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Adopting a greyhound; life at Whittingham Kennels and stories of our rehomed/adopted greyhounds doing well in their homes.  

January 24th 2022: A post today in remembrance of Whittingham's, founder, Johanna, who very sadly died one year ago today after years of homing greyhounds.  

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on Whittingham's continuing journey. 
We are now a registered charity in our our right and continue to finalise the legalities with the hope that we can soon focus solely on finding as many loving homes for greyhounds as possible.

Adopted greyhounds: Baby, Booboo and Pru
January 23rd 2022: Adopting one greyhound not only helps that one greyhound, but also enables the Kennels to take in another from our list. Greyhounds are addictive and many people come back back for a second dog...or in the case of Pru (was Preston), a fifth! She has slotted in so well with her friends and thanks so much to Keith and Duncan for adopting her.
We had some lovely visitors yesterday and a couple of dogs reserved. And Cassie also went home. We also saw some of our fantastic adopters visit for nails too and it is always lovely to see them (and our former Whittingham dogs again).  
Thanks too, for all your walking, Michelle, Ellie, Jackie and Alex!

Adopted greyhound, Tiny, doing well at home
January 20th 2022: Many greyhounds come into Whittingham with enthusiasm and waggy tails; but sometimes they can be nervous and need even more patience and understanding, especially when first adopted.  Tiny was extremely nervous when she came to us and is now adopted and doing well at home.  Her adopters already understood the need to let her settle first before walking her and also had experience with a nervous dog.  It's always nice for those who need confidence to go with another dog too.  
Of course, all greyhounds have a settling phase at home.  Some will walk in as if they've always been there and others take a few days/weeks to adjust.  As the months pass, you will see their characters shine more fully too. 
Thanks to Tiny's adopters and everyone who adopts from us. 
The kennels is full with more dogs waiting to come in so please keep spreading the word that greyhounds are great dogs! 

January 17th 2022: We have two 7.5yr old greyhound boys looking for a home at the moment.  Both friendly and loving dogs.  
Will (brindle) is good with other breeds and has been in a home before (via his trainer).  He has had a few teeth removed but is otherwise in good health and affectionate and good on the lead.  He should share happily with other greyhounds.  
Richie (black) is more excitable but very loving.  He was nervous when he first came to us but is now everybody's friend.  He will need a bit of work around smaller breeds. 
Let's get them into a home before they become seniors!

January 14th 2022: Many people ask us about the routine at the kennels...:
We arrive at 7.30am. The dogs are let into the paddocks (one kennel per paddock) and cleaned out. They go out on rotation until the whole kennel has been out and all beds are clean. Most greyhounds are clean in their kennels but you get some that wet the bed or who make a total mess!
After all dogs have been out, we prepare the food. 
10am (until 3pm) we open and dogs go for a walk or we meet visitors looking to adopt. We now operate on an appointment only system so that we have assessed criteria prior to arrival.
At about 10.30/11am, the dogs are fed and let out again into the paddocks until all dogs have been out (or walked by our existing volunteers). 
It demands a lot of walking around!
There are also vet runs to do as every dog needs neutering and a health check on arrival. 
During this second round of paddocking, we wash up, tidy up and generally sort the Kennels. In the summer, the grass has to be mown and general maintenance is always required.  We like to test the dogs at the town and with other breeds too (and if they pass both tests, we also cat test). This helps them get used to life beyond kennels or enable us to see how they might react. 
12.30 - if we are lucky, we pause for lunch!
1pm - the dogs go out in the paddocks again on rotation all afternoon or volunteers will be walking them. 
Paperwork has to be carried out and emails answered.  And dogs collected from the vet.
4pm - Dogs are then bedded down in the winter with their coats on. 
But in the summer, they are out again for a fourth round in the evening until 7pm.
When we are not at the kennels, we are still busy; answering emails, doing homechecks (anywhere from Waltham Abbey to Bedford and all surrounding locations) and promoting the greyhounds wherever possible. 
It is hard work so thank you to everyone who helps in any way. We really appreciate your support.  Finding the dogs loving homes is always needed as we have many more greyhounds waiting to come in.

Start your shopping at (or with activated in the app) and amazon will donate 0.5% of the eligible purchase amount - at no extra cost to you. 
Select Retired Greyhound Charity Whittingham Kennels (charity number: 1196685).  
Thank you very much!

January 9th 2022: 
We have taken in 10 dogs over the last 2 weeks so are busy getting to know them and assessing them.   A couple of the quieter arrivals are already reserved and we'll post more details of the others soon. 
In the meantime, here is Shadow relaxing at home - an example of one of the many received photos of homed dogs doing well (more photos can be seen on our facebook page: Whittingham Kennels, Retired Greyhounds Charity).  
Our waiting list for dogs needing a space is back to pre-pandemic levels so please do tell everyone who loves dogs to come and adopt a greyhound!

January 4th 2022: Calling all who enjoy knitting (or have friends who enjoy knitting). 
The talented Erssie, who is one of our adopters, is raising funds for us this year by donating all her knitting pattern revenue. 
Thanks so much for your support, Erssie and get knitting everyone! 

January 1st 2022 Happy New Year! Let's hope 2022 holds some wonderful homes for our current residents (and those waiting to come in)! Our important news is that, as of today, we are officially our own independent charity: Retired Greyhounds Charity- Whittingham Kennels (charity number: 1196685).  We will continue our positive relationship with the Greyhound Trust but are no longer an official branch.  Nothing has changed fundamentally as the mission is the same: we will continue  to do our best to find loving homes for as many greyhounds as possible, ensure every dog in our care has a home visit (we will be selective to ensure it is the best home)  and provide a safe and loving place for every dog that comes to us until a loving home can be found.  We treat these dogs as our own until their special home comes along.  We thank you for your continued support and hope all our current residents will be falling on their paws as soon as possible. There are a few more things to wrap up in terms of the charity and we will be following every avenue to further bolster our cause. Please do continue to share the message that Greyhounds make great pets and let's get them all into loving homes!
Greyhounds are all unique in their characters and all individual.  They adjust to all sorts of home situations.  However, a few of our long stays need special understanding as they require prior greyhound experience or more socialisation around other breeds.  We hope to see you throughout 2022!

December 31st 2021 As we review 2021, we want to thank everyone who has adopted dogs, supported and helped Whittingham in any way...and generally just been there sharing and liking in order to find as many greyhounds their loving homes as we can.  
It's been a difficult year for Whittingham (and for many people with the pandemic), losing our founder and dealing with all the consequences.  But we've made it through and have had many highs along the way too.  Most notably, seeing the greyhounds into loving homes.  
We always say that homing one greyhound helps two as this enables us to take more dogs into the kennels too.  This year, we homed 121 dogs (with a few more reserved) and so we celebrate that with a couple of photographs of dogs at home (Rt: Archer (was Anthony) and below Jessie, Ella Baby and Booboo.  The full album can be seen on our facebook page: Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity 
Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your support and giving our dogs lovely homes.