants a life beyond Kennels. So to adopt Lokie or any other Whittingham dog, email

Thanks so much again to Louis! 

Xanadu and thanks

Xanadu would like to thank Chris and Peter (who had Floyd) for their biscuits donation.
Xanadu is a new chap and very loving and friendly.
To offer him a home, email

Treats enrich the dogs' lives

We are so grateful to everyone who sends treats for the dogs. Whilst some are not that appetising for humans, the dogs love them!!
Not only are they really enjoyed as a tasty bonus, but they act as a source of enrichment and some treats are also really good for their teeth.
Like all good animal welfare organisations, we are aware that our dogs need enrichment as well as comfortable beds and time in the paddocks whilst they wait for their loving homes. Giving out treats helps them have something to focus on before we close them in for the night or to give variety to their day.
Our volunteers and visitors also love engaging with the dogs by giving out treats too. The nervous dogs gain their confidence with new people and the confident dogs often show the other dogs that all is well when they can accept treats too! Some greyhounds haven't always known treats, but they soon learn to enjoy them! It is really rewarding for the humans to see the dogs enjoying themselves too!
So thanks so much to everyone who brings treats to enrich our dogs' lives. They are so very grateful.

Thank you to Jules and family - Tilly in foster

A HUGE HUGE thank you to Jules and family (with Russo) who have stepped in to foster Tilly while her adopters are unable to have her. Tilly's adopters will have her back when their circumstances allow, but for the meantime, she is staying with Jules and family. We can't thank them enough. 👏 👏 👏
(We don't usually use foster homes because it means the dogs get overlooked when not at the Kennels, but in these situations, it is a total godsend).
To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you

Thanks so much to Emma (with Arnie and Jet) for her generosity in sending gifts for Jerry; and to Susan (with Kitty), Ruth and family (with Leon and Indie) and the Pankiw family (with Opie and Trixi) for their generosity too. It's really appreciated.

Very few enquiries; so many dogs

Enquiries to adopt have ground to a total halt. We are taking in a few dogs from our list this week but have not had a single adoption enquiry for two weeks. We won't be able to move forward until we home some more. So, if you are thinking about adopting, please do get in touch. We have some beautiful souls just waiting to love and be loved.
Greyhounds are non-demanding, gentle, affectionate, lazy and loving. There may be a settling phase when you first take the dog home. But they are thereafter such easy additions to the home.
Fifi and Glen are ready to be your best friend!
To adopt a greyhound or find a friend for an existing greyhound, email

Well done Michelle!

Well done, Michelle. An amazing run, completing the marathon in 3hrs and 24 minutes. Incredible!
We felt exhausted just watching it!
Huge thanks again and congratulations... and to everyone who has sponsored too.
👏 👏 👏 👏

Marathon mention!

Thanks to 
#bbcmarathon for reading out our message of support for Michelle, running the marathon today. It was wonderful that they read the full message so that the cause of greyhound homing was mentioned on BBC1 and that they told viewers how much the dogs sleep too! It's only a moment of publicity but it all helps to highlight that everyone should adopt a greyhound!

To sponsor Michelle, please find her fundraising page at:

Good luck, Michelle!

Thank you

Thanks to Leshantha, the kind sender of the disinfectant. And to our volunteer, Linda, who is always so generous.


Life in rehoming/rescue has ups and downs. We try to keep our social media posts upbeat, but there are always things happening behind the scenes too.

So, in the spirit of reality, if you visit us, you may meet Jerry who is not on the website.
Yesterday, we took Jerry back after he displayed quirks in the home which are extremely out of character for greyhounds. He will now stay with us (unless someone totally suitable comes along. We are only ever honest about our dogs and will explain his behaviour in the home).
No negative comments please. His adopters tried very hard with him and were absolutely devastated that all their efforts didn't find a solution.

Jerry is a lovely boy at the kennels and perhaps some previous trauma has made him defensive in a home environment. We know he was starved in the first home he had and was told off for trying to get food. Even this, however, doesn't usually cause the unpredictable behaviour seen in this home. Either way, he is safe with us and will be given extra walks whenever volunteers come to take the dogs out. We can't stress enough how rare it is for a greyhound to behave in this way. It certainly doesn't reflect all the other dogs in the Kennels.

Even though we have a mammoth waiting list of dogs waiting to come in, our priority must always be the dogs we know.

We have so many loving and gentle dogs in our care all desperate for good homes. And we have several new arrivals scheduled over the next week or so. So, to adopt a greyhound, email

Please support Michelle!

Fifi and Glen are here to remind you of Michelle's marathon mission on Sunday in support of Whittingham Kennels. If anyone would like to sponsor her, please find her fundraising page as

Fifi and Glen are both waiting patiently for loving homes. They'd really love to love you!
To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you, Tony

A huge thank you to Tony who came up with a van load of stuff for the greyhounds and to raise money. He's always so kind and supportive. Thank you again.

Colleen and Kiki find homes; new arrivals 

Update: since posting this, Colleen has sadly been returned.  So she is now looking for a home again.

Colleen (now Charlotte) (pictured) really fell on her paws today in her new home. She has found the bed already and is a very lucky girl.

Kiki (now Zola) also went home this morning and is doing well so far.

We are so lucky to have such lovely adopters. Thank you to both sets of adopters.

We are taking in some new arrivals and crawling through our enormous waiting list. However, we still have over 100 dogs waiting to come to us with the list growing daily.
So to offer a greyhound a home, please email

Let's make them all as lucky as Colleen and Kiki.

Blue's story - from chase to friend

Blue's story: We are often asked if the more reactive (to other breeds) dogs will calm down at home. The answer is 'yes', but with patience, training and exposure. Wayne and Lydia adopted Blue nearly a year ago and he was very difficult with other breeds at first. However, thanks to their perseverance and kindness, look at him now!

It just shows that all the greyhounds need to be given a chance. The reactive ones will learn; the nervous ones will become even more loyal; the bouncy strong ones will calm down; the perfect ones will continue to thrive! There is a greyhound to suit all sorts of circumstances so please come and find your most loyal friend and adopt a greyhound by emailing

New greyhound, Rosie, arrives to find a home

New girl, Rosie, joined us yesterday to begin her search for a loving home. She is happy, dainty and playful and would really love to experience life beyond kennels. She is excited about going for a walk, but quickly calms down once underway.

To offer Rosie a home, email

Andy and Margo find their special homes

We were delighted to see Andy and Margo into homes yesterday. Here is Andy on his first day. We look forward to updates and thanks so much to their adopters.

We are gradually taking in some new arrivals so will be getting to know them.
To offer a greyhound a home, email

Thank you, Louis and Elissa

Wow, thanks so much to Louis, our fantastic volunteer. Elissa and Louis are so supportive so please support Louis as he raises money for us. Amazing! Thanks so much and do follow Elissa's brilliant TikTok page too. (Please see our social media pages to view the video).

Thank you, Louis

Thanks so much to our volunteer, Louis for wearing the T-Shirt to promote Whittingham through his boxing gym. It's such a great way to spread the word.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Spring Open Day: Sunday 19th May

Lokie would like to let everyone know that we have rescheduled our event for Sunday 19th May at the Kennels between 11am and 2pm.
There will be stalls, lovely food courtesy of Theresa's kindness; and the chance to meet with other greyhound enthusiasts and meet the current greyhound residents. We look forward to seeing you then!

Thanks for our new grass

Thanks so much to the kind donor who paid for three sections of fake grass. It is the dog friendly version and is in the gateways to three of our muddiest paddocks. This will be a godsend in the winter when the dogs, staff, volunteers and beds are all smothered in filth!!
The dogs are already enjoying sitting on it in the sun!

Two brothers arrive to find their homes

Two new boys arrived today. They are brothers and called Champ and Happy. Champ is the one with more white on him. They are mega affectionate and gentle, neutered and ready to go and very friendly. It would be lovely to keep them together, although we know that will be hard in the present climate of homing. They are 5yrs old, but seem younger!
To offer these boys or another Whittingham hound a home, email

Thank you, Sally

Thank you so much to Sally for the regular donations of biscuits. So kind of you. To donate via our amazon wishlist, please follow this link: Amazon wishlist

April is 'Adopt a greyhound' month

Follow us on TikTok

Don't forget to visit and follow our new TikTok page run by our volunteer, Elissa. Search for whittingham_kennels
Elissa and Louis are producing some fantastic videos highlighting individual dogs looking for homes and also the reason why greyhounds in general are such great dogs!
To adopt a greyhound, email

Carol and Finbar (was Finn) at home

It's always lovely when people let us know how the dogs are settling. We always mention that there may be a settling phase until the new greyhound understands the new routine and life away from Kennels. And we always hold our breath during this time!

Here are Carol (above) and Finbar (was Finn) (left) doing so well on only day two. A huge thank you again to both sets of adopters.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Carol and Finn fall on their paws

In a little flurry of homing today, we were delighted to see Carol (pictured) go home with lovely adopters who have adopted from us before and who felt ready to welcome another deserving and lucky greyhound into their home. Carol is very lucky indeed.
In the second homing, we saw Finn go home to lovely people who have also adopted four greyhounds over the years from Whittingham. He is also exceptionally lucky.
We wish both well and hope they settle quickly. We will look forward to updates.
There are so many deserving greyhounds who need a loving home and who are hoping to fall on their paws too. So please continue to share and spread the word so we can get more dogs in from our ridiculously long waiting list and home those still waiting patiently at Whittingham. It is so sad that so many loving souls are waiting in Kennels for their chance to find loving homes.
But today is all about Carol and Finn. So a huge thank you again to both sets of adopters.
To adopt a greyhound and join the Whittingham family, email

Thank you for the muzzles, Jo

Thank you so much to Jo with Zoe (was Mo) for their generous donation of muzzles. It is SO so kind. Thank you so much again. Now they are off walking too!

Monty finds a home!

Monty (now known as Udon) went home today. And he's already playing in the garden! Thank you so much to his adopters. We hope he continues to settle well!
We will be taking some new dogs in as soon as we hear that a couple of other recently homed dogs are settling fully. We will look forward to welcoming them into the Whittingham fold. With over 100 greyhounds waiting for a space, we are going one dog at a time.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Roxy and Boris send their thanks to Claire/Mimram Vets

Roxy and Boris would both like to say thank you so much to Claire and the team at Mimram Vets for raising money and collecting bedding etc for Whittingham Kennels. We we are so grateful.

Roxy and Boris are both looking for homes. To adopt a greyhound, email

Finn really wants a home

Why oh why do we still have Finn?! He's such a lovely boy... great with other breeds and a really gentle soul. He has lived in a home before so won't be phased by the home environment. And he loves the company of other dogs so would make a great second dog. Could you offer Finn the loving home he craves?
To adopt a greyhound, email

Whittingham joins TikTok - thank you to Elissa

Our fantastic volunteer, Elissa, has created a TikTok page for the kennels and already created its first video. Please give us a follow. Search for whittingham_kennels
And a massive thank you to Elissa for doing this for us. 👏 👏 👏 👏

Woody falls on his paws

Woody, now to be known as Prince, found his home today with a very experienced adopter. Thanks so much to Brenda and family... (and with huge thanks to Judy and Mark Zatonski - Judy who designs and produces our calendars, and Mark who drove all the way from Rugby to bring their friend, Brenda, to collect Woody).

What a lucky boy. We sent him on his way with a hug from all the staff and are delighted to know he has a wonderful home.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Stormy and Emily settle in at home

A reminder that our event is CANCELLED today as rain was forecast. (Just pretend the sun isn't shining 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️). We will reschedule and hope it doesn't rain then!!!
So instead, here are some photos of Emily and Stormy (Storm) who went home on Friday. Emily is clearly already in control of the remote control... and Stormy looks so comfortable in his lovely big bed.
Thank you to both adopters and everyone who gives a lovely home to one of our dogs.

A huge thank you, too, to Summer's adopters, who we visited yesterday with greyhound, Holly, to see if she would suit their home and other animals. She did so well and will be falling on her feet with them in due course.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Happy Easter from Whittingham Kennels

Len and his adopter, Martin are star attendees at Weald Hall fete

Adopted greyhound Len, and his adopter Martin (our amazing volunteer ((not staff member))...) spent today at the Weald Hall fete. They had visited this care home before at the request of our former volunteer, Roy, who is now a resident. After their previous visit, which had enriched the lives of all the residents, Len and Martin were invited back to attend the Fete. We can't thank them enough for their kindness and dedication. It is so wonderful that they agreed to attend and raise the profile of Whittingham and greyhounds in general.
Martin reports that it was a very happy day and "great for handing out publicity, educating people,...(and)...chatting to residents and visitors".
Len was as amazing as ever, "spending
most of the time just wandering about freely, making new friends young and old, with never a cross word. People wanted to see him in his racing jacket" here are some lovely photos of the day. One picture is with the singer who entertained the assembled host. Len even had his own dedicated song when the singer "sang 'Hound Dog' on request for Len who listened attentively throughout"!
Thank you SO much again to Martin and greyhound, Len. They are truly wonderful ambassadors for showing how brilliant greyhounds are at adjusting to every situation and proving that they make great pets for everyone! We are sure that more people will have had their eyes opened to the wonders of greyhounds today as a result of their support.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you for your marathon efforts, Michelle

Margo and Ed want to say a huge thank you to Michelle for running the marathon for Whittingham. We rehome dogs for Michelle when we have space and it is kind of them to think of us as their cause.

If anyone would like to sponsor her, the page is below:

To offer Margo or Ed a home, email
Margo is perfect with small dogs and very loving; Ed is a gentle soul who also loves a cuddle. 

Emily and Storm find their special homes

Apart from the cancellation of our event on Monday, our Easter weekend started positively with Emily finding her special home with Tracy and family. They had lost their beloved greyhound, Bree and were in a position to offer another lucky dog a home. Emily had come into us directly from a home so must be so glad to be out of Kennels. Here she is settling in at home already.

The second lucky dog today was Storm, who found his special home with Maurey and Manuel. They had also had to say goodbye to their beloved greyhound, Micky and wanted to give another dog a home. Storm is the third whittingham hound who has fallen on his paws with Maurey.

What a lucky duo today. And a huge thank you to both sets of adopters.
We also saw Monty reserved yesterday to lovely people who will be taking him home next weekend.

Thank you to everyone who spreads the word. There are SO many greyhounds waiting on our list so we focus on the individuals. And we are so grateful to everyone who gives our hounds fantastic homes.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Easter Event cancelled (or postponed) due to the weather

New bears and stickers; good news for some dogs

We have a couple of new items of Whittingham merchandise that will be available at our event on 1st April, Easter Monday, at Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity between 11am and 2pm.
(Stickers... and Teddy bears looking for good homes)!
In other news, we were delighted to see Shirley home yesterday and hold our breath until we know she has settled. She was the happiest dog in the Kennels and wagged her tail all the time. She also loved her food and despite being petite, would wolf down a huge bowl in seconds! Thank you to our friends at Barley Greyhound Sanctuary - Essex who recommended her adopters when they didn't have anyone suitable for the home. It's always lovely when rehoming/rescue centres can work together.
We were also delighted to see Andy and Emily reserved at the weekend; with also interest in Holly, Kiki and Pam depending on their reactions to the other animals in the households (and visiting animals). They will all be with us for a little while until the relevant home checks and tests are completed.
So do come and join us on Easter Monday for our open day.... or otherwise, please email to adopt a greyhound

Len and his adopter make £1000 target

Wow, Len and his adopter, Martin, are smashing records with their fundraising. We can't thank them enough for all their time and commitment to this.
There is still time to book a talk so please do let me know if you would like to welcome them to your group or organisation. Email
Thanks so much again to them. 👏 👏 👏 👏

Bed making continues...

Another day of bed making was in progress today. We can't thank them enough for their incredible kindness and skills. Phil, Doreen and also Pete and Steve who joined them today have been beyond fantastic. They did so many today and only ten double beds now need to be made. Amazing. Thank you to them all so SO much.

We are FULL

Carol, who came in recently and is looking for a home, would like to tell everyone that we are full. With four new intakes and Clive being returned at the weekend (no negative comments please because his adopters tried very hard) we are literally full to bursting.

(So a friendly note to trainers, we will resume taking in dogs when we home some of our current residents. We simply cannot take more dogs at the moment so phoning/emailing to know how long it will be is simply unanswerable).

Homing enquiries are very minimal. We have two people due to visit but otherwise not a single enquiry in over three weeks.

The situation nationwide is at crisis point. So please adopt before you shop. And please stop breeding more. Animals of every description are in need of homes and rehoming/rescue centres are beyond breaking point.

To adopt a greyhound, email  

Please think of another...

Thank you, Diane

Dinky (and his friends) would like to say a huge THANK YOU to our lovely volunteer, Diane, who spent the morning cleaning the bungalow kitchen.

The bungalow tends to deteriorate into a state of squalor so it is a brave person who attempts to tackle it. With so many dogs to care for, it is a task that always seems to fall by the wayside.
Thank you so much, Diane.

Reminder of our upcoming event...

New arrivals and some returns means we are full to the maximum

Three new ladies arrived yesterday: Pam, Kiki and Colleen. They are all really friendly and loving. They will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible, but the signs are promising! We will get to know them further as they settle in.

With Finn sadly being returned today (no negative comments please), we are now absolutely overflowing. So if anyone was thinking about adopting a greyhound, now is the time! Finn was perfect with small dogs, very affectionate and cuddly.

To offer a greyhound a home, please email

Rose and a full kennel

Rose, who went home with Keith and his son, Duncan, is settling in with their other dogs and learning the ropes at home. She's also got the appropriate headgear for this rainy weather!!

We have a kennel full of beautiful dogs of every temperament and size. Large and smaller boys; smaller girls... and many are good with other breeds and share happily with other greyhounds. We are absolutely at breaking point for space so if you were thinking of adopting a greyhound, do get in touch. Homechecks apply.


New greyhound, Carol, looking for a home

Carol is one of our most recent arrivals. She is a dear little soul who loves affection and didn't want to be hooked up to the dog parking for her photo because she wanted a cuddle instead! She'd really love a loving home!

To adopt Carol or any other Whittingham greyhound, email

New beds

A HUGE and ABSOLUTELY massive thank you to Phil who came up today to start changing the kennel beds. It is a huge project and Phil has so kindly been taking bits of bed home and fixing them at home in his workshop. The legs all needed fixing to the bases and we could not have done it without Phil's skills. We literally can't thank him enough. Ably assisted by our other Sunday volunteer, Doreen, they have started constructing them and we have begun to start the long process of replacing each chewed wooden bed with these new modern beds. The old beds really needed replacing (after 100yrs) and when the new beds arrived in a million pieces, we were rather overwhelmed by the task! But Phil and Jo have been wonderful and not only adapted them, but also worked out how they all went together.

Thanks so much to them for their help and expertise. And moreover, their patience.
We are also topping off the beds with the new blankets donated by Ann and the vetbed given by Greyhound Walks.
We were also delighted to see Finn home. Thanks so much to his new adopter and we look forward to updates.

Thank you

Thank you to Hilda (with Bran (was Arthur)) and all those who leave positive reviews on Google or Facebook. It really helps to raise the profile of Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity and encourage others to adopt.
If anyone else would like to do so, we are always grateful.
And a huge thank you to Judi and Roger (with Jasper) who drove donations of bedding and other items to us. It is so kind and so appreciated.
We still have a full house with so many needy dogs waiting for loving homes (and so SO many waiting to come in). Every day we receive multiple calls from trainers who are desperate for spaces for so many dogs. So to adopt a greyhound (and help another come in to us), email
Thank you.

Thank you, Medivet

A huge thank you to Medivet (Waltham Abbey) for collecting so many donations for us. It's really appreciated and goes such a long way to help support all the greyhounds in our care.

Happy Mothering Sunday

Cheeky, Rose and Finn

Today, we were delighted to see both Rose and Cheeky into homes. Rose was adopted by a lovely family who lost their beloved previous greyhound, Audrey, and were able to offer another lucky hound a home; and here is Cheeky, now Bryn, sitting in traffic on his journey home with his adopters, Slyvia and Ben, who have adopted four greyhounds over the years from Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity. Both dogs have fallen on their paws.
We were also visited by a lovely prospective adopter for Finn. Thank you to Cat for recommending us. We are sure he will be falling on his paws soon too.
Whilst we have had a little flurry of adoptions (which is always wonderful), we have so many beautiful dogs still waiting for their special places (and still an astronomically long waiting list for dogs needing to get to us). adopt a greyhound, please email

New greyhounds, Woody and Andy arrive to find their homes 

Two new boys have arrived to begin their search for loving homes. They are in immaculate condition and will be assessed around other breeds as soon as possible. Meet Andy (black) and Woody (Black and white).

They've been patiently waiting their turn for many months so let's hope a loving home awaits them soon.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Luna (was Lady) at home

It is lovely when adopters send us photos of the dogs settling in so well; often with the intention of highlighting how great they are and how everyone should adopt a greyhound!
Luna (was Lady) is doing her bit to show this for all her friends at the Kennels who are still waiting for their loving home.
Thank you to her adopter, Jess, for the photos!
To adopt a greyhound, email

Tricia goes to Guernsey! 

Tricia had an unusual night overnight, but has landed on her paws this morning. A huge thank you to Brenda and Ian who have given her a special home after losing their previous beloved greyhound. And a huge thank you to our lovely friend, Gail, for recommending the home. On Guernsey! Gail homed greyhounds in the Channel Islands for many years and often recommends her adopters if a home becomes available. We know she only recommends the best.

So Brenda contacted the Pet Bus (who we also knew after dear Hero found his home on Jersey with our wonderful supporters, Matthew and Kathrine) ... and Tricia set sail yesterday, leaving the Kennels at 4pm yesterday afternoon and arriving at 7am this morning. It's a sleepless night of clock watching for us but she was in very good hands as the Pet Bus team are great. They accompany them all the way and keep us posted with photos.
She has already found the bed and now we keep everything crossed that she settles quickly.
Thanks so much again to everyone who has helped Tricia find her special home.

Bonty and Clive at home

Bonty and Clive are also settling in after going home on Sunday. They are generally doing well, but do have a few settling hurdles to overcome. Thank you to their special adopters.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Dogs at home!

We love to keep in touch with our adopters and share the photos of our adopted dogs in our newsletters.
Here is Mary, who was adopted 1yr ago, and is doing so well and is so loved.

Bran (was Arthur)

And Pickle, Bran (was Arthur) and Margo, who all went home recently.


Margo is still getting used to the cats so we are keeping everything crossed, but a huge thank you to her patient and caring new family.
Margo and friend
Thank you to all our adopters and we look forward to seeing more potential rehomers too!
To adopt a greyhound, email

Join us on Easter Monday for our event

Do join us for our event on Easter Monday: food, stalls and meet the greyhounds and other greyhound enthusiasts.

Clive, Bonty... and Rose head home; and new arrivals are due in to begin their search for loving homes

This is Clive and Bonty heading to their new home with Lauren, Paul and family. They came to choose one new family member (they have adopted greyhounds from us for many years) and couldn't decide between them... so took both! We now hold our breath as they settle in at home. But they have really fallen on their paws into a super home. Thank you to the whole family for adopting again. It is lovely when we know they will be so well cared for.
We also saw Rose off to her new home (all being well with the other dogs). And the other Rose went out to a local football match with her new adopters and is going home officially next Saturday.

It is great to see the dogs into wonderful homes. And it also means we can help the next dogs come in from our astronomically long waiting list! There are still so SO many dogs needing loving homes so if you would like to adopt a greyhound, email and we would be delighted to find you the right match.  

When Rosie met Rose...and Pickle!

When Rosie met Rose...

Keith and Duncan visited today with Rosie and introduced her to Rose with a view to adopting their sixth greyhound. Number five meets number six! Rose has already met one of the others and all went well. So she is going home tomorrow to meet the other four and we will keep everything crossed!

In other unexpected news, we were delighted to see Pickle off with one of our homed boys, Ted, after the sad loss of their female greyhound. Pickle has really fallen on her paws. It also allowed us the opportunity to let a few of our other dogs meet the small dog that came along with the family too. Emily and Shirley went in the paddocks with her happily. And Loki also sniffed her through the fence. Betsy and Roxy showed a little more interest so will need more care around smaller breeds but all of them were manageable. Thanks so much to Tracy and family for adopting Pickle.

Thanks also to Emma and Sarah (with Rory) who brought us bedding and are always so supportive and generous. It is always lovely to see our adopters and adopted dogs again.

To adopt a greyhound and join the Whittingham fold, email 

Star and Margo

Pixie-Star (Star) at home
We were delighted to receive the photos of Pixie-Star (Star) settling in yesterday. After just a few hours, she had found the sofa and enjoyed a nice walk. Thank you Rebeca and Erik for helping her settle.
We are also delighted that Margo is doing well so far around all the other animals. Huge thanks to Elissa, Louis and Jackie for giving her a chance.
Margo at home

For any new greyhound, some greyhounds will settle very quickly and others may take a little longer. We always advise that is important to remember that everything is new to them and it is a whole change of scene, as well as new people.
Timescales differ for them all but it is important to remember there is likely to be a settling phase.
Huge thanks to both sets of adopters for being prepared to work with this and we hope we can find the same for them all.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Introducing Loki and Rocky - 2 new greyhounds looking for a home; and Star and Margo go home

Loki - greyhound looking for a home
The two new boys have arrived, Loki (fawn) and Rocky (brindle). They both are beautiful and will be great once they get to know you. Rocky, especially, needs a little time to get used to you before he fully trusts. But we know both will be great additions for the right home.
Rocky - greyhound looking for a home
We also saw Star into her home today with her lovely new adopters so we wish her well and look forward to updates. Margo has also gone home with our super volunteers to see how she gets on with their cats and small dogs. We have told her to be on her best behaviour as she will really fall on her paws if she does well.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you

Thank you to the sender of the dog food. Very much appreciated.
And to Ellie and Michelle who came in the rain with bedding and walked some dogs between the rain! Always lovely to see them.

Introducing Finn...

Introducing Finn...
There is possible interest in Finn but this film shows why he is such a great boy!
To adopt a greyhound, email

Jarvis and friends

We had to share this wonderful photo of Jarvis (originally Fozzie) with his two friends. It shows how good greyhounds can be with smaller dogs (with initial care and the right match). Thanks to his adopters, Jill and Sam, for sending the photo.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Arthur (now Bran) finds his home

Arthur, now Bran, went to his new home today and immediately found the sofa. We will keep everything crossed until we know he has settled but he has gone to an experienced home. Thank you to his adopter.

We have also taken in new boys, Loki and Rocky this week and will be getting to know them. Both are already neutered and ready to go!

To adopt a greyhound, email

Three new greyhound arrivals, Emily, Rose and Holly


Introducing Emily, Rose and Holly - 3 new girls! Whilst we are struggling to move many new boys in from our list, we did have some space for some new ladies. So we will be getting to know these three lovely girls.

Emily came from a pet home as she was originally homed directly from a trainer. She turns out to be our long-stay, Jack's litter sister! Small world! Holly and Rose came in today and will be looking for their perfect homes in due course too.


The two new boys from the track are coming in this week and then we will resume taking the boys from our list as soon as we can.
So many dogs need homes!

A huge thanks to all our volunteers today. Bernie popped up for a visit and it was lovely to see him doing so well. Usual visitors, Jack, Ross and Zoe were also looking wonderful! Thanks to all their adopters and our volunteers for their help.

To adopt a greyhound, please email

Thank you to James for the bedding

A huge thank you to James for collecting bedding, food, toys etc. So so kind and so appreciated.
We also have good news that Arthur has been reserved today!
To adopt a greyhound, email

Paddy the greyhound falls on his paws

Paddy has fallen on his paws with the parents of the adopters of Mags and Harriet. They all look very comfortable!!! A huge thanks to the whole family.

There are lows and highs in animal rehoming/rescue, but it makes the job worthwhile to see these dogs in loving homes. We hope for the same for all the greyhounds waiting in Kennels and all those waiting to come in. Our list of greyhounds needing a space at Whittingham Kennels grows longer every day.

Harriet and Mags adopt a greyhound, please email

Arthur the greyhound really wants a loving home

It would be wonderful if we could find a home for Arthur. He spent time in doggy day care whilst in his first home and is pictured here with all the other breeds. So we know he is great with other dogs.
He went on a trial with some of our lovely volunteers and was absolutely brilliant with them. Sadly they couldn't keep him as their cat was petrified (no fault of Arthur), but their report about him was glowing.
He is good with other greyhounds, likes to eat his food on his bed and is really good on the lead. Could you offer Arthur the loving home he craves?
If so, please email

Greyhound, Dancer, falls on her paws in a lovely home

We were delighted to receive these photos of Dancer (now Phillipa) tonight. She went home on Saturday and has settled so well with Geoffrey (formerly Zippy).
A huge thanks to her adopters, Mike and Lynda. They have said how pleased they are that they decided to adopt a second greyhound. And we are delighted too!
So if you are considering adopting one dog or also a second dog, please do email
Most greyhounds are fine on their own but they usually also love another greyhound for company.

Ted graduates from Dog School

Congratulations to Ted (was Robbie) on graduating from Dog School! 👏 👏 👏
Ted had not been in his new home that long, but thanks to his lovely adopters, Diana and Andrew, he is already showing that greyhounds do so well beyond kennels. The rest of the Kennel residents are academics in the waiting too! They just need a loving home!
To adopt a greyhound, email

Shirley can't wait!

Most of the greyhounds take treats so gently.... and then there is Shirley who just bypasses the human and sticks her head in the bag!!! 🤣🤣🙄
She's a real character!! Whoever adopts Shirley will be very lucky. She is always happy!! She just needs a few more careful introductions to other breeds.
In other news, we were delighted to see Dancer off today with her lovely adopters. We wish her well and look forward to updates!
To adopt Shirley, or any other Whittingham greyhound, email

Meet Frankie...

Meet Frankie...
To adopt Frankie, email
Thank you again to Grace and Kev for producing these lovely videos.

Meet Glen...

Meet Glen....
To adopt Glen or any other Whittingham greyhound, email

Bernie and Lady find their homes

We were delighted to see both Bernie and Lady (now Luna) into their homes today. We hold our breath until we hear how they settle but Bernie looks pretty comfortable already!! He's a very lucky boy.
Thank you to both families for giving the dogs homes. We have got to know both sets of adopters as they have visited until the date of adoption and we will look forward to continued updates.
To adopt a greyhound, email

The adventures of Rio by his adopter, Caterina

At Whittingham, we always want to keep in touch with our adopters and be there for our previous residents if there is ever an issue throughout their lives.
Ultimately, of course, we hope for loving homes for them all and are often kept informed of the adventures of our previous residents.

We were delighted to receive this clever artwork from Caterina, adopter of Rio and TinyMabel. With Richard Skipworth as her inspiration, Caterina has charted Rio's journey so far. She starts with his birth, racing career, the injury he sustained on the track... to coming to Whittingham where he found his loving home with Caterina. His adventure continued when faced with stairs and learning how to behave and relax at home...and latterly finding a friend in TinyMabel and continuing her story too.

We think it is lovely!

To adopt a Whittingham dog and give him/her a life of love beyond kennels, email

Meet Storm...

To adopt Storm or any of his greyhound friends from Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity, email

St. Valentine...

Happy St. Valentines day with love from Betsy and all the greyhounds. All they want is to love and be loved so if you are thinking about adopting, today is the day! Let them race into your heart!

Did you know? St. Valentine is not only the patron saint of love, but also of beekeepers; against fainting; and plague! (How romantic)!!

So how did the day that commemorates the martyrdom of a Roman priest become associated with love? The answer is vague but there are two main suggestions. The first is that St. Valentine secretly married young couples in defiance of the Emperor Claudius' ban on marriage. And the second is that love birds tend to find a mate in mid February. This may also link to a poem by Chaucer written in about 1375 where he attributed birds (and humans) finding a mate to Saint Valentine's day.

Either way, our loving hounds just want to find love with you! So to make their Valentine's day wishes come true, adopt a greyhound and email

Meet Bonty...
He has been waiting far too long for his special home. Could it be you?
To adopt Bonty or any of his greyhound friends from Whittingham Kennels, email

Meet Roxy...

To adopt Roxy or any other Whittingham greyhound in need of a loving home, email

Meet Ed...

To adopt Ed or any other greyhound looking for a loving home, email

Meet Pickle...

To adopt Pickle or any Whittingham greyhound, email

Please give us a vote!  Thank you!  
Click on:

Cat testing heroes!

A HUGE thank you to Jane and her daughter for letting us come and cat test two dogs tonight. It REALLY helps us know who to put forward to the right adopters. And the biggest thank you, goes to their cats, of course! 🙂

Greyhounds, Alan and Ella find a home together 

We haven't had many homing enquiries this week, but we did see Alan and Ella into their home on Wednesday. They are a very lucky duo and went to a lovely home with people who have had greyhounds in the past. Thank you to their adopters.
We hold our breath until they have settled but they found the sofa on the first day and have been doing well with other breeds on walks.
To adopt a greyhound, email
(And a continued thank you to Grace (and Kev) for producing the lovely videos of each of our current residents who are waiting for their special homes).

Meet greyhound, Betsy - looking for a home 

Meet Betsy...
To adopt a greyhound, email

Orla falls on her paws...

We would like to say a huge, HUGE thank you to Roxanne and Martin who have adopted Orla formally this week. They were exceptionally kind to foster Orla last year when her adopters were unexpectedly posted to Australia for work. Upon their return, they were unable to keep Orla ....and Roxanne and Martin were so kind to take her back, despite having adopted another beautiful rescued dog in between too. We can't thank them enough. We have been kept involved throughout the entire process.

Orla is an exceptionally lucky girl and her previous adopters will be staying in touch too.
Thanks so much, Roxanne and Martin.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Meet greyhound, Boris - looking for a home

Introducing Boris....
To adopt Boris or any of his greyhound friends, email

Greyhound, Len meets the the Heart to Herts group with his adopter, Martin

Len and his adopter Martin visited the Heart to Herts group yesterday and had a really enjoyable evening (despite the weather)!
They were such a welcoming group and had heard Martin talk pre-Covid on other topics. They were so generous - giving an extra £30 and bolstering Len and Martin's total. Len/Martin have now reached £800 and heading for an even bigger target. We cannot applaud them enough.
Len was his usual calm self; so much so that once his duties were carried out, he showed the usual side of greyhounds by just laying out on the floor!! It was clearly past his bedtime! We were very amused to see this as it is so typical!

Martin and Len have been (and continue to be) so amazing in their talks tour; not only raising money but bringing awareness about the gentle nature of greyhounds. They bring information, but also comfort and joy in the process to such a variety of groups and people of all ages. All this helps to show what great additions greyhounds are to the home.
In separate news, today, we saw Len's brother, Alan (together with Ella) into their new home. We wish them well and look forward to updates. Alan and Ella were like chalk and cheese - Alan was serene and calm; Ella was intrigued by everything and couldn't wait to explore! They are all unique and individual characters.
So if you'd like to adopt a greyhound or hear a Martin/Len talk, please email

Royal connections for our Whittingham hounds

It comes to something when Whittingham hounds (and their friends) manage to upstage the King. (Well, we thought so anyway)!!
Here is Hope on the news (with his adopter Terry (and Pat)) and his friend Gippy (and adopter, Bev).
To adopt a greyhound and gather royal connections (😁), email
(See our Facebook or Instagram page for the video!)

Meet greyhound, Jack - looking for a home

The adopters of Swifty (now Loki) have been coming to the Kennels over the last few weeks to film the dogs and promote them via videos. Thank you so much Grace (and dad, Kev) for your amazing hard work and talent.
The first two films feature Sheene and our long termer, Jack. This second post features Jack.
We know this will be a great way to highlight the dogs and generally show how great greyhounds are...with the hope of leading to more adoptions.
To adopt a greyhound, email
Thank you so much again to them for working so hard on these videos.

Grace (and Kev) film each dog looking for a home 
Meet greyhound, Sheene - looking for a home

The adopters of Swifty (now Loki) have been coming to the Kennels over the last few weeks to film the dogs and promote them via videos. Thank you so much Grace (and dad, Kev) for your amazing hard work and talent.
The first two films feature Sheene and our long termer, Jack.

We know this will be a great way to highlight the dogs and generally show how great greyhounds are...with the hope of leading to more adoptions.
To adopt a greyhound, email
Thank you so much again to them for working so hard on these videos.

Get Knitting - thanks to Erssie

Our wonderful supporter, Erssie, continues to support us so generously through the sale of her knitting patterns. She raised a whopping £250 in January.
Thank you SO much, Erssie.
And please do continue to knit and raise money for greyhounds at the same time! You can find her patterns at:

Greyhound, Len visits his brother, Alan

Our greyhound ambassador, Len, visited today with his adopter, Martin. We have Len's brother, Alan, in the Kennels (who is hopefully going to his new home next week), but Martin and Len wanted to meet him and we have received these lovely photos of them today. Also pictured is our staff member and volunteer, Sim. (Len is in the blue collar)!

We also have some lovely news in that Bernie and Star were reserved over the weekend. They have a little wait until they go home but we are really pleased to have welcomed such lovely visitors.
A huge thank you to Sim (and the other staff) for stepping in today and over the last few days whilst I've been off sick with kidney stones. It's been a really busy weekend with messages and emails to keep on top of so knowing the work at the Kennels was covered has been a godsend. And a special big thanks to Sim and volunteer, Tim (with Bert), for stepping in to collect a dog on Friday too.
We have some wonderful volunteers and adopters so thanks to everyone who came this weekend; and don't forget, please email to adopt a greyhound! There are always so SO many waiting for loving homes.

A greyhound pack

Keith (and his son, Duncan), show their five girls with spectacular photographic expertise once again!
We just had to share this photo! It shows again how well greyhounds get on with each other.
They are a very lucky pack. Now, we just need to encourage them to adopt a sixth!! 🙂
To adopt a greyhound, email

Spencer one year on...

It was almost a year ago when we had an urgent request to take in Spencer who had been injured in trials after coming over from Ireland for the sales. He had nowhere to go so with the help of Debbie and Steve, we magic-ed a space and took him in.

After recuperation with us, he really fell on his paws (sensibly, this time!!), with a lovely family and now has a new rescued friend too. What a lucky boy and we love this photo. Thank you to his lovely adopters for sending it. It really shows the lovely homes and happy endings we want for all our residents (and those waiting to come in).

To adopt a greyhound, email

Chloe and her new family...

Today we visited the wonderful people, Liz and Martin, who so kindly took in Chloe the greyhound and Harley the husky after their adopter, Bob, very sadly died. Liz and Martin already had their own dog (pictured) and had known Bob, who was devoted to his dogs. They were so kind to step in for two elderly dogs. Sadly, Harley was already very elderly and fragile and didn't have long with them. But they have agreed to keep Chloe for the rest of her life too. She gets on well with their other beautifully natured resident dog (pictured) and what a very lucky girl she is to go to such lovely people.

Thanks so much to them both.

Bonty and his shadow...

We had some lovely visitors and walkers yesterday. Lady was reserved and two other girls (Dancer and Rose) also reserved pending final confirmation.

Thanks to our lovely volunteers, Elissa and Louis who collected loads of bedding for us; to Monty and Doodle's adopters who are always so generous and to everyone who came and walked.

(Meanwhile, Bonty appears to have a rebellious shadow! He and his shadow would also love a home)!

To adopt a greyhound, email

Buddy is reunited with his adopter

This week we helped see Buddy reunited with his adopter who has moved to Spain. Buddy was a very lucky boy as his adopter was only prepared to relocate if he could take Buddy with him. We had to sort the final paperwork and see him into the transporter van.

There was an anxious wait to make sure he got through customs (with the threat of having to drive to Folkestone to collect him if not!), but thankfully all was well.

And he has arrived in Spain happily. Good luck Buddy
and we look forward to hearing about your continued adventures.

A crisis in animal welfare...

There is a huge crisis with animal welfare in this country (and the world) at the moment. We are full. Every rehoming and rescue kennel/centre is full and animals of all description are desperately in need of homes. There are hundreds of greyhounds now backing up in kennels and we have calls daily from trainers who are desperate to home their dogs. We are going as fast as we can but simply can't move more in until some of our current residents get homes.
Trainers each have over 15 dogs waiting in many cases, with some at other tracks with over 50 or more retired dogs. With Henlow closing, we have to prioritise a couple at the track. These will be our next boys in and then we will be back to our waiting list (of over 100 dogs).
So if you are thinking of adopting, please do get in touch. Email
Thank you.
(No pro or anti racing comments please. Let's just focus on finding these needy souls loving homes).

Thanks for the donations and introducing new greyhound, Ella

Thank you so much, Susan with Kitty. And introducing our newest arrival, Ella. She is a very happy soul, although she's not going to stay that pristine for long in our muddy paddocks!

Thank you, Sadie and family

We reset into a new day. But we would like to thank everyone for your kindness and compassion for Penny yesterday. It is really appreciated.
Paddy would also like to share our thanks to Sadie and family for their very kind donation. They have adopted four dogs from Whittingham over the years (including, Fudge, who looked a bit like Paddy) and always been so kind. Sadly, personal reasons have prohibited another adoption but they have been so kind to donate so generously. Thank you so very much.
To adopt Paddy or any Whittingham greyhound, email

A very sad day

Penny - rest in peace
These are never posts we want to write, but life in rescue/rehoming has some very low lows. Penny, who was only less than 18 months old, was spayed today and whilst the operation went well, she was put in her crate to recover and her heart stopped. Resuscitation failed and Penny has died. We don't like sharing these kind of posts but it is in honour of her memory. She had her whole life ahead of her and potential visitors too. She was brought over from Ireland by her trainer (who we work with and who also supports us) as a rescue mission when she was worried about Penny's welfare. We agreed to take her immediately as a result. Everyone did their best for her.
She was a dear little soul, friendly and happy. And we are all absolutely devastated. We wish we could have seen her into a wonderful home where she would have had many years ahead of her. Presumably there must have been some underlying problem as this just doesn't happen. So many dogs pass through our doors and we have only ever had this happen once before in nearly 20 years. It is a rare and freak event. But no less heartbreaking.
Rest in peace little puppy Penny. May all the animals we have all ever loved be there to meet you.

Two's company...

Greyhounds generally love the company of other greyhounds so whilst they are fine on their own, if you have been thinking of adopting a second, they will likely love the company! Oaky and Sylvie prove how well they get on at home together....or, alternatively, Sylvie makes a comfortable pillow! 🤣🤣
To adopt a greyhound, email

Come and meet the new greyhound arrivals!

All the new dogs who have arrived over the last week have been doing very well. They've been down to the town and most have proven to be good around other breeds (with the usual careful introductions). So if you are looking to adopt a greyhound, there are so many lovely dogs waiting for a home. Our original residents are also waiting patiently and many of them are also good around other breeds. Finn and Bernie have also met other breeds successfully and both have been in a home before so are used to the home environment too.
To adopt a greyhound, email

During and after storms

With the ferocious winds tonight and tomorrow, please check all fences to ensure your garden is still secure before letting dogs out. Stay safe everyone!

Len and Martin at Ware Cub Pack

Len and his adopter, Martin, attended Ware Cub Pack on Thursday and had a very enjoyable time. Martin said, "the cub pack...(had)...the usual level of enthusiasm and Len was his perennial docile and tolerant self"!
Sadly, the photos are a little blurry but it shows just how great greyhounds are around children and Len is such a great ambassador for his friends waiting at the Kennels for their special homes. His brother, Alan, is now at Whittingham and waiting for a home. He is very similar in temperament to Len so we know he will be a great addition to the home. Alan was tested around other breeds yesterday and found to be unreactive and good (with the usual initial care).
A huge thanks to Len and Martin for their time, commitment and devotion in promoting Whittingham. Their fundraising has been exceptional. (Please note this is not the staff member but a different 'Martin'!).
To adopt Alan or another Whittingham greyhound, email

Thank you for your generosity

New girl, Penny, would like to thank Cheryl (with Spartan); Beck and George (with Ernie) and Sally (for the biscuits). She hopes it is all for her but she's been told she has to share!

Pippa and Louie as therapy dogs and promoting Whittingham

Louie and Pippa, along with their adopter, Claire, carried out their first therapy session with students at the University of Hertfordshire.
Claire said, "we know greyhounds are the perfect pet- but today we shared our love with others". They spoke to both staff and students and very kindly promoted Whittingham and the joys of rehoming a greyhound.
Well done Claire, Louie and Pippa 👏 👏 👏
To adopt a greyhound, email

Alan, Tricia and Monty - three more greyhounds seeking loving homes

Three more new arrivals! Alan (black),

Tricia (blue/brindle)

and Monty (blue).

Monty is our Roxy's brother (he was known as 'Money', but we have tweaked it)! And Alan is the famous Len's brother. Len and his adopter have been giving another talk today so Alan has a lot to live up to! He is slightly smaller than his brother but very loving and shares happily with Tricia. We will be assessing them all further but all seem confident, happy and loving.
Thanks to everyone, too, who has sent food and brought up duvets. It was nice to see Gina today; and also Tim and Becky who volunteered with us. Thanks very much again.

Thank you for the donations

Thank you so much to Gina, Henry, Anoushka, Katherine, Heather and Sue for food and blankets. And to anyone who has sent anything. And to Beck and George. It is amazingly kind and we are so grateful.

Boris, our long stay greyhound, would love a home

One of our longer stays is Boris. He's a lovely boy, shares happily with the female greyhounds, loves everyone and enjoys his food. His only downside is that he will need further socialising with other breeds so needs an experienced or understanding home in that respect. He's otherwise a beautiful chap.
To adopt Boris or one of his friends, email
Thank you to our volunteers, James and Jo for the photo.

TinyMabel thrives at home

We were delighted to receive these beautiful photos of TinyMabel doing well at home. We hope her human family has some space on the bed! 🤣🤣
A huge thanks again to Caterina and family for giving her such a special home.
How the current kennel residents would all love to be so lucky and have a warm and loving home, especially in this weather.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you, Graham (and all who gave to him)

A HUGE thank you to Graham (with Polly) for bringing a car load of stuff from food to bedding that he has collected; and to those who added to the supply. That's amazingly kind.
Thanks to everyone who supports us and to all who have helped with blankets, duvets etc recently.

Three new greyhounds arrive for homing: Dancer, Betsy and Paddy

Three more new arrivals today. They will be up for homing once we have assessed them but all seem beautiful, affectionate and friendly.
Dancer (in pink coat),

Paddy (fawn)

and Betsy (brindle and white)

To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you

Thanks so much Susan with Kitty and all other donors. It is so appreciated and really helps keep Whittingham going.

Betty finds a new home; greyhound Cheeky arrives

Yesterday, we had a new arrival called Cheeky; and were also delighted to see Betty into her new home.
Cheeky - greyhound looking for a home

Betty at home

Thanks very much to Anoushka for recommending adopting a greyhound to her family. We know she will be very loved.
To adopt a greyhound, email
We have so many with differing characters just waiting to love and be loved!

Thank you for your generosity

Thank you so much to Matthew and Kathrine; Laurel, Jo and Matthew; Heather; and our volunteer, Linda. Your generosity is so very much appreciated.

Two new greyhound arrivals: Sheene and Rose begin their search to find loving homes

Sheene - greyhound looking for a home
Introducing two more of our new arrivals: Rose and Sheene. They have been waiting so long to get to us but are absolutely beautiful. They are both really loving and gentle so now we hope it is their chance to find loving homes.

Rose - greyhound looking for a home

There are more new arrivals over the next week too.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Tiny Mabel finds her loving home with greyhound, Rio

We were delighted to see Mabel (Tiny) go home with Rio today. She was so small that it took several different collars to finally find the perfect fit. Thanks so much to her special adopters for giving her the chance and understanding that she will be nervous at first. We know Rio will show her the ropes and we can't thank her new family enough. Good luck Tiny Mabel. We will look forward to hearing how you get on.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you, Cate

Thank you so much, Cate, for sending coats, snoods etc. It is so appreciated.

Duvets and blankets always gratefully received 

We are quite low on blankets and duvets. If anyone is having a clear out, please throw them our way. We can take any bedding of any kind unless it has feathers in it. With all the mud and washing, we are always in need of this type of thing.
Thanks very much to all who collect for us.
Items can be dropped at the Kennels any day between 10 and 3.
Update: thank you so much to everyone who has responded to our request

Arthur appeals for homes

Max, Jack and a kennel full of greyhounds 

Our two long termers: Max and Jack
Max (white) and Jack (black) need special homes which understand their needs. So we are being careful where they go. Both are wonderful in the Kennels and we know they will be brilliant in the right homes. Max needs particular care around other breeds; and Jack likes his own space. They are safe with us but we ultimately hope they will fall on their paws in loving homes. Jack is a particular favourite with walkers as he is so good on the lead; both are clean in their kennels and very loving with us. We would love 2024 to be their year! If you can offer either a home, please email us!

If Max or Jack understandably don't suit you, we have a whole kennel full of other greyhounds who all need their own special home too. We have a range of individuals who are good with other breeds, friendly, clean, good on the lead and just want to love and be loved.
If you can offer a greyhound a loving home, please email

New greyhound arrivals... Clive and Star

We have started to take in our new arrivals. Meet Clive and Star!

(Clive is standing by the wall; Star is on the green mats in the paddocks).

Both are affectionate and friendly and will be further assessed as we get to know them.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Charlie, Molly... and Henlow Stadium

Charlie at home
The photos show Charlie doing well at home. He wasn't the easiest at the beginning but is now doing so well. All credit to Lisa and family. The other photo shows Molly at home with her greyhound friend. She is also settling in well and all thanks to Sarah for giving her a lovely home.
Molly at home

In other news...
You may have read that Henlow Stadium is closing soon. As you may know, we work with Henlow trainers so we have been keeping on top of the timings. Most trainers will go to (and are already at) other tracks, but we will now prioritise a few dogs that need to come in. (This is not the place for racing views so any comments will be removed). We will just continue to work in the best interests of the dogs and will continue to take in dogs from the same trainers who may have moved to other tracks. We are always being called by trainers nationwide who are looking for we will just continue to take dogs from our waiting list. If we have space, we will transfer to other tracks officially, but at the moment, our waiting list of over 100 dogs is still very much in focus.
So if you are looking to adopt, now is the time! We are taking in many dogs throughout January so please email to adopt a greyhound (or two)!

New Instagram page and thank you 

New Instagram page. Find us at:
Tracey has been updating the original page on the other account but we will transfer to the new page now so please do follow us! Thanks to her for the time she has put in. I'll be overseeing the new page so I will be getting the new page going.

In other news, a huge thanks to our Sunday volunteer, Jim and wife, Avril. They are so very generous and Jim also comes up in all weathers each Sunday evening to paddock. Last night was particularly bleak as it was suddenly raining and cold! Ouch!

And a huge thank you to our Saturday volunteer, Elissa, for asking for donations to Whittingham for her birthday. It is SO kind.

Thanks to everyone who supports us and let's make 2024 a good year for homing.

Happy New Year!

Whittingham's Year in Review

It's been a tough year for all rescue/rehoming charities and we have also felt the pressure. The constant demand for spaces and continuous requests are very draining as we can only help as many dogs as we can. We take dogs from our waiting list in order and never know whether he/she will be calm and easy to home or will need a lot of work and time to get used to other breeds.

Despite this, we have managed to exceed last year's total. We prefer to focus on the individuals, but numbers inevitably come into play when we have over 100 dogs waiting to simply come in. So in 2023, we homed 88 dogs with a further three reserved to go home in January.
(Please note that returns are only counted once when they go to their forever homes). So this total is literally 88 dogs homed this year.

We are so grateful to our wonderful adopters who make the job worthwhile. Seeing the dogs being loved in a home is why we do this.

Whilst Whittingham had existed for many years, when we were forced to go independent as a charity, we were very concerned that we might not keep up with similar organisations. So whilst it is never a competition (a greyhound homed from anywhere is always to be celebrated), it is reassuring that we can take our place amongst other rehoming centres.

We hope we can find even more homes next year as it is clear that the numbers of greyhounds needing homes are vast and each one deserves a special and loving home. That said, we will always home check every home (unless you have adopted from us before and already had a home check) and will not compromise on homes. The important thing is to find the right home for each dog in our care and match appropriately for adopters' sakes too. This is why we ask for your circumstances and the type of home you can offer before you come to an appointment to meet the dog.

A huge thanks to the trustees, staff, volunteers, adopters, donors and supporters who all keep Whittingham going. It would not be possible without such a range of support and help. To all who spread the word that greyhounds make great additions to the home, thank you. Let's hope all the current residents find their special place in 2024.

Thank you and Donald reserved!

Thank you so much to Peter and Jenny (with Fred), and to Tamara and Robert and all other donors for your kindness and generosity. It is so overwhelmingly kind and keeps Whittingham going.

We were delighted too, to see Donald reserved today and another couple considering Betty. It was also lovely to see some of our other adopters who visited too!

Robbie settles well at home

We were delighted to receive photos of Robbie (now Ted) doing well in his home. He's taking everything in and whilst there are still a few things to learn, he has already found the sofa, mastered the stairs and is enjoying his dinners. Thanks so much again to Diana and Andrew for giving him a special home.
Separately, thanks to everyone who helped find Clover yesterday. We are so relieved she is home safely and it sounds like a wondeful community effort.
In the light of that (and just generally), please be aware of fireworks over new year and try to keep the TV on loudly and curtains closed. Please make sure you do the fishtail collar and lead up right behind the ears and that harnesses are fitted correctly. Should they be spooked, this makes it harder for them to break loose. If you can avoid walking after dark, that's ideal.
(We are able to offer further tips on fireworks if your dog is particularly worried).
To offer a greyhound a home, please email

Robbie and weather!

What a strange weather day! Soaked one minute and sun the next. Our lovely walkers braved the rain this afternoon and we also waved goodbye to Robbie who has fallen on his paws with Diana and Andrew.
We will post a full year's roundup on new year's eve but it would be lovely to get some more into loving homes beforehand!!
To adopt a greyhound, email

Thank you

Thanks so much, Elaine (with Rachel) and any other senders I may have missed. Thank you. And to Claire with Finn for bringing more donations today.

A special thanks to Jo and Phil who came up in the rain today to help with some DIY stuff. Thank you.

Adopted greyhounds celebrating Christmas and beautiful window tribute

We have had some lovely photos of our adopted dogs celebrating Christmas. We hope all the current residents will feature next year as they wait patiently for their homes. Here is Peggy! There are more ore photos on our facebook page.
The photos include a beautiful window decoration from Gertrude's adopters which celebrates Gertrude and also their previous dog. We think it is always lovely to adopt again to offer another needy dog a loving home and is a real tribute to the previous dog. Each is unique and irreplaceable, of course, but so is a new needy soul. So if there is a space, it is lovely when people are able to give another dog a loving home.
Thanks to everyone who adopts, supports and spreads the word! Happy Boxing day!
To adopt a greyhound, please email

Merry Christmas!

Swifty finds a home!

We were delighted to wave Swifty off to his new home today. We only home to people we know in the run up to Christmas and Swifty's adopters felt ready to adopt again after losing their beloved Trev. A huge thank you to them and we wish him well and look forward to updates!

Bluebell at home, Mabel is reserved and our thanks to all donors

We were delighted to see Mabel (was Tiny) reserved by Caterina and her son, who already have Rio. It will be lovely for her to go with another dog and they are very understanding about her nervousness. She will go home in January.

Thanks so much to other senders of items for the dogs. It all helps so much. Thank you, Sally for the biscuits.

We were also delighted to hear that Bluebell (pictured) is settling well. She went home last weekend.

Thanks to her adopters and everyone who adopts and supports. It is so appreciated.

Thank you, Medivet Waltham Abbey

Thanks so much to Medivet, Waltham Abbey for all their collections. We really appreciate it.

Thank you Katie and everyone for your generosity

Thanks to dog groomer, Katie (with Lola and Merlin) for donating for each groom up to Christmas. She has groomed over 127 dogs and must have arms like Mr Tickle!!! So generous and kind of her.
And thank you to everyone who has donated via Gofundme or our bank account. We are so grateful for your generosity and support.
To adopt Ed or another Whittingham greyhound, please email

Thank you

Wow. We have had a day of lifting! Huge thanks to Tim and Linda for staying all day and helping us with everything. Thanks to George from G Logistics for collecting a pallet load of dog food as a donation.
And we were very moved to receive gifts from Kathrine and Matthew in memory of Hero. And a lovely hamper from Sarah, Robbie and Gracie (with Jude). So so kind. We are so truly grateful. Thank you.

Thanks Rose and all donors

Thank you SO SO much to our lovely volunteer, Rose, for her generous donation in memory of her grandad, who loved greyhounds. Rose knew us from her days working for Medivet and meeting all the dogs that needed neutering etc. We can't thank her enough.
And thanks to everyone who is sending gifts via our amazon wishlist: Emma and Alex with Peggy; and Margaret with Buzz.
To adopt Max or another Whittingham greyhound, please email
(Please note that we only adopt to people we know or those with greyhound experience in the run up to Christmas)

Jilly Cooper lends her support to Whittingham

We were so touched to receive the support of Jilly Cooper when she sent us a book (now sold) via our supporter, Judy. I had the honour of meeting Jilly Cooper in my previous role at a charity and what a lovely lady she is - always so warm and supportive; and a huge greyhound lover (greyhounds are the favoured dog of some of her most well known characters in her books). We are so touched that she has written a card to send her "love to all the greyhounds and team at Whittingham" and for her kindness in supporting our endeavour to home greyhounds.
The photo is a memory of my meeting with her several years ago when Jilly Cooper was holding her own original greyhound, Feather, along with my original and first greyhound, Storm.
We were also lucky enough to be given a limited edition cartoon by Duncan Scott via Judy (which is still available - offers accepted through email: I will post a photo of the cartoon in the comments below. (update: this has now sold)
Thank you to Judy for initiating both items. And a special thanks again to Jilly Cooper.

Christmas Event total - Arthur and us all say, ' THANK YOU'

Thank you again to everyone for your support yesterday. A whopping £1221 was raised in 3hrs. We are so grateful.
And what a lovely photo of Arthur from Pooja to express the thanks from all the dogs!
(To adopt Arthur or any of the other greyhounds, please email

Our Christmas Event 2023

Thank you SO much to everyone who came to support our open day today. We are always so moved by your kindness and support; and are so lucky to have such lovely adopters, supporters and volunteers.
It is always lovely to see the dogs too. Demi was particularly festive in her hat and the trend caught on with many of the dogs leaving wearing the hats so generously sent/made by Judy. And Mirabelle came all the way from the Isle of Skye!
All the Kennel dogs went out for a walk several times, which was wonderful. Even nervous Mabel (was Tiny) went out with Zoe and her adopters, which was great.

Thanks to all those who were so generous with their donations of biscuits, food, treats and bedding. It is SO appreciated.
The stalls were all manned (poor Faith and John were stuck on the North Circular waiting for the AA).
Thank you to our friends and neighbours in the lane for letting us use extra parking; to everyone who set up and packed away, including Phil and Jo.
Martin and Sim started at the crack of dawn to get all the dogs cleaned and fed; and Tim, Doreen and myself got cracking with setting up very early too! Once again, Theresa was exceptionally generous with her stall and everyone enjoyed her amazing food. We can't express enough gratitude for her as it really helps to make the event complete. She is a total star attraction.

Tim, Doreen and Martin did a sterling job in the kitchen with mulled wine; and Natalie was once again a total hero on the raffle. She sold an incredible amount of tickets and also donated hand made treats and other items. So talented and so SO appreciated.
Mark and Doug were accosted to do the tombola and their efforts in clearing the tables were
absolutely stupendous. They have now both landed themselves with this role in future, of course!
Despite working all morning, Sim jumped on the stall to step in for Faith and John and Linda and Stephen oversaw other items for sale. We can't thank them all enough.
We called the raffle at 1.45pm and have a few prizes that were won by: Sarah Williams, Emma Williams, Jim and Fiona, Carol and Charlie, Jackie S, Jackie C, Rita (other winners collected their items at the time: Julie, Natalie, Linda, Glynis, Alex, Tim and Malcolm). We will keep the prizes safe and either give them to you when you next visit or send them with someone coming your way!

We can't thank you all enough for coming to support us. (Apologies if we didn't say 'hello' or were interrupted mid sentence! It always feels like we are flying about)!
Have a WONDERFUL Christmas and we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2024!
And in the meantime, please do keep adopting greyhounds!

Mabel needs a second chance...

We took Mabel (formerly known as Tiny) back into our care today. Sorry the picture is a bit dark! She was at home for nearly 2yrs but due to a change of circumstances and being found loose three times, both us and her adopters felt it best that she came back to us. They have cared for her very well and want, like us, to get her into a special home. She was nervous before she went home and although this has improved, she is still wary so would be best homed with another dog. She is small (as her original name suggests) and blue in colour. Could you offer Mabel a loving home?
Come and meet her at our event tomorrow between 11 and 2!
If you are interested in adopting Mabel or any other Whittingham resident, please email

Rosie brings gifts from Keith and Duncan - our thanks

Rosie and her adopters, Keith and Duncan popped up today with gifts for the dogs etc. Thanks to them both for giving our dogs such a special home. And for all their support. They left their other 4 greyhounds at home! ((We did suggest putting the rest of the Kennel into their car, but they sadly declined! 🙂 )).

We also saw Boo today. She is doing very well since going home. We also waved Molly off to a special home and keep everything crossed that she settles.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our event tomorrow. 11-2 at the Kennels.

Bonty says thank you, Ellie for our new toys!

Thanks so much to Ellie for donating toys. Bonty and the others loved receiving them!
To adopt Bonty or any other greyhound, please email

Thank you Victoria, Chris; and Alan and Van Hage Nursery

Thank you so much to Victoria and Chris (with Hero and Betsy) and for treating the staff too. So kind.

And to Alan who brought a trolley load of biscuits today. Thank you so much.

Thank you Carol; and everyone from Swifty and Shirley

Swifty and Shirley (and us all) would like to thank everyone for all their amazing support and donations. And to Carol and family with Mirabelle for the food that arrived today.

Mirabelle went to live on the Isle of Skye after the death of her adopter and our mutual friend, Hilary. She was so lucky to fall on her paws.
To adopt a greyhound, please email

Thank you to Ann and Linda

One of our wonderful volunteers, Linda, who is always so very generous herself has also been spreading the word amongst her friends. Her friend, Ann, has been incredibly kind and so generous. She has provided new blankets for every kennel along with sacks of food too. Thank you so SO very much to Ann, and to Linda for bringing everything up to us. Amazing! 👏 👏 👏

Thank you to Greyhound Walks!

Thank you so much to Jan and Rob from Greyhound Walks for always thinking of us before Christmas. We are so grateful for these big rolls of vet bed that we will use when we switch our beds over in January. Thank you to them so very much.

Thank you!

Thank you so much to the person/people who put Whittingham forward to receive a Canada Life Community grant. We received it today via Neighbourly. Thank you very much.

Christmas Event! 

Roxy helps tidy up around the Kennels - and would love a new home too!

It's great when the dogs help us around the Kennels. But we did actually want that bowl on the stand, Roxy!!
🤦‍♀️ Boris is rolling his eyes!

Greyhound, Gertrude finds a home

Homing and enquiries have been very slow this week but we did see Gertrude into her home. She is settling well and we hope she will be flying the flag for rehoming greyhounds in her area.

To rehome a greyhound, please email

For Enfield walkers...

Our attention has been drawn to a post that poisoned meat has been put out in Whitewebbs Park and several dogs have fallen ill. Please be aware. We have several adopted dogs around the Enfield area.

Thank you for our Petplan nominations

Thank you SO much to those who voted for us and also for me. We are so so touched by your kindness and personally thank you from me as well. It is so lovely that people give us such lovely support. We couldn't do any of it without our lovely adopters and supporters.

Thank you so much to Akash and family, Anett, Emma and Alex and everyone who sends amazon parcels

Thank you so much, Akash and family. So so kind and generous. And to Anett, Sarah, Alex and Emma who have also sent parcels. It is staggeringly kind of everyone. Thank you so much.

Greyhound, Donald, is looking for a home

The lovely Donald has been waiting too long for a home. He is small (for a boy), clean in his kennel, happily shares with male or female greyhounds and is very gentle and placid. He lets you clean his teeth and is so good. He is good around most other breeds but does need care around particularly small dogs. He did have interest but they needed 100% with smaller breeds. He is nearly there but just needs initial care and we know he will learn soon. He really deserves a chance.

To offer Donald or any other Whittingham resident a home, please email

Thank you, Anett

Thank you so much to the person who sent all the disinfectant. Amazing! And to our lovely volunteer, Anett, who is always so generous. It helps us more than people realise.
👏 👏 👏

Thank you and Congratulations to Liv and Ryan

A huge thanks to Gem's adopters, Liv and Ryan, who so kindly asked for donations for Whittingham in place of gifts for their honeymoon. We are blown away by their kindness and generosity. Huge congratulations to them too!

Gem was a nervous soul when she went home but with their patience and kindness, she is thriving and so loved.
Thank you again to them for their incredible support.
To adopt a greyhound, please email

Greyhounds in blankets

At this time of year, we receive some lovely photos of blankets. 🤣🤣


Here are Faith, Peggy and Yogi modelling some very fetching covers.


If your greyhound is suddenly crying at night at this time of year, it might be worth putting a coat on them or joining the blanket brigade.

We keep the greyhounds as warm as possible at the kennels. Our new heaters are a godsend, along with the overnight coats. But it is never like being in a loving home.

So if you can offer a greyhound a home, please email

Greyhound, Boo finds her special home

We were delighted to see Boo into her new home last Friday. She had sadly been returned so it is always nice when people want to give the returns a second chance. Often we find that these dogs thrive when they go home again.
Boo is settling well and behaving impeccably around other breeds and on the lead. As you can see, her new adopters have covered every angle (almost literally) by putting stickers on their glass windows. This is something we flag at home checks and it is so easy to solve. We can't thank Boo's adopters enough for all their care for Boo and being so thorough in their preparation. The best part of our work is seeing the dogs into loving homes, and whilst we hold our breath until we know they have settled, it is so nice to welcome every adopter into the Whittingham community and the world of greyhounds.
To give a greyhound a home, email

Thank you Ellie and everyone at Hatfield Police Station

Thanks so much to Ellie and the team at Hatfield Police Station who collect so much every year. Bernie is posing with Ellie and the donations! It is so kind and so appreciated.

And thanks to Judy and Mark for their generosity today too. Mark drove all the way from Rugby to deliver their box of donations. Thank you so much.

Roxy the red nosed greyhound

Meet Roxy the red nosed greyhound... one of our new arrivals!!
Santa could have a faster globe trot this Christmas if he adopted a greyhound to pull his sleigh ...and we reckon she is earmarked (nose marked?!) for the job!!

She is a lovely girl who is very friendly and affectionate.

So if you know Santa or any of his helpers or were waiting for a festive hound yourself, do get in touch!


Bernie (and all his friends) want to be in a warm home

Bernie says it is a bit nippy up here today. He really wants to be in a warm and loving home again. They all want the same.
If you can make a greyhound's day and give one a warm and loving home, this is the time when they will most appreciate it!
To adopt a greyhound, email

More care home visits

As a follow up to greyhound, Len's visit to Roy yesterday, we thought we would put out the call for any other care homes who would like a visit from Len and his adopter, Martin. (Please note, this is not the Martin who works in the Kennels!). It is a whole 'other' Martin!! This Martin adopted Len and has been a speaker for many different topics (and as part of his career). So please get in touch if you know anyone in a care home/anyone who runs a care home who would like a talk.

Despite yesterday's visit being a round trip of 70 miles for them, Martin said this was his most fulfilling Len session to date. In his own words:
‘To see the evident happiness that my gentle, big greyhound could bring to a frail, elderly man was quite humbling and yet so easy to make happen. This was then reinforced by meeting many other residents at Weald Hall, some with dementia, who appeared really comforted and enlivened by our visit. A rare, quiet and most rewarding day in a world full of turmoil that Len and I will not forget. We hope that Roy and his fellow Weald Hall residents all feel the same.’

Roy would also like to be remembered to all those who knew him at Whittingham. If you remember him, do comment as he would be really happy to know that he has not been forgotten.
Martin and Len’s visit was recorded on video and we hope to show a snapshot of their time at the home soon. This was their first care home visit but hopefully not their last. Again, please let us know if any homes in your area might welcome a session with Len soon.
email and we can put you in touch with Martin and his greyhound, Len. 

Adopter Martin and his greyhound, Len bring cheer to Roy, a previous volunteer

Martin, Len and Roy
Len and his adopter, Martin, visited Weald Hall Care Home today to bring some greyhound cheer to Roy and his fellow residents. The first photo shows Martin with Len the greyhound and Roy.
Roy had volunteered at Whittingham about 10 years ago and we remember him marching around the field with the dogs. He always had three dogs himself at home too.
Martin and Len were made to feel very welcome by Charlie (the Activities Coordinator for the home) and her colleagues and spent 2.5hrs there. They chatted to Roy and then presented their usual talk and video to a larger number of residents.
Charlie with Roy and part of his gift!

Martin said that "Len, as always, behaved impeccably".
We can't thank Martin enough for his time in giving these talks and raising much needed funds for Whittingham in the process. We know this would have brought Roy great cheer too. Martin even put together a photograph and model greyhound for Roy to remind him of his visit which was so very kind.
THANK YOU Martin and Len for all your time and support.

Thank you

Thank you so much to Jo and Andrew with Opie and Trixie, and to D Richards for your generosity. We can't thank you enough for your kind donations.

Thanks so much to Dana. We are so grateful and for chasing it too.

Thanks so much to Lesantha for the Harringtons. We are absolutely blown away by everyone being so generous.

(Apologies if any gifts are not acknowledged. I try to do so but I am not at the kennels every day as much of what I do is behind the scenes and unpaid at home. But we do appreciate everything sent and try to acknowledge as much as we can. Sometimes there are no labels so it is difficult to know who the sender is, but we are truly grateful for all your kindness and generosity).
Thanks so much again to everyone who is so supportive and generous.

Please consider nominating us!

Thanks so much to everyone nominating us for the Pets at Home goodies.
And thanks to Heidi for drawing our attention to this one too:
We'd be very grateful for any nominations on this one too. Retired Greyhounds Charity, Whittingham Kennels
Thanks so much for your support everyone.

Mocha... before and after...

Mocha on her first day at home

We don't often do a post about the progress of individual dogs so long after adoption but I wanted to praise Mel, Glyn and family for their immense kindness and patience with Mocha. Mocha is the fawn greyhound on the front cover of our calendar and went home in January 2023. She was EXCEPTIONALLY nervous which resulted in her being very strong on the lead (and a number of other issues). With their wonderful care and the help of their other
greyhound, Mocha made progress and we received an update last night: she has become so affectionate and a real delight and only pulls now if unsure of something or to take her preferred route!! Mel said, " she is so worth the wait

Mocha settling at home

We can't thank them enough for all their patience. The before and after photos show the difference.
It is rare for dogs to be as terrified as Mocha. Other people are also working marvels (among them, Kristina with Bill and the recent adopters of Karen)...(huge thanks to them too as they also deserve a post), but if you would prefer a confident dog from the outset, there are so many candidates in the Kennels who will settle very quickly into appreciating a loving home. Time always works its magic but a special thanks to those adopters who understand that for some it takes longer than most.
To adopt a greyhound, email

Pets at Home Vote

If anyone would like to nominate us: Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity please click on the link.
Thank you Natalie for drawing our attention to this.

Event and cake!

Theresa, our adopter and supporter, is so kindly doing the food again at our Christmas event: Sunday 17th December between 11am and 2pm at the Kennels. We look forward to seeing you there!
There will be hot food along with mulled wine; and a chance to experience the Jamaican iced rum Christmas cake which was very popular last time.
Separately, if anyone would like to buy a whole cake, please search for Mama Cynths Jamaican Kitchen....based in Colney Heath and contact them directly. (We think you'd have to be local to Colney Heath).
We can't wait to see everyone on 17th December.
And in the meantime, come and adopt a greyhound. They would love to be in a warm, loving home for winter.

Judy Zatonski's book

Well done to Judy for publishing her book of poems and stories. Judy designed and donated the full cost of our 2024 calendar which was so generous. We wish her all the best with her book.

Breeze falls on her paws!

We were delighted to wave Breeze off to her new home yesterday. The family have adopted from us before and currently have another greyhound too. She will be very loved and she is so lucky to be in the warm just as winter starts to really set in. Thanks so much to her lovely adopters and for their permission to share the photo.

Whilst we have had two wonderful homes this weekend, homing remains slow with so many greyhounds needing to come to us. The waiting list for dogs needing homes grows daily with often 8 or more dogs added every time.

But we are going as fast as we can and have to focus on the individuals. (But the bigger picture always looms).

So if you have the urge to adopt a greyhound, please do get in touch. There are so many dogs who have so much love to share.

Spike falls on his paws with Beck and George

We were delighted to see Spike (now Ernie) home yesterday with Beck and George. They felt able to give another wonderful home to another greyhound after losing their beloved Maisie, who had also come from Whittingham. We always think it is a wonderful legacy for another lucky dog to find a fantastic home and is a wonderful way to remember previous precious hounds.
Thanks so much to them and we wish Ernie well!
To adopt a greyhound, please email

Thank you, Linda

Thank you so much to our volunteer, Linda, who collected donations for Whittingham during the funeral of her mum. Linda is always so very supportive and generous; and it is so kind of her to think of us again at a very tough time. Thank you to her and all the family and friends and we send all our sympathy and best wishes to them all.

Thank you!

Thanks so much to Dana, Theo and Lucy's adopters and the sender of the Harringtons. It is amazingly generous and really helps. Thank you very much.  
Thanks so much to Sally for the two bags of Harringtons biscuits. We really appreciate your generosity.

Let's remember the boys!

Jet - male greyhound looking for a home
Whilst some of our girls are being chosen (which is great), let's remember the boys too! Many people choose the girls due to the slight size difference but the bigger boys need a chance too. Here are some of the lovely lads really hoping you will choose them!

Bonty - male greyhound looking for a home

To adopt a greyhound, whether the dog is male or female, please email

Thank you

Thank you so much for all the support and kind comments yesterday on the two year anniversary of the charity. It is SO appreciated.
And a huge thanks to Jo (with Zoe), Wendy (with Honey) and Sally (who recently sadly lost Reuben) for their donations of food, bedding and other useful items. We can't thank everyone enough for collecting for us and thinking of us.
Thank you so much.

2yrs being an independent charity

Today is 2 years of Whittingham being an independent charity!
Today we are celebrating two years of Whittingham being its own charity (charity number: 1196685). Whittingham already existed and had been functioning for many years (myself and other current staff have been there for nearly 20yrs with some volunteers, including Jim, our sunday evening paddocker, even longer)!

But nearly three years ago, on the death of its founder, Johanna, we had to secure the future of the Kennels by creating the charity to hold the property and safeguard the welfare of the dogs in its care. It was an extremely challenging time for many reasons but thanks to our trustees (who came on board to save the Kennels: Tim, John, Jackie and myself) as well as the staff and committed volunteers... together with the support of our wonderful adopters, donors and supporters, we kept Whittingham going, finalised the legalities and secured the charity status for the Kennels. A special thank you to Sandra for her backing at the time too.
So thank you to everyone who has supported us and adopted dogs along the way. We are all Team Whittingham! Here are some of the Sunday team along with greyhound representatives, Bonty and Breeze!

Tiffany and Karen find their special homes but so many more greyhounds need YOU!

We were delighted to see Tiffany and Karen find their homes today with people who have had greyhounds before. Here is Tiffany (now Amber) already making the most of her first day at home.
Thank you also to our regular walkers, Elissa and Louis who are always so helpful. And to all our visitors who came for nail cutting and Steve who walked too.
Despite celebrating two wonderful homes today, homing is generally still very slow with so many dogs needing a space in homing kennels. So if you can offer a greyhound a home, please get in touch at

Thank you, Theresa

Thanks so much to Theresa for this generosity.

Easyfundraising supporters and Michelle!

Thanks so much to everyone who signed up to easyfundraising. We have received £85 today which is a brilliant amount.
And a huge thank you to Michelle for donating the proceeds of the sale of her horse saddle to the Kennels. So generous.

Book a talk with Len now!

Don't delay - book your talk with Len today!

Len and his adopter, Martin, are marching on towards their final target. But they need your help to get there!
They are keen to offer more talks to all willing listeners! So if you run a group for adults or children; or are involved with any type of community activity which would be interested in a talk about greyhounds and meet Len (and Martin!), do get in touch.
Thank you so much to Martin and Len for their amazing contributions and all their time. We literally cannot thank them enough.

Lola falls on her paws

Thank you so much to John and Katie who adopted Lola yesterday. They already have ex-Whittingham resident, Merlin, as well as their two little dogs.

They were so kind when they visited as they expressly wanted to choose a dog that needed the chance, especially a return that really needed a second chance. So Lola was adopted (having been returned and therefore being used to being at home). She is doing wonderfully well with the little dogs. A huge thank you to them again for giving her the special home she deserves. Lola is a very lucky girl.

To adopt a greyhound, email

Celebrating dogs - thank you Anoushka and Simon

Thank you so much to Anoushka and Simon (with Freya) for donating all the food today and coming to help prepare and give it out too.
It was in honour of the Kukur Tihar festival in Nepal. This is a Hindu festival held before Diwali that is dedicated to honouring and celebrating dogs for their loyalty, companionship and role as protectors.
It ties nicely into the Hindu and Buddhist principle of ahimsa, the belief of non-violence and compassion to all living beings.
In Nepal, the dogs are wrapped in garlands, street dogs are fed and a red bindi (red dot) put on their heads to symbolise honour and love.
The greyhounds got into the spirit of it! Some were more amenable than others (who just wanted to dive into the food)!! 🤣 But Bonty and others wore their garlands with pride! They all enjoyed the attention and delicious food. (Apart from the strange individual that picked out all the biscuits and left the meat)! 🤷‍♀️

Thanks so much to Anoushka and Simon for their kindness and mucking in (literally when the dogs jumped mud all over them)!
To adopt a greyhound and celebrate dogs too (and give them the loving home they all deserve), email

We will remember them

Lest we forget...
On Armistice Day, we remember the human and animal lives lost during human conflict and war. In current times, we are all aware of the conflicts that are currently raging across the world.
Everyone is familiar with the red poppy to commemorate the human lives lost. The purple poppy is used to commemorate the animals; and the Nowzad Charity, so active for animals in Afghanistan and Ukraine produces its own annual poppy in memory of animals.

An almost infinite list of animal species have served and died during conflicts: horses, dogs, camels, mules, cats, donkeys, reindeer, elephants, glow-worms, canaries, pigeons, dolphins, pigs and many others.
From mascots to military assistants, these animals suffered and died alongside their human companions. Dogs were used as search and rescue, guards, messengers, sniffer dogs and in World War One, parachuted in to wait for their party to join them. The worst task befell to the dogs of the Russian Army which used them as living explosives to run under tanks carrying bombs which then blew up.

The PDSA Dickin Medal was set up to recognise conspicuous acts of courage from animals in times of war. It was presented to eighteen dogs after World War Two for acts of bravery.
We also think of stray and pet animals who also get caught up in war.
We will remember them, both human and animal.

Bertie and Bernie both need loving homes - 7yrs old

Bernie (black) and Bertie (brindle) are both 7yrs old and in need of new homes. Bernie was returned after 3yrs and Bertie needs to find a new home (he is currently still with his adopter) after a change of circumstance.

Both are used to the home environment, very clean and loving and really want to be in a good home. Bernie is at the Kennels but arrangements would have to be made to meet Bertie.

They are both that sticky age which is neither old nor young.
If you could give either boy a home, please email

Greyhounds on wood - perfect Christmas gift!

Sally's adopter, Ann, has drawn our attention to the generosity of her friend, Susie Bicknell. Susie is donating 50% of her sales to any charity nominated by the purchaser. So if you would like to purchase items from her website (below), please nominate Whittingham! Perfect for Christmas gifts! Thanks so much to Susie and to Ann.

Our address and thank you

Thank you to everyone who sends us parcels of treats/disinfectant etc. Please try to ensure the address is labelled as "Whittingham Kennels, 6 Claverhambury Kennels etc" (not 6 Claverhambury).
We don't seem to have been getting everything.
Thank you.

Thank you to Erssie and to Claire

Thank you SO much to Erssie who has just transferred a huge sum from her knitting pattern sales. Amazing! We can't thank her enough for her hard work, generosity and support. And to Claire with Finn for her input in making us the charity for next year at her workplace, the Mimram Veterinary Centre. Thank you so much.

👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
(Rainbow over the kennels just for dramatic impact)! ☺

Sonny and Ava find their home; thousands more greyhounds are waiting for theirs

Yesterday, we waved goodbye to both Ava and one of our longest stays, Sonny.  Both went together to lovely adopters who had adopted from us before. We can't thank them enough for giving both dogs a chance and we keep all our fingers and paws crossed that they settle well.  Sonny went home exactly a year to the day after he was returned from his first home. He really deserves such a special home.

We wish them well and hope for the same for all the other residents (and the many thousands of greyhounds all over the country) who are waiting patiently for their homes. They all have so much love to give.

To adopt a greyhound, email and we would be delighted to match you!

Thank you, Heather and Rusty

Thanks so much to Heather for popping by with Rusty with some donations and to say hello. We love that people stay in touch and it was lovely to see Rusty doing so well.

Thank you, Anoushka and Simon

Thank you so much Anoushka and Simon. So generous. And all will be revealed next Saturday!

Thank you, Chloe

Thank you to Chloe with Balo for the treats. The dogs will love these later!

Two heads (or five?!) are better than one!?

Many adopters come back to us to offer another lucky greyhound a home. Greyhounds can live happily on their own but often enjoy the company of another greyhound too.

In this photo are Jess, Baby, Rosie (was May), Pru and BooBoo, adopted by Keith and his son, Duncan, who currently have five of our dogs and give them a wonderful home!
So is it better to have male and female? Or two males? Or two females?

We often suggest a male and a female are the easiest option for a second dog. But we have many adopters with two boys; or two girls or a multiple mix of both. Keith and Duncan's five are all female.

Primarily it is about bringing your current dog to the Kennels to see who gets along with them best. We are always happy to advise!

To adopt a greyhound (or five!), please email

Email is preferred

Please note that if you don't get an answer by ringing the Kennel, email is often easier.  Please email with details of your request and you will receive an answer to your email as soon as possible.  

Please be aware that all the administration is done on a voluntary basis in my own time so if the Kennel phone isn't answered, I may not be aware of your requests if I am not at the Kennels.  Email is easier!

Thank you.

Let's promote the boys!

Homing is very slow at the moment and our boys are not having many enquiries at all.  So please keep sharing and spreading the word!  A huge thank you to everyone who has reserved one of the girls.  We will soon be seeing them into their new homes!  

Now let's push for the boys too!  Here are two of the boys homed recently: Rocco (was Rocket) and Diesel (was Smiler) doing well in their homes.  A huge thanks to their adopters: Jackie, Alex, Melissa and existing dog, Lola (Rocco) and Sam, Lee and family (Diesel) (with Poppy too).

To adopt a greyhound, whether male or female, please email or visit our website:

Honey in the office

Honey (was Tina) is showing how easy it is for most greyhounds to join a dog friendly office. She loves meeting all the visitors and otherwise spends the day relaxing and enjoying the company of all the staff!

Greyhounds are so adaptable and adjust to so many different home settings. Always tell us honestly about the sort of home you can offer and we can guide you towards those dogs who will best suit. And we will always give you as much choice as possible.

To adopt a greyhound, please email

Thank you Miles - and

Thanks so much for Miles for nominating us as his charity through 

This organisation donates cash raised from car sales to a nominated charity. 

Rocket, Lola, Karen and Tiffany find their loving homes.  But so SO many greyhounds need a place/loving home.

Thanks to all our volunteers today on what was a busy da