Greyhounds looking for homes

new arrivals/returns will be placed at the end of the list)  

Chief is 5yrs old and a handsome boy who came in with Molly (who has found a home).  He should not be overlooked as he is a happy, outgoing chap who was excited to come into Whittingham so should take life beyond kennels as a big adventure.  He loves everyone and his tail hasn't stopped wagging. He is even wagging his tail in his photograph (despite being tied to the door to keep him still!).  He will be fine as an only dog or with the company of other greyhounds.  He will need careful handling around other breeds until he gets to know them.

Ash is 3yrs old and a very affectionate boy who loves a cuddle.  He is getting to know everyone and everything and would love a comfortable home to enjoy life beyond kennels.

Ronnie is 3yrs old and a happy soul who also loves affection and would thrive in the home environment.  He loves his walks and is always enthusiastic about meeting new people.  He is looking forward to the adventures life holds beyond kennels.  Ronnie is fine around other breeds, given the usual careful introductions so it is a travesty that he is being overlooked.

Taz has sadly been returned.  He is 5yrs old, wonderful with children and very good in the house.  He is house-trained, used to the home environment and good with other greyhounds.  However, his only downfall is that he needs more socialising with other breeds.   Could you give Taz another chance? Taz is currently reserved!

Nell is 3yrs old. She is a playful girl who loves company and wags her tail for everyone.  She will thrive in a home and would be best suited to a young family who could give her the life she craves.

Storm is a young boy (2yrs in December) who happily shares with both male and female greyhounds.  He only had one race and is now looking for a comfortable sofa to call his own.  He loves everyone and has a beautiful, black and shiny coat.  He is the perfect reason why black dogs should never be overlooked.  Could you be the lucky one to offer this boy a loving home?

Ivy is 4yrs old and a lovely little soul who came in with Robbie.  They happily share a kennel so she would be a great addition for a home which already has a greyhound.  She is loving and gentle and will be tested around other dogs asap.  She was fine with our guard dog so it bodes well! Ivy has found a home!

Murphy is 2yrs old and a friendly dog who would thrive with the company of another greyhound or with someone who is at home most of the time.  He is a young dog who would prefer a home over being stuck in kennels. Could you help him find his forever sofa?

Laddie is 4 yrs old and a loving boy who can be a little nervous at first.  However, he wants to be friendly because he is wagging his tail... he just needs to gain your trust.  He will make a very loyal dog for someone who can help him get over his initial worries.  He should be fine around other breeds given the usual initial care.

Rusty is 4yrs old and a striking silvery blue colour.  However, it is temperament that is all important and he has a lovely temperament too! He is calm and friendly and is hoping he has already found his perfect home!  He is house-trained, used to the home environment (having been in a home for nearly two weeks) and great around little dogs.  He walks well on the lead but will need a quiet home. Rusty is currently reserved!

Pinto came in with Trixie and Lynn and is hoping he won't have to wait too long for his turn for a home.  He is 3yrs old, loving and friendly and happily shares with a female greyhound.  It's not the best photograph as he just wanted to come towards the camera/ turn his head at the last minute! He settled quickly in at Whittingham so is likely to settle quickly into home life too.  Pinto has found a home!

King is 4yrs old and a lovely boy who loves a cuddle and settled into the routine quickly.  He has apparently met labradors without any problem, but will be assessed around other breeds as soon as possible.  He has a slightly shorter tail than most which adds to his charm! Could you offer this new boy a loving home?

Rolo is 3yrs old and a smallish chap who is loving and gentle.  Could you get him out of kennels to spend the winter in the warm? He would love you deeply for doing so!

Lyla is a lovely girl who loves a cuddle and enjoys a good game.  She will be fine around other breeds with the usual care and will make a great addition to any home.  Lyla is currently reserved!

Elliot is a gentle soul who is hoping his forever home will be coming along very soon.  He walks nicely on the lead, is good with other breeds and would love to fall on his paws in a loving home.

Smokey is 4yrs old and has sadly been returned. She is a beautiful little girl who deserves the best of homes after having spent a year in a home already.  She is good with other breeds and a very gentle dog. Smokey has found a home!

Blake is a lovely, gentle soul who is so quiet in the kennels that you don't know you have got him!  He will be tested around other breeds asap and should make the perfect addition to any home. Blake is currently reserved!

Tom is a young and unraced greyhound who was very nervous when he arrived at Whittingham.  He should start to come round quickly once he starts trusting people but he will need a quiet and understanding home where he can learn to enjoy what the world has to offer.  Tom wants to play and be friendly, but he will need an understanding and caring home where he can grow in confidence at his own pace.

Matte can be nervous until he gets to know you and is a little strong on the lead as a result.  However, this will subside as he starts to gain confidence and it shouldn't take long before he gets into the routine and trusts people.  He will need an understanding home.

Rosey is a beautiful girl who would love a kind home quickly.  She is a little wary of new situations but is quickly friendly and loving once she gets used to things.  She is gentle and cuddly and would love a warm home to snuggle into as the weather turns colder. Rosey has found a home!

Anna came in with Guci (below) and both girls are happy, friendly and should adjust quickly to life in a home.  Anna wanted to investigate the camera so had to be hooked to the 'dog parking' to keep her still for her mugshot! She is good around other breeds and deserves a good home quickly.

Guci came in with Anna (above) and is also happy, confident and friendly.  She would relish a loving home where she can be doted on as she loves affection and loves everyone she meets.  She should be fine around other breeds given the usual initial care and will thrive in a home environment. Guci has found a home!

Whisky is a handsome chap who is quiet but confident.  He has a scar on his side from an incident when he was a puppy but this is totally healed and just serves to give him a unique feature and individuality!  He says that it helps us tell him apart from the others easily!  He would love a caring home so he can enjoy life away from Kennels.

Pup is a happy chap who walks nicely on the lead and will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible.  He isn't a puppy (though he is a young boy at only 3yrs old), but his name is a derivation of his racing name.  He would love a kind home to call his own.

Micky has sadly been returned.  He is perfect in every way as he is house-trained, used to the home environment, good on the lead and generally a loving and affectionate boy.  He deserves a loving home quickly so he doesn't have to be stuck in kennels now he knows what home life has to offer. Micky is currently reserved!

Mel (photo and further description to come!)

Jen (photo and further description to come!)