Greyhounds looking for homes

new arrivals/returns will be placed at the end of the list)  

Chief is 5yrs old and a handsome boy who came in with Molly (who has found a home).  He should not be overlooked as he is a happy, outgoing chap who was excited to come into Whittingham so should take life beyond kennels as a big adventure.  He loves everyone and his tail hasn't stopped wagging. He is even wagging his tail in his photograph (despite being tied to the door to keep him still!).  He will be fine as an only dog or with the company of other greyhounds.  He will need careful handling around other breeds until he gets to know them.

Ash is 3yrs old and a very affectionate boy who loves a cuddle.  He is getting to know everyone and everything and would love a comfortable home to enjoy life beyond kennels. Ash is currently reserved!

Matte can be nervous until he gets to know you and is a little strong on the lead as a result. However, this will subside as he starts to gain confidence and it shouldn't take long before he gets into the routine and trusts people.  He will need an understanding home.  He is 5yrs old and is much more confident with people.  He shouldn't be overlooked any longer so could you offer Matte a lovely home?

Arnie has sadly had to be returned and is looking for a home without any close proximity to other breeds.  He is 6yrs old, house-trained, good with children and a loving boy, but he is strong so will need an experienced home with someone who has had greyhounds before. He deserves another chance quickly as he has been very loved and his owner was devastated at having to bring him back.

Anna is 3yrs old and a gentle girl who loves affection.  She is happy to be kennelled with other greyhounds and should make a great addition to any home. Anna is NOT currently for homing due to awaiting vet referral. 

Mickey is 3yrs old and a happy boy who loves is food and is looking forward to having a home of his own.  He will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible and is hoping he won't have to wait too long before he is chosen. Update: Micky proved to be very enthusiastic during his walk down the town and was fascinated by all the new sights and sounds.  He saw a few dogs and although he will need a few more careful introductions, we think he will come around quickly. He will be a great addition to any home. He is quiet in the kennel and a confident, friendly boy.

Arnie (2) is 3yrs old (in May) and a dear soul who is like a big cuddly bear.  He is Jason's brother so we are hoping that he will be lucky enough to find a new home and fall on his paws quickly.  He walks nicely on the lead and should be fine around smaller breeds given the usual initial care. He is a very lovable and affectionate boy who is quiet in the kennels.  Whoever adopts Arnie will be very lucky.  He is called Arnie the second to distinguish him from the other Arnie!!!

Blake is 2yrs old and a happy soul who wanted to go for a walk rather than have his photograph taken!! He is friendly, outgoing and playful and should suit most home set-ups.

Boss came in with Blake and he is also happy and outgoing.  He is 3yrs old and would love a new home quickly as he wants to enjoy the adventures of life.  He will need a few more careful introductions to other breeds, but is otherwise good to walk on the lead.   He is a confident and friendly boy with a wonderful temperament.

Smokie is 3yrs old and came in with Goldie and happily shared his kennel with him until Goldie was homed! He is small for a male greyhound and very enthusiastic about everything.  He did well on his trip to the town so should be fine with smaller dogs given the usual initial care!

Rebel is 2yrs old and the brother of Digger. Both boys share a kennel together, eat together and get on well together! It would be ideal if they could be homed together but otherwise, they would probably prefer the company of another greyhound.  They are hoping they will fall on their paws at home quickly as they are young and looking forward to experiencing the adventures of life.  They are very quiet and very easy to look after! Rebel (and Digger) are currently reserved!

Digger is 2yrs old and Rebel's brother.  The description may as well be the same for Digger (as for Rebel!) as the only distinguishable difference is that Digger doesn't have white feet!  He is equally happy to share his kennel and food with his brother!  And he is just as easy to look after.  Digger (and Rebel) are currently reserved!

Finn is 3yrs old and a gentle fellow who has small white flecks in his coat!  He is described as being good around small dogs and has also been around children whilst with his trainer.  He will experience his first trip to the town to test him further away from the kennel environment, but all the signs point to him being a great addition for any home! Finn is currently reserved!

Pixie is a dear little soul who is a little tentative with new people until she gets to know you. However, it doesn't take long to get a tail-wag so we are sure she will gain confidence quickly.  She loves the company of the other greyhounds and will be introduced to the world beyond kennels as soon as we can take her for her trip down to the town! Whoever has Pixie will be very lucky. Pixie is currently reserved!

Rocky has unusual colouring and should be a great addition to any home.  He is 3yrs old.  He lived in the trainer's house for three months and shared the space with a Staffie and other greyhounds.  He is therefore used to the home environment and house-trained.  He should slot back into home life very quickly!

Micky2 is a lovable chap who is quite small in stature and very friendly.  He is 4yrs old. He is clean in his kennel, will make a great addition to any home and will be taken for his trip to the town as soon as possible (to see how he reacts to life beyond kennels)!

Slinky is very endearing and didn't react at all when our visitor (in white!) was barking at him through the fence.  He has met other dogs and should be fine around other breeds given the usual initial care.  His trainer was singing his praises so we are hopeful that he won't be waiting too long before he finds a loving home.

Michelle is 5yrs old and  a lovely girl who is gentle and friendly and would love a new home as soon as possible so she can enjoy her well earned retirement.  She is clean in the kennel and should be fine with other breeds after a few careful introductions.  She is a special girl who deserves a special home! Could you be the lucky one to adopt Michelle?

Molly is 3yrs old and a dear little soul who can be slightly nervous until she gets to know you.  However, she quickly gains her confidence so it should't take too long for her to come out of her shell.  She is a gentle girl who will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible.