Greyhounds looking for homes

new arrivals/returns will be placed at the end of the list)  

Rocky is 6yrs old and a lovely boy who has been in a home, but sadly been returned. He is used to the home environment, house trained and
lived with children. However, he will need socialisation around other breeds and someone who is used to greyhounds/larger breeds.  Could you give Rocky another chance?

Red is 7 years old and came to us with Ash (who has found a home!) and is confident and happy.  He is a cuddly boy who looks slightly older than his years and therefore should also not be overlooked.  He is clean in his kennel and is enjoying the comforts of the blankets. If you can offer Red his special home, do let us know!  Red had a three month trip to Cambridgeshire where he was involved in a scheme organised by the Greyhound Trust in which prisoners look after three greyhounds.  He thrived in their care and was in beautiful condition on his return to us.  He really hopes his special home is round the corner now he is back.

Sylvie is 3yrs old and a dear little dog who is nervous at the moment, but hopefully will not take long to come round once she gets to know us.  She is not suited to be homed with young children as a result of her nerves, but will be hoping for a special home that can take her needs into account and work with her until she finds her feet. We will be waiting for the right home for Sylvie.  Sylvie is fine around little dogs and really coming out of her shell.  She will still need someone who understands her particular reactions to things, but she will get there with patience and care.

Christopher is 6yrs old and a beautiful boy who has been in a home before.  He would be best suited without young children, but will be fine around other breeds given the usual initial care.  He is house-trained, used to the home environment and came with his own wardrobe (he has to wear HIS coat as he takes all others off!). He has been very well cared for and hopes a warm, comfy bed will be awaiting him in a special home very quickly.
Christopher had a three month trip to Cambridgeshire where he was involved in a scheme organised by the Greyhound Trust in which prisoners look after three greyhounds.  He was in splendid condition upon his return and surely someone will snap him up now!

Chief is a handsome boy who came in with Molly (below).  He should not be overlooked as he is a happy, outgoing chap who was excited to come into Whittingham so should take life beyond kennels as a big adventure.  He loves everyone and his tail hasn't stopped wagging. He is even wagging his tail in his photograph (despite being tied to the door to keep him still!).  He is happily sharing with Molly so will be fine as an only dog or with the company of other greyhounds.  He will be tested with other breeds as soon as possible.

Gandolf is a happy boy who has sadly been returned.  He is used to the home environment so it would be great if a loving home would come along quickly for him.  He loves his walks so an active (for a greyhound) lifestyle would be fine for him.  He is slightly strong on the lead at present but this would decrease with regular walks and patience.  He would be best suited to someone who works from home. Gandolf is currently reserved!

Writing is red as website has mind of its own!

Boss is 3yrs old and a happy chap who loves his food and love a cuddle.  He loved the comfort of the blankets when he arrived with us and will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible.

Becky is an exceptionally friendly girl who wouldn't stop smiling at the camera! She is very affectionate, loves a cuddle and should be find around other breeds given the usual initial precautions.  She deserves a loving home as quickly as possible! Becky is currently reserved!

Chiefy is a delightful chap who is no trouble and loves a cuddle.  He should be fine to live with other greyhounds, is clean in his kennel and loves his food.  He is naturally on the slim side so needs more food than most to maintain his weight, but otherwise he is a striking chap who deserves a loving home as soon as possible!  He looks a bit worried in this picture as he had just arrived and was then hitched to the wall for his mugshot! It was all a bit strange for him but he soon settled in and will undoubtedly quickly do the same in the home environment.

Billy is a handsome chap who has obviously been watching the Winter Olympics as he seems to have finished his routine with a flourish and twisty pose in this picture! He is a loving and affectionate dog who behaved well on his trip to the town and is clean in his kennel.  He loves everyone and is always the first up at the door to greet anyone walking past.  Could you give this lovely boy a home?

Abbie  is sadly being returned (on Saturday).  She will make a great addition for most homes as she is house-trained, gentle with adults and children alike and fine with other breeds.  Her favourite thing is going for walks and having the opportunity for lots of 'sniffs'!  She loves a tummy rub and has some really playful moments in which she likes everyone to join her and is a very entertaining and well behaved girl.  She is only being returned because she needs someone who is retired or who works from home as she prefers to have someone with her.  She is not demanding of constant attention, but she needs to have someone who will not leave her for long stretches as she likes to have someone nearby.  Could you offer Abbie the forever home she craves? She doesn't want to be stuck in cold kennels having enjoyed the comforts of home life.   Abbie has found a home!  

Flash is a loving boy who is quiet in the kennels and very affectionate.  He has a distinctive white stripe on his nose which marks him out from the other dogs and he is clean in his kennel.  He is gentle, friendly, confident (in a quiet way) and deserves a loving home quickly.  He came from the same kennel as Christopher who obviously recognised his former kennel-mate as he had to get himself seen smiling in the background! Flash is currently reserved!

Lenny is a handsome chap who loves everyone and is clean in his kennel.  He is a happy, quite petite boy who is wearing the latest in greyhound fashion in the picture.  He obviously thought he was on the 'cat walk'.  Thankfully the snow in the picture has now melted, but we hope he will melt someone's heart and get a good home before too long. Lenny is currently reserved!

Maudie is a special little girl who was born with a bent/deformed foot, meaning she did not race.  This does not cause her any difficulty now (you wouldn't even know which leg).  She is good around other breeds and a dear little soul who deserves a loving home. Maudie is currently reserved!

Sam is a loving boy who loves company and thrives with other greyhounds.  He is good on the lead, but will need a little more introduction to smaller breeds until he gets used to them.  He has a lovely temperament and is friendly and affectionate. Could you give Sam a chance at home?

Mindy is a beautiful dog who loved everyone as soon as she walked through the door.  She is affectionate, friendly and should be fine around other breeds.  Whoever has Mindy will be very lucky.  Mindy is currently reserved!

Booboo has an unfortunate name (!) but is otherwise a lovely dog who is clean in her kennel and loves a cuddle.  She is clean in her kennel and will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible.  Booboo has found a home (pending confirmation!)!

Keith is a handsome big fellow who has been down 'to the town' to meet other dogs and behaved very well.  He should be fine around other breeds with initial care and is a loving dog.  He just didn't want to have his photograph taken! He shouldn't be overlooked as another 'black dog' or because he is slightly bigger than the others.  He is a gentle giant with a lovely character.
Keith is currently reserved!

Otis is 4yrs old and has sadly been returned.  (photo and further description to come!) There is interest in Otis pending confirmation!