Greyhounds looking for homes - rescued and retired greyhounds looking for adoption in Essex, London, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and beyond

Whittingham's rescued and retired greyhounds looking for adoption in Essex, London, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and beyond.   

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(new arrivals/returns will be placed at the end of the list)
(Ages are available upon request)   

Boris - male greyhound

Boris is a loving boy who is quite small for a male greyhound, but he is still quite strong.  This would soon improve with regular walks and once out of Kennels.  He enjoys his food, is a happy boy and loves everyone!  He needs some more careful introductions to other breeds but is otherwise faultless!

Jet - male greyhound

Jet is slightly nervous until he gets to know you but we are sure he won't take long to come round.  It must be very strange to change kennels so we understand he may be a bit unsure to start with.  The same may apply at home, although we hope he will come out of his shell as time goes on.  He is loving and friendly when he trusts you and will learn to accept other breeds quickly with the usual initial careful introductions. Jet is currently reserved!

Glen - male greyhound  

Glen is a happy boy who loves affection.  He happily shares and is confident around other greyhounds.  He will be tested around other breeds as soon as possible.   He looks quite small in the photo but is actually a medium-larger boy (normal greyhound size)! He walks nicely on the lead, seems fine with other breeds (with the usual careful introductions) and loves his food.  Glen is currently reserved (pending final confirmation)!

Fifi - female greyhound

Fifi is a lovely girl who quickly came out of her shell and started wagging her tail.  She shares happily, walks nicely on the lead and should be fine around other breeds (given the usual careful introductions).  She would be the perfect addition to most homes!   Fifi is currently reserved!

Ed - male greyhound

Ed is a friendly and handsome fellow who loves a cuddle and shares happily with female greyhounds.  He will be further assessed around other breeds as soon as possible and looks like he will slot happily into any home.

Frankie - male greyhound

is a lovely boy who is good on the lead and has so far proven good around other breeds of all sizes.  He can be nervous until he gets to know you but quickly comes round.  He is clean in his kennel and adjusted to life at Whittingham quickly (so we are sure the same will prove correct once he goes into a home environment).  Frankie went home for a few days and was spotlessly clean indoors, mastered the stairs, great around other breeds and settled so well.  We would love him to find a new home quickly.  He was only returned as the people felt they had made the wrong decision adopting a dog.  He will be the perfect dog.

Roxy - female greyhound

Roxy is a gentle and confident girl with a very pink nose!
She is good on the lead and will be further assessed. She shares happily with the other greyhounds and is a really lovely dog.  She likes to tidy up around the Kennels by picking up the food bowls!  She will be a really fun character to have at home. 

Clive - male greyhound

is a handsome and friendly boy who is confident and happy.  He has met a few other breeds and may need some more careful introductions but it won't take him long to realise he can interact happily around other dogs.  He is clean in his Kennel and very affectionate. 

Sheene - male greyhound

Sheene is a handsome and very gentle boy who just wanted a cuddle when he was having his photograph taken.  He seems a very docile and calm fellow who would love to fall on his paws in a special home.  Could you be the lucky one to adopt Sheene? 

Betsy - female greyhound

Betsy is a loving girl who shares happily and is very affectionate and friendly.  She is good around most other breeds (with the usual initial care) and although slightly stronger on the lead than some, we know this will improve with regular walks.  She's a super girl!

Loki - male greyhound

Loki is a handsome chap who should be a great addition to any home.  He has been near a small dog and did well on his trip to the town.  He might need a little time to gain more confidence but it didn't take him long to come round to all the staff and volunteers at Whittingham so we are sure he will adjust quickly in a home environment.

Rocky - male greyhound

Rocky is a beautiful boy who is wary of new people and can bark at visitors.  However, it doesn't take him long to trust you and wag his tail so if someone is willing to give him a chance, he will turn into the most loyal and loving boy.  He is clean in his kennels, enjoys his food and shouldn't be overlooked because of his initial nervousness.

Timmy - male greyhound

Timmy is a handsome boy who is getting used to everything at Whittingham and coming out of his shell.  He is a little apprehensive at first but it doesn't take him long to come round. 

Alex - male greyhound

Alex is a handsome chap who is quite a large greyhound but very loving.  He is 7yrs old and really deserves a home after waiting in racing Kennels for so long.  He is the brother of one of our previously homed hounds so it would be lovely if he fell on his feet too!  He shares happily with Misty and loves his food. He is really gentle and affectionate.  He should be ok with other breeds with initial care. Alex ix currently reserved!

Rhino and Evie - male and female greyhounds

Rhino and Evie are sadly looking for new homes after a change in circumstance for their adopter.  They can be separated but would ideally find a home with another greyhound.  They are good with both male and female greyhounds.  They are house-trained, used to the home environment and very affectionate.  Rhino was one of our longer-term dogs when he was with us so we would love to find him another home quickly.  They will be staying in their current home until September (unless things change and they need to be returned earlier), so please email if you would like to meet them.  Rhino will need some more socialising around other dogs and although he can be left for a little while on his own, he would ideally have someone who is around at home.

Foxy - male greyhound

Foxy loves a game and is a very affectionate boy.  He has unusual colouring with hints of dalmation! (But he is a full greyhound).  He is a little strong on the lead at the moment but this would soon improve with someone willing to give him the chance.

Paddy - male lurcher - he is very nervous at the moment but is gradually coming out of his shell and loves rushing around in the paddocks next to the other dogs.  He will be assessed as he settles in.  He has been in a home for a few days and wonderfully behaved around all breeds and could learn to live with cats with careful introductions.  He will need someone who is at home and is more active than the greyhounds.  But he's a dear dog and will make a wonderful addition in the right home.  He is neutered, vaccinated, comes with all the gear and four weeks free insurance and microchipped just like the greyhounds. Paddy is currently reserved (pending visit and confirmation)!

Tag - male greyhound

Tag is a handsome chap and quite long and slight in build.  He did very well on his trip to the town and didn't react to other breeds so we think he should be fine with the usual careful introduction.  He's a confident and affectionate boy.  Tag has found a home!

Charlie - male greyhound

Charlie is a small boy who is very loving, affectionate and confident. He is very excited to see people but once out and about, he walks nicely and is good with other breeds with the usual care.  He's quite a petite boy. Charlie is currently reserved!

Peggy - female greyhound

Peggy and her sister, Tess, arrived to find their homes.  They are both beautiful and gentle girls.  They will be further assessed as we get to know them. Peggy is currently reserved!

Tess - female greyhound

Tess and her sister, Peggy have come in to find their homes.  They are both gentle and loving and will be further assessed as we get to know them.

Dusty - male greyhound

Dusty is a lovely boy who has lived in a home for 2.5yrs.  He is great with children and good with most other breeds (although a little care is needed around tiny dogs).  He is house-trained, used to the home environment and a very easy boy.  He is happy in a lively or quiet home and should just slot in to anywhere.  He was only returned due to a change of job for his adopters.  Could you offer him a home?  He is 6yrs old.  There is interest in Dusty (pending visit and confirmation)!

Sammy - male lurcher
Sammy is a lovely smaller boy who is very affectionate when he gets to know you.  He really comes round quickly and is great with other breeds of dog.  He's a very special boy who just wants to play. He can be strong on the lead but this should improve as he gets to learn about the world.  He is neutered, comes with four weeks free insurance and the same kit as the greyhounds.

Bert- male lurcher

Bert is a larger lurcher and a powerful boy.  He is neutered, vaccinated and extremely loving. He is good around the other breeds and wants to play, but he is very strong so we will only be homing him to someone who can definitely manage him.  He is super-affectionate and an absolutely lovely boy.

Andy - male greyhound

Andy has sadly been returned.  He is good with other breeds with the usual care, clean and confident.  He would be best suited to an adult only home. He walks really well on the lead and will be a great addition to most homes.  Could you offer Andy the home he craves?

We also have one long term resident, Jerry, who is not on the website and needs the right home. 

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