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Adopting a greyhound; life at Whittingham Kennels; stories of our rehomed/adopted greyhounds; information for greyhound lovers!  

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Greyhound, Max, looking for a special home

Max's former racing owner came to see him today and spent 2hrs giving him lots of love. Max is always excited to see him and so we just hope we can find him a special home. He isn't on the website due to a previous homing and the need to find him a home which understands that he needs work around other breeds (although he is ok with medium-large dogs and fine with other greyhounds).  He is a lovely boy and this photo shows how affectionate he is. If you can offer Max or a  Whittingham greyhound a loving home, please email 

Winter to summer coats!

Some of our dogs are looking a bit ragged as they are exchanging their winter coats for summer gear!  Greyhounds don't moult much but sometimes will have a one off moult if they have gone from a kennel to home environment or still held onto a thicker coat.  Once home, they are generally smooth and sleek (with the occasional bit of brushing needed). Richie and Dinky (pictured) are multicoloured at the moment! They both still hope to find a loving home very soon.  If you can offer a greyhound a loving home, please email

A busy Sunday at Whittingham Kennels and Tina finds a home!

What a busy Sunday!
Thanks to all our Sunday volunteers who got all the dogs walked...brilliant!
And a huge thank you to Wendy, a long term supporter of the kennels, who adopted Tina today, after sadly losing one of her dogs earlier in the year. Tina has really fallen on her paws and behaved so well with Wendy's little dog.  
We also had a visit from Jane and family who had greyhounds over 10 yrs ago from Whittingham Kennels before moving to America.  It is so nice when people stay in touch as part of the Whittingham community.
Here is Tina doing well so far. 😀

SO many dogs needing a space at Whittingham Kennels... but Ivy and Winston have landed themselves loving homes

Like most rehoming centres at the moment, Whittingham Kennels could fill itself three times with dogs that need to come to us.  So if you are in a position to adopt a greyhound, please get in touch: (homechecks apply).
But we are still going to celebrate those dogs lucky enough to find a home.  Ivy went home on Saturday... and Winston went home on Sunday.  Both are doing well at home.  Winston's adopter has been relegated to the floor after losing his chair (again)!

Sienna falls on her paws in a loving home

A huge THANK YOU to Lorraine, Alfie and family who came at the weekend to adopt another greyhound after the sad loss of one of their dogs, Lily.  After deliberation and meeting several of the Kennel residents, the other two dogs chose Sienna (now Senna).  Sienna was not on our website as we were waiting for the right home after she had been returned due to her reactivity to other breeds.  She licked the other two greyhounds and secured herself a home!  Thank you so much to her adopters for giving her the chance as she is the perfect dog (other than her reactivity).  She's a very lucky girl. 
Also featured in the montage of photos which be seen on facebook is Blake, who has landed on his paws; Elliot, Luna and Dennis... who are all doing well at home. 
They all show how greyhounds make great pets.  We have a kennel full of greyhounds (and a long waiting list for dogs needing to get in to us) so if you can offer a greyhound a loving home, please do email

Greyhound gatherings...

Many of our ex-Whittingham greyhounds join official greyhound/sighthound walking groups... this is really lovely for both the dogs and adopters.  The greyhounds get to see their own kind (and hopefully reminisce positively about their time at Whittingham)... or simply share and promote greyhounds to the wider pubic who get to see that greyhounds make great pets!  There are many walks you can join: Greyhound Walks, Sighthound Sundays or the monthly walk in Alexandra Palace.  We also have our own Whittingham greyhound gathering on Sunday 24th July at the Butlers Retreat, E4.
Sometimes people just gather together as Rocco (was Rocket) is doing with his new friends in the photo.
If you would like to adopt a greyhound, please email

The settling phase... and ChumChum showing how it is done!

The settling phase: some greyhounds settle instantly and will walk into your home as if they have always been there; some will take a few days or a couple of weeks; and a small few will take longer and need more patience.  

Every dog will develop and flourish as time ticks on but it is really important not to expect them to be the same. Every greyhound is different. And whilst the rehoming centres can steer you towards (or away from) dogs who may/may not suit different circumstances, it is really important to remember that most have not lived in a home before and how fast they will settle cannot be predicted.
Thankfully most appreciate home life very quickly! 
We want to extend extra special thanks to ChumChum (was Vince)'s family. He has taken a while to adapt and they had to work with him to overcome various settling hurdles. But they have been so patient and the perseverance has paid off as they couldn't imagine life without him now.  How lucky he is to have such loving adopters. 
There are so many greyhounds in need of a loving home. If you can offer a home, please email

Remember to take care in hot weather...

With hot weather forecast for next week, please remember it is better to NOT walk your dogs at all than have them go out and overheat. 
Walk in the shade in the early morning or late evening and make sure your dog has a shady spot in the house too. 
If you can offer Smasher (pictured) or any of his kennel friends a home, please email

Greyhounds enjoy their holidays...

We have some great photos from people who take their greyhounds on holiday with them.  As greyhounds are so adaptable, they are generally happy to just go where their go adopters go and enjoy sitting in cafes/pubs/restaurants and go into pet friendly places.  (Just remember to obviously NEVER ever leave your greyhound unattended outside a shop or in a car).  Here are some of our previous residents enjoying some of life's adventures (or just relaxing at home!).   
We are overwhelmed with dogs needing a home so if anyone can offer a loving home to a greyhound, please email (adoption procedures and homechecks apply for new adopters)

Thank you to Loughton, Pets AT Home for the pallet of dog biscuits

Thanks so much to Pets at Home, Loughton for the pallet of biscuits. Incredible. Our cars were buckling under the load! Amazing!

Patsy is enjoying home life and showing how our long stays need their chance...

Patsy, our longest stay dog, is settling well and still enjoying his toys. We can't thank his new adopter enough.

Long stay Patsy has fallen on his paw in a loving home (pending final confirmation...)

Our longest stay, Patsy, went home yesterday.  We didn't announce it immediately as the new adopter was giving him a chance, knowing Patsy can be tricky, especially around other breeds.  
But he is doing well so far so we keep everything crossed.  Thank you so much, Elliot, for giving him this chance.
This morning,  "he got up at 6, had a 45 minute walk and he played with toys again until 10 and after a big sigh is now having a sleep".
We will keep everything crossed that our longest stay will settle well as he has really fallen on his paws.

So many greyhounds needing homes but celebrating those in loving homes with thanks to their adopters

While homing is still slow, we still want to celebrate the photos of those lucky greyhounds who have fallen on their paws at home!  
Ross (now Jack) was lucky enough to go to Jo and Phil (two of our fantastic Sunday volunteers) and Josie (now Sophie) went to her new home last week with greyhound, Monty (pictured right).  What lucky dogs.  
Thanks to all the adopters who share their photos!  We love seeing them in their homes!
More news from the current residents later in the week!

Thank you to Graham and Polly... and Gary and Mandy in loving memory of their greyhound, Russ

Thank you so much Graham (with Polly) for the amazing donations raised from a disco at his local club.  And topped up generously by their local pet shop. So kind of you all.
And a huge thank you to Gary and Mandy for also sending supplies in memory of their greyhound, Russ, who sadly died nearly one year ago.

Tornado has landed on her paws...

Tornado went home on Monday with Zena. She went to a very special family who had already adopted Zena and were looking for a friend for her after the loss of their other dog. The match had to be right as there are smaller animals in the home too, as well as two children, one of whom has specific additional needs.  Tornado has settled well and the family were happy for me to share her story as it shows how greyhounds can suit homes with children with disabilities.  Thank you to this amazing family for giving two of our dogs a brilliant home.

Jack is still looking for a home...

Jack is really hoping his new home will be along soon. He's been with us far too long. He is fine around other breeds and house trained but needs to have a home without small children as he likes his own space.  He would be best suited to someone who has had dogs before. If you can offer Jack a home, please email

Preparing for the Jubilee...and recovering from ear surgery!  

Richie thought he was getting into the mood for celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee by wearing an Elizabethan Ruff.  Oops!  It's Elizabeth II, Richie. 🤦
The good news is that he is all healed from his ear operation and doesn't need to wear it anymore! His self respect is restored!

The Patron Saint of Dogs... and how you could share the love of a greyhound too! 

Did you know that not only is there a Patron Saint of animals (St Francis of Assisi) and a greyhound saint (St Guinefort), there is also a patron saint of dogs?

St Roch was born in, Montpellier France, in around 1348. He made a pilgrimage to Rome during a plague epidemic and ministered to the sick. After falling sick himself, he constructed shelter in the forest and it was here where he was helped by a dog who healed his wounds and brought him food. The dog belonged to a nobleman and is thought, by some accounts, to have been a greyhound. It is also said in some accounts that whilst in prison (arrested by his own uncle), he spent these 5yrs with the greyhound, giving care to other prisoners alongside the dog.

So not only would St Roch have been handy in the pandemic(!), his story also shows the love many of us receive from our dogs. Many of our adopters talk about the solace and companionship that their dogs bring. Greyhounds continue this legacy, as they have for centuries.

So if you are thinking of adopting a greyhound, they have a very long history of being loving and loyal companions!

Email us: if you would like to adopt a greyhound. They have lots of love to share and are just waiting for a loving home.

So many greyhounds need a space, but celebrating some homings too! 

The large, fawn greyhound called Ray, found his home today with another greyhound friend (Eeyore!) so we were very pleased to wave him off and we look forward to updates.  We also saw Demi and Tina home this week too.  Thank you to their adopters.  
Whilst there are still so many greyhounds desperately waiting for a space, we like to show the photos of greyhounds doing well at home too.  So please enjoy the photos of some ex-Whittingham residents doing well at home (there are more photos on our facebook page)!  Thank you to their adopters and let's hope the rest will be in loving homes soon too! 
(Please note we are careful where we home our dogs and homechecks apply).

Prince (was Whipper)

A special appeal for Dinky...  

Dinky has sadly been returned, so we need to find him his forever home.  He has had a few chances but sadly has a few things that people need to work with.  He doesn't like being left on his own so would be better with the company of another greyhound, preferably a female greyhound (as he lived with a male greyhound before and the other dog didn't take to him); and he would need someone who could put in the time to help him with his separation worries.  He is ok around other breeds but would need help with fast, small dogs... and can be selective with bigger dogs.  On the plus side, he has been clean indoors when staying with us in the bungalow, is very loving and affectionate when he knows you.  And he is small (hence the name!).  He will make a great addition to the home once he overcomes his worries.  We won't home Dinky with small children as he likes his own space when on his bed.  But if you can offer Dinky the home he deserves, please email 
Thank you!

Adopting again in memory of a loved dog gives another dog a chance!

Ross was reserved yesterday by two of our dedicated volunteers after they lost their beloved greyhound, Jonty. We always think it is a wonderful tribute to former adopted greyhounds when another needy dog can find a loving home.  They each create a new space in the heart. Thanks so much, Jo and Phil. 


The fantastic adopter of Lloyd (was Duke) is selling prints of some of his photography work, with all profits being donated to Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity.  

Elliot adopted Lloyd a few months ago and he's slotted in so well that they have been moved to help more greyhounds! 

There are three nature photos taken on a recent trip to Snowdonia, Lloyd’s first holiday. There’s only 15 of each print, each will be numbered and signed and you can buy them here ( There is also a bonus print of Lloyd enjoying life after racing if you want to support the cause but don't want a nature print.
Lloyd is also on instagram if you would like to follow him:

Thank you so much to Elliot (and to Lloyd who is clearly another great ambassador for greyhounds!). 

Full Kennel - but celebrating the homings!  

We have a full kennel with many more dogs needing a home... but whilst homing is slower than usual (for every rehoming organisation), we want to celebrate some of the dogs who have found a home recently (and not so recently!) and thank everyone for giving them a loving home.
We appealed for Jake and Blake recently and Jake was exceptionally lucky to be taken home by Una's fantastic adopter. What a lucky boy. Dinky went home last week and as he has some quirks, we are taking each day as it comes, but are hoping he has found his special place. And Hero went home on Monday and is doing really well too.
Beauty, Kitty and Cora (was Heart) were three dogs who went home a little longer ago. All three were nervous and their adopters were happy to help them find their confidence. They are now flourishing at home... and making friends, both canine and feline. Kitty was a bit too interested in the cat in the early days, but look at her now! Fantastic!
Let's get all the other residents into homes so they can feature in this gallery too! Anyone who would like to adopt a greyhound, please email:

Drive for Whittingham - fantastic support! 

A huge HUGE thank you to Jane, Marie and Amanda for organising, promoting and giving their day to 'drive for Whittingham' and raise money for Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity through their roles as driving instructors.  This was held at the Young Driver Centre, Harlow. They have been absolutely amazing and are so dedicated as volunteers as well as being so generous with their time and enthusiasm. Thank you to them SO much and to everyone who signed up for a lesson to drive for Whittingham. We are so lucky to have such super supporters!

Our most senior resident in need of a loving home: Richie

Richie is still looking for a loving home. He is our oldest resident and will be 8yrs in May. He can be strong on the lead and needs a few more introductions to smaller breeds but we feel this will be quickly overcome once he finds a loving home.  If you can offer Richie a home, please email us. 
Let's get this loving boy into a loving home.
(Home checks apply)

Thank you Christine and Michelle at Recycle for Rescues

A HUGE thank you to Christine and Michelle who have concluded the auction through Recycle For Rescues and raised an incredible £460 for Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity. We rely on donations to exist so can't thank people enough for their generosity. Thank you SO SO much.

Easter Open Day at the Kennels 2022

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our Easter Open Day today. We had an absolutely phenomenal turnout and we loved seeing everyone and seeing our old Whittingham residents again.  We will let you know the total raised but everyone was amazing. Doreen, Tim and Martin on refreshments in the bungalow, Faith and John's stall with momento mugs from Sandra, Jackie, Alex and Melissa on the tombola and raffle.  With thanks to Catherine too for her offer of help. And the super incredible Sim, who sold out with her delicious vegan cakes and savoury vegan food!  Ray was kept busy with a queue of people wanting nails cut; and Shadow's owner won the 'guess how many fleas there were in the picture' game.
See you at the next one!

The eyes have it

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language" - (Martin Buber, Philosopher)

Greyhounds are sighthounds... and whilst this 'chase' capacity has to be carefully handled, their eyes can also be very expressive.  
Once they bond with you as 'their' person, they are extremely loving and loyal.  

If you'd like to offer a greyhound a loving home, do email us at

Sharon has fallen on her paws - thank you Diane.  Let's find all the rest a home now too!

Sharon (centre) went home recently to the amazing Diane.  Diane has three rescued galgos and two other retired greyhounds.  So Sharon is one of 6!  What a lucky girl she is. 
Diane is an expert at introducing a new dog as you must never compare a new dog with previous greyhounds.  She takes every new dog as a fresh canvas.  
Every dog is different and it is REALLY important to get to know each new dog and learn what makes them tick. Some will be strong on the lead at first or a bit reactive to other breeds until they understand how to behave.  Some will not allow you to take food away or disturb them when asleep; whilst others won't mind.  Every greyhound is different. But they are all special and each deserves a loving home.
Please share our appeals so we can make all the kennel residents as lucky as Sharon!

Greyhounds - every one is different, every one is the same!

Greyhounds all have similar traits - a characteristic gentleness, laziness and adaptability... but every individual is unique.  Some are confident, others are more reserved.  Some are nervous whilst others are forward.  Some are fussy eaters whilst some eat anything!  Some are content around children and other animals whilst others are not.  This is why it is so important to let homing centres know your home set-up so we can point you towards those dogs we feel would best suit you.  There will always be a choice, but sometimes certain individual dogs are more suitable.  At Whittingham, we always do a home visit too so that we can ensure the greyhounds are going to fit in with you and we can flag any concerns/give advice.  We keep this friendly and informal and most of the time, there is a greyhound for most home situations.  (However, we still reserve the right to say 'no' if we do not think a greyhound is for you as the dogs come first)!  
Many people will notice the plethora of black dogs.  Black dogs are beautiful and should never be overlooked.  Again, each dog is unique with its own individual character and quirks.  
So email if you would like to adopt a greyhound: and look at our page of greyhounds needing homes. 
Change a life and adopt a greyhound!  
And don't forget, helping one dog helps two dogs... as we can take in another that needs a space.  
We have many lovely souls waiting patiently for their special home,

Greyhounds adjust to many different circumstances!

With many homing organisations struggling at the moment (homing is very slow), we wanted to share some lovely photos of some dogs at home.  Greyhounds are very adaptable and adjust to many different situations.  Homing centres will also guide you towards those greyhounds who most suit your circumstances.  Ice (now Eddie) went home this week and has already been to work with his adopters (and is a great hit with the clients!), Knight is travelling in a bike (with some practice), Pixie (right) is enjoying the Spring blossom, and Cassie is hard at work in a pub!  (For more photos, follow us on Facebook at Whittingham Kennels, Retired Greyhounds Charity).  So if you were thinking of adopting a greyhound, send us an email ( and we can start the process to find your perfect friend!  (There are over 20 dogs at Whittingham currently waiting for a home... and a waiting list of greyhounds hoping to get to us for the next step in finding them a forever home too).

Auction for Whittingham

The auction for Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity starts Friday the 1st of April to the 7th. If anyone has anything they would like to donate please message the organisers through the page "Recycle for Rescues" on Facebook.  Thank you!

Whittingham Kennels' logo!

At the end of March, we finally concluded the legalities following the death of our founder, Johanna in January 2021.  As you will remember, the Kennels was left in a charitable trust.  This meant it wasn't left to anyone and we had to register it as a charity in its own right in order for the kennels to continue.  This followed expert legal advice on the interpretation of the wording of the will (as this went against Johanna's conversations with us about what she wanted for the future of her kennels).  But the legal position was that the will gave myself and other staff the authority to act to create a new charity. We became an independent registered charity in November 2021 with four trustees (myself, John, Tim and Jackie) and this enabled the Kennels to exist in its own right and the staff to continue to work for the Kennels.  Last week, the property was signed out of Johanna's name and into the names of the four people named in trust in the will...and immediately out of their names and into the name of the new charity, Retired Greyhounds Charity - Whittingham Kennels Greyhound Care.  The charity is now the legal owner of the property (Kennels) ... (once this is registered on the land registry),... whilst obviously, the trustees and staff are managing the charity! We want to thank everyone who stuck with us through this journey, especially those who donated when it was clear there was no financial provision left for the Kennels.  It's been a tough year, but the dogs' welfare has been paramount throughout and we are so grateful for all the loving homes found with our lovely adopters.  Let's hope the current residents will be as lucky and find loving homes soon!  Thank you for all your support. (Our logo is a photograph of some pottery made by Johanna - as a tribute to her memory).

Easter auction with thanks to our wonderful adopter, Christine and Michelle

"I’ve had a few people ask how they can donate items to our Recycle For Rescues Auction for Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity. Please, just message me with a photo of your item(s), a brief description and suggested starting bid and we will do the rest. At the end of the Auction we will put you in touch with the winning bidder to arrange posting. Any queries, please just message me. Your donations are always gratefully received - we couldn’t run the auctions without you.  Many thanks - Christine ❤️"  Please see our facebook page for further details.

Whittingham, returned dogs and thanks to those who adopt!

Astrid settling back into life at home with a friend
A prerequisite of adopting a greyhound from Whittingham Kennels is that if the homing does not work out (for any reason), the dog must be returned to us (and never handed on).  We have, so far, been lucky and not had lockdown returns but we do have several dogs in the Kennels who have lived in a home before and either need careful handling around other breeds, or an all-adult household; or possibly a single person-home.  Several of these are good with other breeds as well but need time to adjust at home.  The plus side of homing a 'return' is that they are usually house-trained and used to the home environment.   
A huge thank you to Emma, who homed Shell recently.  Shell had been returned through no fault of her own and has settled wonderfully!  And a huge thank you to Dan who contacted us after Astrid had to be returned.  He was Astrid's dog walker and has taken her home (after our usual home check and reunion with his dog to make sure they were both ok together).  We can't thank them enough for giving them a lovely home.
In other news, we have also seen kennel residents, Ron and Rocket go home recently; and Judy go to live with Damson.  
We hope to take more dogs from trainers as soon as we have space so please spread the word about greyhounds needing a home.  We have a lot of needy dogs at the moment and many waiting for a space to come to us. 

Thanks for all the bedding donations! 

Thanks to everyone who donates bedding. Evie is having fun sorting it out! (Evie has a lovely home, but plenty of her friends at the Kennels are waiting for their perfect homes)!

Rascal, looking for a home and looking for mud!

There was a reason we fenced that bit off, Rascal!! 

Thank you Pets at Home, Loughton

A huge thank you to Pets At Home, Loughton for their gift of a pallet of food today.
And to all the team for collecting it and bringing it in.

Whittingham has a new account on Twitter

We have a new twitter account: Whittingham Kennels Retired Greyhounds Charity. @Whitthounds
Please do follow and retweet to spread the word about greyhounds needing a loving home.
Thank you!

Let's Hear It For The Boys!

Greyhound boy, Smasher - looking for a loving home!
Female greyhounds tend to find homes more quickly than the boys... due to size and other preferences.  However, the boys are only fractionally bigger... and, as the adopter of River said, "Why are people are so hesitant to adopt boys? I’ve noticed that the girls seem to get snapped up straight away and the males are left behind.  I can’t imagine life without our boy. They may be a little bigger than the females, but there is simply more of them to love"!
Well said! 
If you could offer a greyhound a loving home, please email for more information!

Remember the Drive for Whittingham fundraising event!

Charity Day at EXL Young Driver Centre, Harlow  on the 24th April 2022

Come and experience an under 17's Driving Lesson on our off road track.

All monies taken on the day will be donated to Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhound Charity.

For more information please contact Jane on 07721 582884.  

All bookings can be made at

Greyhounds and other Greyhounds/sighthounds:

Greyhounds go home to all home set ups - on their own, with other dogs and with other greyhounds/ sighthounds.  Getting them into a loving home is the most important thing for a rehoming Kennels.
Most greyhounds love the company of their own breed/similar breed and will easily slot into living with another greyhound at home.  Most will happily visit other greyhounds in their homes as well! 
Shell and friend meeting in the paddocks at the Kennels
(Obviously, it is important to take the usual precautions and use the muzzle until you have made sure all dogs are happy in each other's company/dynamics work between dogs; but most greyhounds will love having another greyhound around).
If you have another greyhound, we will advise meeting at the Kennels and making sure they get along first.
Shell (rt) and friend, Rocket
                                                                   Shell went home on Saturday and slotted into life at home with her greyhound friend.  Having another greyhound to follow generally helps the transition.  Thanks so much to Emma for giving her a home!  She is pictured in the paddocks and then on her first day at home!

Mable (was Tiny) and friend

We also have a lovely update on Tiny (now Mable) who is thriving at home and enjoying the company of her fellow sighthound friend.  She was exceptionally nervous when she came to us but fell on her paws with understanding adopters who also had another dog.
Oaky and Carly
Oaky, Sylvie and Yogi visited Carly, Razzle and Evie yesterday.  They all enjoyed each other's company as the photo shows!
So if you are thinking of adding to your greyhound pack, do get in touch!  Please email: if you would like to offer a greyhound (or two!) a loving home.

Greyhounds and other breeds

Adopted greyhound, Una - and her furry friend! 
When you adopt a greyhound, it is important to bear in mind that most greyhounds will not have seen other breeds in close proximity.  (Of course, there are some greyhounds who will be familiar with other dogs (whether having been homed before, socialised at the rehoming kennels or mixing with other breeds when with their trainers), but most will be more familiar with greyhounds). 
As with every situation, it is about finding the right match/home for the right dog.  If you have a resident other breed in the home, we will advise you to bring your dog to the Kennels so they can meet safely.  
If you don't have a resident 'other breed' in the home, we will guide you towards those best suited for your circumstances or time.  
Some greyhounds will interact perfectly with other breeds (or other animals) from day one (although we always advise using the muzzle until you are sure);  some will interact successfully after socialisation and exposure; some will be frightened or worried by other breeds; some will want to chase other breeds.  
Adopted greyhound, Smokey - and his furry friend
interacting happily after time and patience

If the greyhound is living with another breed, it needs to be a successful introduction.
Otherwise, if you are prepared to work with the greyhound to help them understand that a 'dog is a dog', then that's wonderful and all our greyhounds need a chance of a home!  
Understandably, many people live in areas with many other breeds around and need a dog who is manageable or who will learn quickly.  The Rehoming kennel will advise who will best suit you and there is normally a dog for most circumstances (or one on the list waiting to come in).
Una, pictured with her furry cousin, was wonderful from the start.  The dogs were going to meet regularly so it was important that they got along well from the beginning (plus the usual careful introductions once homed).  We think this is a wonderful picture!  
Smokey was initially quite keen to chase smaller dogs but his wonderful adopters helped him through, and now, thanks to their patience and care for him, he is happy to mingle with small dogs.  
So please email if you can offer a greyhound a loving home.  There is a greyhound for most home set-ups and we try to match you accordingly.  (Please note that home checks apply).

Greyhound of the month, Jack - looking for a loving home

Jack - looking for a home
Jack is our dog of the month.  He is 4yrs old and has been in a home before.  He is a really loving and friendly boy.  He is good with smaller breeds (with initial care) and is house-trained and used to the home environment.  His only (manageable) vice is that he likes his own space so we would not home him with small children.  Please email if you can offer Jack a loving home.  (Please note home checks apply).

The Whittingham Community Past and Present

Former Whittingham greyhounds enjoying life at home
All our past and present dogs are part of the Whittingham team!  Sometimes they bump into each other in the wider world, which is always lovely!   Here is Donnie (was Ginger) meeting Tiger in the park!  Do let us know if you ever meet any of our dogs out and about!  We love seeing the photos!

Shop and support us for free!

You can also support us through 
Select: Retired Greyhounds Charity - Whittingham Kennels Greyhound Care as your cause and you can turn your everyday online shopping into FREE donations for us. 
There are over 4000 online retailers of all descriptions (including well known brands) which will donate to good causes.  So earn free funds for us as you shop!

Let's find Ron, Max, Shell and all our resident greyhounds a loving home

Greyhound Ron, looking for adoption
Ron and Max are two of our separate new arrivals. They are loving and friendly, both interacted well with smaller dogs at first meeting (though we continue to advise initial care at home), and both would really love to fall on their paws in a loving home. They are both 3yrs old.

We also had to take Shell back into our care through no fault of her own. She is used to the home environment, good with smaller breeds and will make the perfect addition to any home. Shell will be 4yrs old in March.
Sadly, none of these can live with cats.

All the greyhounds who are available for adoption can be found on our page "greyhounds looking for homes"

If you can offer a home to any of our greyhounds, please email: for more information.


(Open to everyone 13yrs or older)!

Our volunteers Jane and Marie are supporting Whittingham by raising funds during a special charity event on 24th April at Young Drivers Track, Edinburgh Way, Harlow.
Join Jane, Marie and their colleagues at EXL Young Driver Centre where they have an off road track as well as an on road driving school. 

Book through their Off Road Track booking site: .
There is a Book now button, scroll down and select Charity Day Option 24th April Only.  One button is for Auto and one for Manual. 
Please make sure to select this option as there are other days available which are not for Whittingham.
On the day, there are Auto or manual cars.
Sessions are £55.  If there are any questions, please contact us and we can pass you to Jane.  

(It is 13yrs and over as they need to reach the pedals of the car... but you do not need to be under 17- anyone is welcome). 
All sessions are with an ADI (Advanced Driving Instructor) in a dual controlled car.
Their facebook page EXL Young Driver Centre has further information.  

All the money raised on the day will be donated so please tell friends/family/sighthound lovers and fingers crossed that we can sell these sessions.

Greyhounds all adjust differently to life at home; but rehoming a greyhound will bring you a loving, loyal and lazy friend! 

Rehomed greyhound, Donnie (was Ginger) 
One of the key things we stress when anyone adopts a greyhound is that most greyhounds will never have been in a home before and will all adapt and adjust differently.  Whilst most will settle in very quickly (and some will walk in as if they've always been there), it can take time for others to fully understand how to respond to a home environment.   Everything is new: Television, stairs, hoovers etc and they will need to learn how to fit into your routine.  Some will slot in immediately, others will see everything as a huge adventure and others will be nervous or worried.  Most issues generally resolve quickly but some can take longer; and even those who settle quickly will reveal different traits and character as time passes (usually for the best as they discover toys and new places).   Once settled, they are lazy, loyal, quiet and very easy to look after.  So do get in touch if you can offer a greyhound a home!  We have a full kennel and a long waiting list of greyhounds who are waiting to get to us. 
Adopted greyhound, Molly (was Marisa) and friend
Here are some of the dogs doing well at home (more photos on the facebook page). 

Donate tax efficiently with payroll giving.  

We get a regular income, your donation goes further and it costs you less!  It's a win win! 

Greyhound, Archie - looking for love

Spread the love of a greyhound this  Valentine's day

❤Special boys and girls are hoping to melt your heart. Could you offer a Whittingham greyhound a home? They have so much love to give.  Make their Valentine's day! 💕
If you can offer a greyhound a loving home, please email

Whittingham's greyhounds supported by Pets at Home, Loughton and by Pets at Home Lifelines

Whittingham Kennels has been officially partnered with Pets at Home, Loughton for this year.  They will be promoting us in store and carrying out events to raise money and encourage donations. 
We have also been informed that the lifelines (which is separate from this relationship) will switch to our new name at the next quarter.  Therefore, you can still support us by logging into your Pets at Home VIP account, selecting either Hendon or Loughton (it doesn't matter if it is not your local store) as your local store and selecting "Greyhound Trust Henlow and Waltham Abbey" as your cause.  This will change to Retired Greyhounds Charity - Whittingham Kennels when their systems update.  
Thanks so much everyone!  And thank you to Tracey who has been collecting donations at the Loughton Store.

Adopt a greyhound to most home set ups and Whittingham will advise and support.  And thanks to our special Trustees and supporters  

Adopting a greyhound can suit many different home situations. 
Adopted greyhound, Orla and her small dog friend
They adjust and adapt to most home set ups and we can advise which dog would suit you.  Most are lazy and sedate; but some are more active!  Fred, for example, loves a brief run (and he's 9yrs old!) and others are always pictured asleep!   Some will live with other dogs or other animals and we always test before homing with another resident animal (and advise careful introductions). Here are some photos of our dogs doing well.  

The Kennels is full so if you would like to adopt a greyhound, do get in touch: 
Adopted greyhound, Fred enjoying a run!

Thank you to all our adopters and supporters. And a HUGE 'thank you' to our wonderful Trustee, Tim, who is an expert in digital marketing and has been helping improve the website.  Thanks so much to him and to our other Trustees, Jackie and John.... and to everyone for all your support.

(Please note that we advise keeping greyhounds on the lead unless absolutely sure that he/she will be ok with other animals and respond to recall).  

Donations in memoriam - our thanks to the family and friends

Thank you so much to the family and friends of Dennis Elliott who are donating through in his memory as he loved greyhounds.  And thank you to Andrew D Crowley, Independent Funeral Director in Waltham Abbey for setting this up.

Our long stay adopted greyhound, Captain doing well... and thanks to our volunteers and supporters 

Adopted greyhound, Rodney (was Captain) doing well at home
A huge thank you to Pete and Jo who rehomed Captain (now Rodney).  Captain was one of our long stays as he was particularly reactive to most other breeds, but Pete and Jo are experienced dog/greyhound owners and when they lost their beloved greyhound, Sparky, felt they could give Captain the time and patience he needed.  He is a very lucky boy. 
A huge thank you to Doug too - our volunteer, who recommended greyhounds to his neighbours and found Will a home.  We had appealed for a home for Will not long ago so it's great that he has fallen on his paws too.
And another big thank you to Beckie; and to Alison and Robin who have been raising money with collecting boxes and quiz evenings.  Thanks so very much to everyone who donates, shares or helps in any way.

Many thanks to Wendy and Beales Hotels

Thank you so much to Wendy, a wonderful supporter of the Kennels, who nominated us to her company for a charitable donation. A huge thank you to Beales Hotels for choosing us and for their generosity.  It is so appreciated. 

Full house at the kennels

Dennie at home
Adopted greyhound Sky (was Spy) doing well at home

The Kennels is completely full with dogs looking for homes; on our

facebook page, you will find photos of a few lucky ex-Whittingham hounds who have found their special places.  The photos include little whippet Dennie who we took in after he needed a new home; and he was lucky enough to go home with Jane, one of our lovely volunteers.   Thank you to all our fantastic adopters! Let's find the rest of the dogs a new loving home too ....(and also take some in from our waiting list)!

Many thanks for all the kind donations!

Thank you to the person who kindly sent the donation of dog food tins received today. And to everyone who sends donations. There isn't always a packing note so we don't know who they are from. But thank you so much!

Give a long-stay greyhound a break...

With a little bit of help from one of our staff members, our longest stay male greyhound, Patsy, has written his autobiography and hopes it will find him a home: 
My name is Patsy and I am 5yrs old.  People say I am big but I am not really; I am just big-boned.   I enjoy my time at Whittingham especially with all our supporters who send treats, but what I really want is a nice home and a warm bed.  I pull on the lead a bit to start with, but then I walk nicely; but I will have to get used to other dogs.  Time, patience and understanding is all I need.  I have never seen a TV or a hoover and just need a chance.  Thanks for taking the time to read this. Love Patsy.
Patsy is available for adoption at Whittingham Kennels but will need an experienced home which is used to more reactive greyhounds.  He might be ok with a female greyhound or might have to be an only dog.  (We would have to introduce carefully if you have other greyhounds).  Please do share his appeal and let's get him into a home in 2022!

In memoriam: Johanna

A post today in remembrance of Whittingham's, founder, Johanna, who very sadly died one year ago today after years of homing greyhounds.  

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on Whittingham's continuing journey. 
We are now a registered charity in our our right and continue to finalise the legalities with the hope that we can soon focus solely on finding as many loving homes for greyhounds as possible.

Adopted greyhounds: Baby, Booboo and Pru

 Greyhounds love company and so do Keith, Duncan and Preston!

Adopting one greyhound not only helps that one greyhound, but also enables the Kennels to take in another from our list. Greyhounds are addictive and many people come back for a second dog...or in the case of Pru (was Preston), a fifth! She has slotted in so well with her friends and thanks so much to Keith and Duncan for adopting her.
We had some lovely visitors yesterday and a couple of dogs reserved. And Cassie also went home. We also saw some of our fantastic adopters visit for nails too and it is always lovely to see them (and our former Whittingham dogs again).  
Thanks too, for all your walking, Michelle, Ellie, Jackie and Alex!

Adopted greyhound, Tiny, doing well at home

Nervous dogs will usually get over it with some patience and loving care

Many greyhounds come into Whittingham with enthusiasm and waggy tails; but sometimes they can be nervous and need even more patience and understanding, especially when first adopted.  Tiny was extremely nervous when she came to us and is now adopted and doing well at home.  Her adopters already understood the need to let her settle first before walking her and also had experience with a nervous dog.  It's always nice for those who need confidence to go with another dog too.  
Of course, all greyhounds have a settling phase at home.  Some will walk in as if they've always been there and others take a few days/weeks to adjust.  As the months pass, you will see their characters shine more fully too. 
Thanks to Tiny's adopters and everyone who adopts from us. 
The kennels is full with more dogs waiting to come in so please keep spreading the word that greyhounds are great dogs! 

Two lovely male greyhounds looking for a new adopted home

We have two 7.5yr old greyhound boys looking for a home at the moment.  Both friendly and loving dogs.  
Will (brindle) is good with other breeds and has been in a home before (via his trainer).  He has had a few teeth removed but is otherwise in good health and affectionate and good on the lead.  He should share happily with other greyhounds.  
Richie (black) is more excitable but very loving.  He was nervous when he first came to us but is now everybody's friend.  He will need a bit of work around smaller breeds. 
Let's get them into a home before they become seniors!

Our daily routine at the kennels

Many people ask us about the routine at the kennels...:
We arrive at 7.30am. The dogs are let into the paddocks (one kennel per paddock) and cleaned out. They go out on rotation until the whole kennel has been out and all beds are clean. Most greyhounds are clean in their kennels but you get some that wet the bed or who make a total mess!
After all dogs have been out, we prepare the food. 
10am (until 3pm) we open and dogs go for a walk or we meet visitors looking to adopt. We now operate on an appointment only system so that we have assessed criteria prior to arrival.
At about 10.30/11am, the dogs are fed and let out again into the paddocks until all dogs have been out (or walked by our existing volunteers). 
It demands a lot of walking around!
There are also vet runs to do as every dog needs neutering and a health check on arrival. 
Preston meeting little dog, Kissie
During this second round of paddocking, we wash up, tidy up and generally sort the Kennels. In the summer, the grass has to be mown and general maintenance is always required.  We like to test the dogs at the town and with other breeds too (and if they pass both tests, we also cat test). This helps them get used to life beyond kennels or enable us to see how they might react. 
12.30 - if we are lucky, we pause for lunch!
1pm - the dogs go out in the paddocks again on rotation all afternoon or volunteers will be walking them. 
Paperwork has to be carried out and emails answered.  And dogs collected from the vet.
4pm - Dogs are then bedded down in the winter with their coats on. 
But in the summer, they are out again for a fourth round in the evening until 7pm.
When we are not at the kennels, we are still busy; answering emails, doing homechecks (anywhere from Waltham Abbey to Bedford and all surrounding locations) and promoting the greyhounds wherever possible. 
It is hard work so thank you to everyone who helps in any way. We really appreciate your support.  Finding the dogs loving homes is always needed as we have many more greyhounds waiting to come in.


You can now support us by getting Amazon to donate some portion of spend to a chairty of your choice (at no cost you)!

So, if you would like to support our efforts in helping rescued and retired greyhounds to find a loving new adopted home, here is how:

1) Start your shopping at (or with activated in the app) and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the eligible purchase amount - at no extra cost to you. 

2) Select Retired Greyhound Charity Whittingham Kennels (charity number: 1196685).  
Thank you very much!

Greyhound adoption update

We have taken in 10 dogs over the last 2 weeks so are busy getting to know them and assessing them.   A couple of the quieter arrivals are already reserved and we'll post more details of the others soon. 
In the meantime, here is Shadow relaxing at home - an example of one of the many received photos of homed dogs doing well (more photos can be seen on our facebook page: Whittingham Kennels, Retired Greyhounds Charity).  
Our waiting list for dogs needing a space is back to pre-pandemic levels so please do tell everyone who loves dogs to come and adopt a greyhound!

Knitting for greyhounds 

Calling all who enjoy knitting (or have friends who enjoy knitting). 
The talented Erssie, who is one of our adopters, is raising funds for us this year by donating all her knitting pattern revenue. 
Thanks so much for your support, Erssie and get knitting everyone! 

Happy New Year! 

Let's hope 2022 holds some wonderful homes for our current residents (and those waiting to come in)! Our important news is that, as of today, we are officially our own independent charity: Retired Greyhounds Charity- Whittingham Kennels (charity number: 1196685).  We will continue our positive relationship with the Greyhound Trust but are no longer an official branch.  Nothing has changed fundamentally as the mission is the same: we will continue  to do our best to find loving homes for as many greyhounds as possible, ensure every dog in our care has a home visit (we will be selective to ensure it is the best home)  and provide a safe and loving place for every dog that comes to us until a loving home can be found.  We treat these dogs as our own until their special home comes along.  We thank you for your continued support and hope all our current residents will be falling on their paws as soon as possible. There are a few more things to wrap up in terms of the charity and we will be following every avenue to further bolster our cause. Please do continue to share the message that Greyhounds make great pets and let's get them all into loving homes!

Greyhounds are all unique in their characters and all individual.  They adjust to all sorts of home situations.  However, a few of our long stays need special understanding as they require prior greyhound experience or more socialisation around other breeds.  We hope to see you throughout 2022!

Thank you for your support!

As we review 2021, we want to thank everyone who has adopted dogs, supported and helped Whittingham in any way...and generally just been there sharing and liking in order to find as many greyhounds their loving homes as we can.  
It's been a difficult year for Whittingham (and for many people with the pandemic), losing our founder and dealing with all the consequences.  But we've made it through and have had many highs along the way too.  Most notably, seeing the greyhounds into loving homes.  
We always say that homing one greyhound helps two as this enables us to take more dogs into the kennels too.  This year, we homed 121 dogs (with a few more reserved) and so we celebrate that with a couple of photographs of dogs at home (Rt: Archer (was Anthony) and below Jessie, Ella Baby and Booboo.  The full album can be seen on our facebook page: Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity 
Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your support and giving our dogs lovely homes.

If you are considering adopting a greyhound, please view our current "greyhounds looking for homes".

Donations towards our work for rehoming rescued and retired greyhounds are always very much appreciated!
Please go to our Whittingham Kennels' gofundme page, or email us for bank details.