Greyhounds looking for homes

new arrivals/returns will be placed at the end of the list)  

Arnie has sadly had to be returned and is looking for a home without any close proximity to other breeds.  He is 7yrs old (in September), house-trained, good with children and a loving boy, but he is strong so will need an experienced home with someone who has had greyhounds before. He deserves another chance quickly as he has been very loved and his owner was devastated at having to bring him back.

Micky is a lovable chap who is quite small in stature and very friendly.  He is 4yrs old. He is clean in his kennel, will make a great addition to any home.  He needs a little socialising around other breeds but loves his walks and is hoping someone will give him a chance! Micky has found a home!

Yogi is 3yrs old and will need a special home.  He is a lovely dog, but will not be suitable for a home with young children as he likes his own space.  He loves his food and is settling well at Whittingham.  Yogi is very affectionate and clean in his kennel.  He is slightly strong on the lead at the moment but this would quickly improve in a home setting.  He needs the right home, but once this comes along, we are sure he will be great!

Kingy is a handsome chap who is happy and friendly. He is a little strong on the lead at the moment but this would subside with regular walks once in a home environment.  He is clean and confident and should adjust well to home life.

Pearl is a dear little girl who loves a cuddle and will stand up with her paws on you to give affection (not always the most welcome thing when you end up covered in mud!).  She has the endearing habit of picking up her food bowl and carrying it around with her, amazingly not spilling a single biscuit! She is friendly and lovable and hopes her forever sofa will be not too far away! Pearl is currently reserved!

Romeo is 4yrs old.  He is nervous until
 he gets to know you but we think he will come round quickly once he settles into the rhythm of Whittingham. He is good with other greyhounds and will be fine around other breeds with the usual initial care. He looks a bit ragged on the behind unfortunately, but don't let this put you off as he will become a very loyal and loving boy once he trusts you.  He has a slightly red eye but this has been seen by a specialist and he has been given the 'all clear'.

Brad is a lurcher that we have taken in for homing.  He is now ready for adoption but we want to make sure it is the right home after all he has been through.  

Archie has sadly been returned after 3yrs in a home so he is used to the home environment, house trained good on the lead and used to other breeds. Archie is currently reserved!

Lou is 3yrs old and a lovely girl who is happy to share with other greyhounds and very friendly when she gets to know you.  She wolfed down a bowl of food on arrival so will find her paws quickly at home.  She is really hoping she doesn't have to wait too long as she know life on a sofa is so much better than mud and kennels! Lou has found a home!

Shane is 4yrs old and a leggy boy who seems tall!  He is placid, gentle, laid back and loving and should slot into any home situation.  He will need some more socialising around other breeds but is otherwise good on the lead and a very affectionate boy.

Snobs is a very calm boy who walks nicely on the lead and is clean in his kennel.  He loves a cuddle and is a very affectionate boy.  Shame about his name though!!  

Vicky is an affectionate and loving girl. She is friendly and petite and should be fine around other breeds with the usual careful introductions.  She is a character and should slot into any home situation.  Vicky has found a home!

Joe is a very calm and laid back boy who is gentle on the lead and loves everyone.   Joe has found a home!

Fred is 7yrs old and is a very distinguished chap.  He is smaller than the average male and happily shares with another girl greyhound.  He did well on his trip to the town and should be fine around other breeds given the usual initial care. 

Bobby can be slightly nervous until he gets to know you, but is enthusiastic about his walks and happily gets on with the other greyhounds.  He will also be tested around other animals asap. Bobby is currently reserved!

Joleen is 3yrs old and a beautifully gentle soul who is good on the lead and very loving. Joleen is currently reserved!

Connor is 8yrs old and as he is an older addition, he really deserves his chance at finding a special home now.  He is quite small for a boy and will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible.  He is good with children and very loving.

Armando is 3yrs old and another new arrival.  He is friendly and will be tested around other animals as soon as possible

Jamie is 7yrs old and another older gentleman!  He was living with his racing owner, but has sadly had to come in for rehoming after his owner was taken ill.  It means, however, that he has lived in a home so is house-trained and used to the home environment.  It would be good to get him back into a home so he doesn't have to spend too long in kennels now he is used to home life. He is confident and friendly and will be assessed with a trip to the town like everyone else!

Ella (photo and further description to come!)

Sanchez  (photo and further description to come when he arrives!)

Ringo (photo and further description to come when he arrives!)

Jerri (photo and further description to come when she arrives!)

Blue (photo and further description to come when he arrives!)