Our next events (in red):  
Each year, we always have an event on Easter Monday and the Sunday before Christmas.  These and other events will be added below.

Next Event: TBC

Sunday 28th July 3pm Butlers Retreat, Rangers Road, Chingford, E4 - come and join us for our greyhound party, walk around Connaught Water and cake for both human and greyhounds! 3pm-approx 5pm.

Charity Afternoon at Henlow Stadium - Saturday 22nd June - 2.15pm - bring your greyhounds to help raise funds and the profile of greyhounds as pets!  Please phone Johanna if you will be attending (0208 444 9649)

Dog Training - From Nik:  "Hello, I am a dog trainer who has had two ex-racers from Whittingham kennels. I am running dog classes in Epping and can help with retired greyhounds for anyone who would like a bit of training." If you would like Nik's help, please email us for information.