Greyhounds looking for homes

(new arrivals/returns will be placed at the end of the list)  

Finn is a handsome boy who is 5yrs old, but looks very grey and almost prehistoric!  Don't let that put you off, however, as he is vibrant and loving, but will need careful introductions to other breeds.  

Patsy is a big chap and will be assessed further as he settles in.  He will need a bit of socialising with other breeds but we will see how he gets on as he adapts to life at Whittingham.  He is friendly with people, laid back in the Kennels and a handsome boy! 

Paco is 4yrs old and a handsome boy.  He needs a few more introductions to other breeds, but is happy, friendly and loving and would love to find a sofa to call his own!

Buddy is a loving boy who is quite active (for a greyhound) so will need a house with a secure garden.  He is settling well into Whittingham's routine so we hope this would correspond to life at home and he loves his food and a cuddle.  He is a little strong on the lead at the moment, but this would ease after he has explored everything (and once he gets into the rhythm of a home routine and his walks). There is interest in Buddy (pending visit and confirmation!)

Nidge is a calm and happy boy.  He looks a little scruffy at the moment but he will quickly start to shine, especially if he falls on his paws into a loving home.  He can't wait to experience life and is hoping to put his feet up on a sofa before winter kicks in!  He will need socialising with other breeds on walks, but this will improve with exposure and patience.

Buck is a loving boy who is confident and exuberant!  He is blue in colour, will be a happy addition to any home and will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible.  Better photo to come!

Liam is the second of our first Irish intake and a happy, gentle boy who should be fine around other breeds with the usual initial care.  He is hoping his special home will be waiting very quickly too! Liam is currently reserved!

Pegasus is hoping to fly/canter into a new golden home as fast as possible.  He walks nicely on the lead and settles down once he has eaten.  But we can't blame a dog of mythology to know his own mind!  He will make a great addition to any home and if you prefer to call him 'Peg', he doesn't mind, although it is a bit of come-down from his lofty Greek status! (Yes, struggling for descriptions!!)  

 has sadly been returned after a change of circumstance for his adopters.  He is good with children, housetrained and good with other dogs.  He deserves another chance as he is back in kennels through no fault of his own and with much upset from his previous home. Freddie has found a home!

 is a striking boy who has had a home for about 3 weeks so is used to the home environment.  Sadly the homing hasn't worked out but we know Ryan will thrive when he goes home again.  Could you offer this lovely boy a new home now he has a taste of life in a home?  Ryan is currently reserved!


Vic is a loving and gentle boy who came in with Harry.  He is calm and placid in the paddocks and will be tested around smaller animals as soon as possible.

 is a small and gentle dog who will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible.  We now have an ancient Roman representative as well as an ancient Greek hero (Pegasus)!!!  Caesar is hoping to conquer all and have legions of fans.  However, unlike his namesake, he is calm and placid!  He has proclaimed, "Veni, Vidi, Vici" Whittingham" and wants to do the same in a new home!  Carpe Diem!  Caesar is currently reserved!

Blue is the first of our second batch of Irish arrivals!  She is confident, happy, friendly and good with other greyhounds.  She loved the adventure of coming to Whittingham so should thrive in a home environment.  Blue has found a home!

Valley is the second of our second batch of Irish arrivals! He is a gentle, placid and smaller boy who shares happily with Blue.  He is affectionate and confident and will relish a new home with all the luxury that brings! Valley is currently reserved!

Maura is the third of our second Irish new arrivals!  She is happy and confident though was wary of our resident other breed (she will be tested more thoroughly with other breeds asap).  She enjoyed her food on arrival and settled happily into the kennels.   Maura is currently reserved!

is the seventh in our second batch of Irish arrivals! He is a quiet boy who is on the medium-smaller side for a boy.  He is placid, calm and yet happy to meet new people. Jeff has found a home!

BP is the last of our second batch of Irish arrivals!  He is the oldest of the crew at 5yrs and his notes show he was also known as Prodie.  He is hoping he will be lucky to find a loving new home quickly.  He has comical ears and is happy to come over for a cuddle, although very slightly apprehensive at first.  He deserves a special home.   

has sadly had to be returned due to a change in circumstance for his adopters and after much soul searching.  He is a big dog and would be best suited to an experienced adopter who could help him with his quirks.  He is very affectionate when he gets to know you but isn't too keen on strangers and won't be homed with young children. He is house-trained, used to the home environment and fine around other breeds (with care). Could you give Shane his chance?  

Splash is a lovely girl who is friendly, affectionate and happy to meet new people.  She should be fine around other breeds with the usual initial care but will need to stay with us for a couple more weeks.  (Thanks to Kelli for the photo!) Splash is currently reserved!

Blake is a happy and confident boy who joined us with Noel this week.  He has been on an outing to the town and behaved well for his first trip out.  He is quiet and calm in the kennels.

Noel is a gentle soul who can be slightly apprehensive at first but will come round once he trusts you.  He should be fine around other breeds with careful introduction and is hoping to find his loving home before too long with someone who will give him a chance to find his confidence.

Gus is a gentle and quiet chap who needs to get used to life beyond kennels but is a very loving and affectionate boy. Gus is currently reserved!

Holly is a little nervous until she gets to know you but otherwise a loving and gentle girl.  She adapted quickly to Whittingham so we hope the same will apply at home! Holly has found a home! 

Sky (photo and further description to come!)

Gem (photo and further description to come!) Gem is currently reserved!

New girl (photo and further description to come when she arrives!)

New girl (photo and further description to come when she arrives!)

Ginnie (photo and further description to come when she arrives!