How can you help our work in greyhound rescue and adoption in Essex, London, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and beyond

Ways to help Whittingham's work in greyhound rescue and adoption in Essex, London, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and beyond

Many thanks for your interest in helping some of our lovely greyhounds find loving homes!

Adopting a greyhound

If you would like to adopt / rehome a greyhound, please contact us on 01992 893 734 or email

If you are considering adopting a greyhound, please view our current "greyhounds looking for homes".

Donations - to support our efforts to rescue and rehome greyhounds

Thank you! 

We rely on donations so please email us for bank details or visit our gofundme page:

Please make cheques payable to: "Retired Greyhounds Charity"

Knitting (yes, really!)

The lovely, talented Erssie, who is one of our adopters, is raising funds for us this year by donating all her knitting pattern revenue. 
Find her patterns at her shop: Erssie's knitting pattern shop
Thanks so much for your support Erssie - and get knitting everyone!

Amazon Smile

Start your shopping at (or with activated in the app).
Add us as your selected charity (Retired Greyhound Charity Whittingham Kennels, charity number: 1196685) and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the eligible purchase amount.
It costs you nothing and it really helps us - many thanks! - donate for free whilst shopping online!

Select: Retired Greyhounds Charity - Whittingham Kennels Greyhound Care as your cause and you can turn your everyday online shopping into FREE donations for us. 
There are over 4000 online retailers of all descriptions (including well known brands) which will donate to good causes.  So earn free funds for us as you shop! 

Donate via CAF: give as you earn

Donate tax efficiently with payroll giving.  We get a regular income, your donation goes further and it costs you less!  It's a win win!  


Please email us for more information about how to register to adopt a greyhound.

In normal circumstances: We always value support whether it is raising funds or helping in any way!

Pets At Home

You can help Whittingham Kennels if you shop at 'Pets at Home' - every penny counts!  
Please take one minute to do the following: Just log in to your VIP account online and select Hendon or Loughton as your homestore.  (It doesn't matter if it is not near you).  
Then select your charity as: Henlow and Waltham Abbey Greyhound Trust 
(we are in the process of changing this to our charity name).
This is us and it is as simple as that!  
Please tell all your friends too! 

Clothes shopping online via Thrift Plus 

You can help support Whittingham Kennels when you buy unwanted clothes online via Thrift Plus. 
Find our charity by searching for Retired Greyhounds Charity, Whittingham Kennels 
Follow this link to start shopping now!: THRIFT PLUS TO SUPPORT WHITTINGHAM KENNELS

Donations of supplies 

Donations of disinfectant (to clean the Kennels), dog food (especially tinned dog food of any variety, sardines, biscuits etc) are always greatly appreciated.
Tinned food is also always useful for greyhounds who need to eat only soft food, for example after a dental operation.

We would also value donations of earth/soil to fill in the holes which the greyhounds can sometimes dig in the paddocks during the Summer months!

Sponsoring a greyhound

If you would like to sponsor a greyhound, it is £1 a week - more information can be provided by email.

Leave a gift to Whittingham Kennels in your will

Leaving us a legacy in your will can help to continue Whittingham's work with rehoming and caring for greyhounds and other sighthounds.  We are a registered charity, (number: 1196685 - Retired Greyhounds Charity, Whittingham Kennels Greyhound Care).  Please do consider leaving us a gift in your will.  Thank you.  


The fantastic adopter of Lloyd (was Duke) is selling prints of some of his photography work, with all profits being donated to Whittingham Kennels - Retired Greyhounds Charity.  
Elliot adopted Lloyd a few months ago and he's slotted in so well that they have been moved to help more greyhounds! 
There are three nature photos taken on a recent trip to Snowdonia, Lloyd’s first holiday. There’s only 15 of each print, each will be numbered and signed and you can buy them here ( There is also a bonus print of Lloyd enjoying life after racing if you want to support the cause but don't want a nature print.
Lloyd is also on instagram if you would like to follow him:
Thank you so much to Elliot (and to Lloyd who is clearly another great ambassador for greyhounds!). 

Please get in touch and we would love to see you!


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