Greyhounds looking for homes - rescued and retired greyhounds looking for adoption in Essex, London, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

Rescued and retired greyhounds looking for adoption in Essex, London, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. 

(new arrivals/returns will be placed at the end of the list)  

Patsy - male greyhound

Patsy is big for a greyhound and is our longest stay as he will need a bit of socialising with other breeds.  He has otherwise adjusted to life at Whittingham and walks well with the other greyhounds.  He is friendly with people, laid back in the Kennels and a handsome boy!    

Smasher - male greyhound

Smasher is a handsome and striking greyhound who is very affectionate.  He is enjoying the snuggly blankets at the kennels and loving meeting people.  He is strong on the lead initially and will need some more introductions to other breeds.  He does not react aggressively but needs to learn to focus on the walk as well!  He will be lovely once he calms down and just needs to learn some etiquette when out and about. He will be very loving once he finds his special home.

Dinky - male greyhound

Dinky has sadly been returned after the other dog in the home did not accept him.  He needs a bit of socialising around other breeds and does not like to be on his own at night.  However, he is house-trained, on the petite side (hence his name) and very affectionate.  Could you help Dinky find his forever home? 

Richie - male greyhound

Richie is a gentle, but slightly apprehensive boy who is very loving once he knows you.  He should be fine around other breeds given the usual initial care and will thrive once he comes out of his shell.  He is spotless in his kennel and enjoying his walks.  (Please ignore the dates on the photos - technical glitch with camera!).  

Jack - male greyhound

Jack came in with Rosie (who has found a home and is doing wonderfully well) and had been homed once by his trainer.  He is therefore house-trained and used to the home environment so should slot back into home life quickly.  Jack will need a home without young children. He is a playful and happy boy who loves a cuddle and really enjoys a game in the paddocks. 

Archie - male greyhound

Archie is a confident and happy greyhound and loves nuzzling into you for affection. He will need some further introduction and careful handling around other breeds, but is a lovely dog who deserves a loving home.

Freddie - male greyhound

Freddie is a handsome greyhound with soulful eyes who is really hoping that his sofa is quickly forthcoming!  He will need a little more introduction to other breeds, but is really good with all other greyhounds. 

Cassie - female greyhound

Cassie is the newest addition and is a lovely greyhound who has been in a home before.  She is clean at home and a very gentle girl.  She would thrive with the company of another dog.  UPDATE: Cassie has sadly been returned.  She is good in the home, fine on walks and walks nicely on the lead.  Her downfall is that she needs to be in your bedroom overnight as she doesn't like being on her own at night.  If you are willing to have a bed in your room with you, she will be fine.  She has shared with another greyhound happily.  Could you give Cassie a chance? Cassie has found a home!

Merlin - male greyhound

Merlin is a young boy who didn't do much racing and wants to fall on his paws at home.  He is happy and friendly and should be good around other breeds (with the usual careful introductions).  He is quiet in the kennel and will make a great addition to the home. Merlin is currently reserved!

Hero - male greyhound

Hero is a handsome lad who is quite tall but very gentle.  He can pull a little on the lead if he gets excited by all the adventures of life but he should be fine around smaller breeds (with initial caution).  He is clean in his kennel, loves everyone and is a very affectionate boy.

Jake - male greyhound

Jake is a happy and friendly soul who walks nicely on the lead and is good with other breeds (given initial careful introductions).  He is a bit of a 'greyhound-whirlwind' when he first comes out of his kennel but this is deceptive as he is calm once out.  He has an undershot jaw which gives him a goofy smile! 

Una - female greyhound

Una is a friendly, but very placid girl who loves everyone and is very cuddly.  She will be fine around other breeds with initial care and will make a great addition to any home. Una has found a home!

Will - male greyhound

Will is a handsome boy who is a middle-aged-gentleman-greyhound (born Sept 2014) who needs a loving home.  He has lived in a home before (he was originally homed by his trainer) and shares happily with the other greyhounds.  He should be fine around other breeds with initial care and seems very gentle and loving. Will has found a home!

Rascal - female greyhound

is a small girl who is incredibly loving and jumps up for a cuddle.  She does NOT live up to her name and is a dear little soul who is full of character and would love to find a home quickly.  She will need a little socialising around smaller breeds but she is easy to handle and deserves a chance.  She loves the other greyhounds and will share with both male and female in the kennel. 

Jeff - male greyhound

Jeff is a loving chap who deserves a loving home.  He is clean in his kennel, happy to meet new people and is adjusting to life at Whittingham kennels. 

Shell - female greyhound

Shell is a very gentle girl who can share with male or female greyhounds and will be tested around other animals as soon as possible.  She is clean in her kennel, affectionate and enjoys her walks. Shell is currently reserved!

Barney - male greyhound

Barney is a lovely boy who walks nicely on the lead and is keen to explore life beyond kennels.  He is loyal and affectionate and is hoping to fall on his paws at home soon.  He will be tested around other animals as soon as possible. 

Mack - male greyhound

Mack is a lovely young greyhound who is friendly and loves everyone.  He should be fine around other breeds and is clean in his kennel. Mack is currently reserved!

Rocket - male greyhound

Rocket is an extremely petite boy and no bigger than the female greyhounds.  He will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible but happily shares his kennel with Gem (who came in with him).

Gem - female greyhound

Gem came in with Rocket and shares happily with him.  Further description to come after she has been assessed! Gem is currently reserved!

Judy - female greyhound

Judy (photo and further description to come)!

-female greyhound

New girl - photo and further description to come when she arrives!)