Our next events (in red):  

We are open and homing by appointment only.  Please email for more information on how to adopt a greyhound.  We look forward to hearing from you.   

NEXT EVENT: Sunday 19th December 11-2 at the Kennels.  Join us for a pre-Christmas gathering, with stalls, refreshments and a chat with fellow greyhound enthusiasts.  

At the moment we are not able to accept new volunteers.  Thank you for your understanding.

Update: Thank you for all your kind offers of help and fostering but we are fully functioning with our present staff and do not foster.  We really appreciate your kindness and support. 

Dog Training - From Nik:  "Hello, I am a dog trainer who has had two ex-racers from Whittingham kennels. I am running dog classes in Epping and can help with retired greyhounds for anyone who would like a bit of training." If you would like Nik's help, please email us for information.