Greyhounds looking for homes

(new arrivals/returns will be placed at the end of the list)  

Patsy is a big chap and will be assessed further as he settles in.  He will need a bit of socialising with other breeds but we will see how he gets on as he adapts to life at Whittingham.  He is friendly with people, laid back in the Kennels and a handsome boy!    

 is a slight mix of breed and we have taken him in after his original home could not keep him due to a change of circumstance.  He will need an understanding home who can help him adjust.  He is mega-affectionate once he knows you but will not be homed with young children.  He will be such a great dog in the right home.  He is more energetic than the greyhounds so will need someone with time and patience to help him settle (and a garden with high fences).  He is fine with other breeds (with initial care) and has lived with other dogs.  He walks well on the lead and happily goes out with the other greyhounds.  Here he is on the lap of one of our volunteers!  How could this fail to show what a loving boy he can be! (thanks for the permission for the photo)! 

is a friendly and confident chap.  He loves attention and is fine around the other greyhounds.  He will need some further introductions to other breeds.

is a handsome and striking chap who is very affectionate.  He is enjoying the snuggly blankets at the kennels and loving meeting people.  He is strong on the lead initially and will need some more introductions to other breeds.  He does not react aggressively but needs to learn to focus on the walk as well!  He will be lovely once he calms down and just needs to learn some etiquette when out and about. He will be very loving once he finds his special home. 

has sadly been returned after the other dog in the home did not accept him.  He needs a bit of socialising around other breeds and does not like to be on his own at night.  However, he is house-trained, on the petite side (hence his name) and very affectionate.  Could you help Dinky find his forever home? 

Richie is a gentle, but slightly apprehensive boy who is very loving once he knows you.  He should be fine around other breeds given the usual initial care and will thrive once he comes out of his shell.  He is spotless in his kennel and enjoying his walks.  (Please ignore the dates on the photos - technical glitch with camera!).  Richie has found a home!

Luna is a dear dog who is very friendly and happy to meet everyone.  She will need a bit of care around other breeds, but is otherwise gentle and affectionate.  

Andy is a perfect gentleman and should be fine around other breeds, given the usual careful introductions.  He loves his food, is clean in his kennel and is a confident and happy chap.

Bambam is a petite and gentle soul who walks nicely on the lead and should be fine around other breeds, given the usual initial precautions.  She takes one meeting to get to know you before finding her confidence and is then happy to wag to see you!  Bambam is currently reserved!

is a young lad who has sadly been returned.  He shared his home with a small dog so is fine around other breeds with the usual care.  He is house trained, used to the home environment and loves people.  But he would prefer a home without young children as he likes his own relaxation space. 
Dex is currently reserved!

Flash is a handsome boy, who is quite petite in size (for a male greyhound), but can be slightly apprehensive until he knows you.  He will be loyal and loving very quickly and should be fine around other breeds (given the usual initial care). 

 is a loveable boy who loves to greet you at the door.  He will make a great addition to any home.
Louie has found a home!

 is a beautiful girl who is very gentle.  She is a little nervous so she will need a home with someone who can help her gain confidence.  However, once she trusts you, she will be even more loyal.  She just needs a chance and then her character will shine.  

 is a happy and vibrant girl who loves everyone and is enthusiastic to get involved in anything new.  She will see life at home as an adventure and would love to settle into a new home before the colder weather sets in.
Peggy has found a home!

Jim is another enthusiastic guy who loves a cuddle and was ready to go on a walk as soon as he thought the door was opening.  He is also a relaxed chap too as this picture shows.  He will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible, but may need some work to stop him pulling on the lead.  But we will assess this further! Jim is currently reserved!

Brad is a handsome and gentle boy who walks nicely on the lead and is a happy and quiet boy. 

is a very gentle and friendly soul who loves her walks and everybody she meets! Nell is currently reserved! 

Rosie (photo and further description to come!)

Jack (photo and further description to come!) 

New boy (photo and further description to come when he arrives!)