Greyhounds looking for homes

new arrivals/returns will be placed at the end of the list)  

Chief is 5yrs old and a handsome boy who came in with Molly (who has found a home).  He should not be overlooked as he is a happy, outgoing chap who was excited to come into Whittingham so should take life beyond kennels as a big adventure.  He loves everyone and his tail hasn't stopped wagging. He is even wagging his tail in his photograph (despite being tied to the door to keep him still!).  He will be fine as an only dog or with the company of other greyhounds.  He will need careful handling around other breeds until he gets to know them.

Merlin is 4yrs old and a gloriously large and cuddly greyhound.  He loves everyone and wants to give you a big hug!  He is like a big teddy bear and shares his bed with Ruby.  Whoever adopts Merlin will be very lucky indeed.  His size shouldn't put you off as often the bigger dogs are even more gentle!

Ash is 3yrs old and a very affectionate boy who loves a cuddle.  He is getting to know everyone and everything and would love a comfortable home to enjoy life beyond kennels.

Ronnie is 3yrs old and a happy soul who also loves affection and would thrive in the home environment.  He loves his walks and is always enthusiastic about meeting new people.  He is looking forward to the adventures life holds beyond kennels. Ronnie is currently reserved (pending confirmation!)

Taz has sadly been returned.  He is 5yrs old, wonderful with children and very good in the house.  He is house-trained, used to the home environment and good with other greyhounds.  However, his only downfall is that he needs more socialising with other breeds.   Could you give Taz another chance?

Nell is 3yrs old. She is a playful girl who loves company and wags her tail for everyone.  She will thrive in a home and would be best suited to a young family who could give her the life she craves.

Storm is a young boy (2yrs in December) who happily shares with both male and female greyhounds.  He only had one race and is now looking for a comfortable sofa to call his own.  He loves everyone and has a beautiful, black and shiny coat.  He is the perfect reason why black dogs should never be overlooked.  Could you be the lucky one to offer this boy a loving home? Storm is currently reserved!

Betty has sadly been returned.  She is 6yrs old, perfect in the home environment - clean indoors, house-trained and can be left for up to five hours on her own without any problems at all.  She is fine with both male and female greyhounds but will need some more careful introductions to other breeds.  Otherwise, she is hoping to slot back into a home very quickly as she doesn't want to spend too long in kennels again.

Tammy has sadly been returned.  She is 5yrs old, has lived in a home so is used to the home environment, house trained, happy and friendly.  She lived with two small children and is great around children.  She is the sister of Ace and Tiger (both rehomed via Whittingham) so hopefully it won't be long before she is back in the warm and enjoying home comforts.

Mac is 7yrs old.  Just when you thought you had seen one Mack, another arrives!  Mac has been in racing kennels all his life so would love to spend the rest of his time on someone's sofa with a loving home to call his own.  He will be having a dental before he leaves, but is otherwise a loving and gentle chap. Mac has found a home!

Brighty is 5yrs old and a loving, gentle girl.  She was described as the perfect dog by her trainer (in terms of temperament) so whoever has Brighty will be exceptionally lucky. Brighty has found a home! 

 Tizer is 6yrs old and has sadly been returned after two years in a home. It is simply due to a change in working hours as his previous adopter now has to go away at weekends.  It is through absolutely no fault of Tizer's so we hope he will find a new home quickly so that he doesn't have to spend long being back in kennels.  He is house-trained, use to the home environment and a loving boy.  Tizer is currently reserved!

Sasha is 3yrs old and a beautiful girl.  The photo is not a good one but as she is sitting like a regular dog, it had to go up!  She is a happy girl who we hope has already landed on her paws.  Sasha is currently reserved!

Boris is 2yrs old so a young chap.  He is a large dog but very gentle and has visitors immediately so hopefully he won't have to spend too long in kennels.  Boris is currently reserved!

Milo is 4yrs old and a happy boy.  He is very friendly, but does have a tentative side.  He is a lovely boy who deserves a loving, warm home for the winter.  Milo is currently reserved (pending confirmation!)

Micky is 2yrs old and so another young chap who deserves a loving home.  He is quite small for a boy and a happy dog who would also love to find a sofa to call his own before the winter months set in fully.  Micky has found a home!

Sam is 3yrs old and very affectionate.  He insisted on walking towards the camera so this was the best we can do!  He is 3yrs old, should be good with other breeds given the usual care and is clean in his kennel.  Could you give this lovely boy a good home? Sam is currently reserved!

Ivy is 4yrs old and a lovely little soul who came in with Robbie.  They happily share a kennel so she would be a great addition for a home which already has a greyhound.  She is loving and gentle and will be tested around other dogs asap.  She was fine with our guard dog so it bodes well!

Robbie is a handsome young boy who also had to be tied up to take his photograph as he thought he was going for a walk.  We had to disappoint him but we explained that if he smiled nicely for the camera, he could potentially find a home and go on walks 'every day'!  Can someone help him make his dream come true?  He is a friendly boy who will be a big softy in any home. Robbie is currently reserved!

Rusty (photo and further description to come when he arrives!)

New girl (photo and further description to come when she arrives!)

New dog (photo and further description to come when he arrives!)

New dog (photo and further description to come when he arrives!)